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Testicle Toxins


Scientists in Denmark have been tracking an ugly condition called Cryptorchidism…

AKA, how often testicles are missing from the scrotum in human males at birth.

And in the last 50 years this number has spiked by more than 400 percent in Denmark.

(let that sink in for a minute)

Scientists blame estrogen mimicking chemicals for the problem and here’s a piece of evidence that supports this claim (taken from another paper)


“The average man uses six cosmetic products daily…containing 85 Unique Ingredients….and the average woman uses twelve cosmetic products daily containing 168 Unique Ingredients”.


Unique meaning, a chemical, that probably wasn’t around when your grandpa was born.

And remember…

Grandpa’s crowd were rarely missing testicles at birth (in Europe or the US)

But today in Denmark…9 percent of all males are born with missing testicles.

(nearly one in ten)

And twenty percent of these organs will never develop normally and drop down into the sack.

(chemical castration)

After reading this….I’m thinking the 12 bucks I spent on clean deodorant last week wasn’t such a bad deal after all.


P.S….It will take you 5 minutes to carefully read this article but it will be time well spent.

Here’s The Link

How to Get Alpha Male Status


Alpha male chimpanzees often have exclusive breeding rights with tribe females.

And the girls are happy with this arrangement because it’s coded inside their

Rank matters in the chimp world. Rank is the key that unlocks the bedroom door.

And guess what?

Human females are coded too. Even in the modern day tribe you live in.…

(one man-one woman).

And in this modern type of setup…you need to make Sure you’re the alpha.

Because the only competition you have is with yourself.

You’re the competition!

So alpha male status is mandatory in this situation because she certainly doesn’t want the job.

But this status is easy to get…

If you do something different when you get up tomorrow…different meaning less beta and more alpha…

(think masculine, risky and dirty).

Because this break from soft, couch centric activities will give you instant alpha male status in her eyes.

Which means one thing…

She’ll drop into the mating stance anytime you ask, because her genetic coding tells her to.

Never forget, every happy tribe has a dominant alpha…

Make sure that alpha is you.


Alpha Tools…

Big Testicles E-course

Mega Dose Pine Pollen


Hormones and Happiness


It’s hard to be unhappy when you’re feeling frisky…

As a matter of fact, I can’t think of one single time this has happened to me.

Which is why I monitor the situation so closely….

Because when you have that lovin feeling inside, you get more satisfaction out of life…

Because your hormone profile is exactly where it Should be.

But what about the other side of the equation?

Is it possible to be happy when you’re not feeling anything at all?

Good question…

Lets take a look at this situation and see if we can suss out the truth.

Take a task you’ve been putting off for a while….

One that requires determination, intelligence and a bit of creativity….

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long it’s challenging.

Then, the next time you hit a really low point go out and try to get this job done.

When you fail, which you will…

I want you to set it aside until you wake up feeling nice and frisky…

Then try again.

And when you accomplish the task with brutal efficiency this time around…

Take note of how much better it feels than the failure you dealt with earlier.

You just found the truth.


P.S. Have you had your testosterone checked recently?

If not, I suggest you try this

Fetish And the Female Orgasm













(Photo credit – Grendelkhan)

A fetish is a weird thing if you think about it….

But that doesn’t mean you should suppress yours and lock it away in the closet…

As a matter of fact, it can actually be used as a tool to rev up hormone production.

And you should use this tool, as long as your particular thing isn’t destructive to
yourself or others…

Because a fetish is just a mental connection you’ve made with something unusual.

Behavioral scientists call this imprinting.

So say the first set of breasts you really noticed were residing on your 7th grade math teacher…

And she wore tight sweaters, glasses and her hair up in a bun.

So this particular look became linked with those breasts you were so attracted to as a post pubescent boy.

And every time you see this look, it lights you up.

It’s these early connections made right around puberty that stay with you for your
entire life.

It’s a human thing, and something you should never be ashamed of.

As a matter of fact, you should embrace it….

And you should also take the time to find out what your partners thing is…

Because you can work this angle together to keep the hormonal fires burning

Here’s a hint for you….

Women often have exhibitionist fantasies, so they like to be looked at and admired…

Men on the other hand are voyeurs, so they like to do the looking.

A study done in Sweden found that couples who scratched this itched were much
more active in the bedroom.

But you need to make a conscious decision to get it going…

Because this dance happens naturally in young people who are actively shopping their reproductive potential….

But seasoned couples need to work to keep these things alive.  And just as important, always have a plan to act on them sometime in the future.

If the two of you have been in a rut in the bedroom, this will break you out quickly….

It will also make that elusive female orgasm we discussed a while back much easier to find.


Exhibitionistic and Voyeuristic Behavior in a Swedish National Population Survey (Archives of Sexual Behavior) 2006 – 35:427.





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