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Testicle Painting. A 30 Second Hormone Hack

I’ve been coating my testicles with two liquids every morning…  

One goes on in the shower.  The other once I get out.

I’ve also been taking a few new supplements.

I’ve been following this new ritual every morning since June 5th…

And it’s been working like a charm.

It’s been working for several other men as well…

I achieved full RIGOR mortis in a profound way several minutes
after ingesting.

The next morning I awake with a teenage woody that only a morning
tinkle would relieve…


Over the years I had lost more & more sensitivity to the old Pecker

Painting my testicles did the trick!

Nice orgasm & good ejaculation the next morning!

I’m certain most of you are going to want to do this…

But you need to educate yourself before you start because this
needs to be done right.

So make sure you read the entire page Before you proceed.

It will only take you 5 minutes. So don’t stop until you reach the end.

View it Now


P.S. There are 4 testimonials near the top of the page…

And 8 more at the very bottom.

I suggest you take the time to read them all.

Here’s the Link

Masculinity Gut Check.

I had a near miss on the 4th of July.

I took my boat out onto the lake that sits in front of my house.

Inside the boat was me. And five children under the age of 9.










All of a sudden the two oldest kids decided to jump into the water.

Without telling me.

As soon as their feet left the boat. We had a weight distribution

This dingy was about to tip. And tip it did.

In less than a nano second we were all in the water.

Me – and five children under the age of 9.

I don’t usually worry about things like this…

This lake isn’t that big. If anything goes wrong I’ll just swim to shore.
Nooooo problem.

But life is full of surprises…

Mine came when that easy swim was blocked by 5 panicked kids…

Hanging onto me for dear life.

All of a sudden that shore seemed like it was Miles away.

But I dug deep…

Flipped the boat off it’s back with one hand.

Strong armed 5 kids back into the boat with the other.

And rowed safely back to shore. Without breaking a sweat.

When I went to bed that night I evaluated the situation…

And came to the conclusion that those kids were never really
in danger.

I’m Confident I could have easily handled a few more.

And not because I’m some magnificent athlete…

But because I train for events like this.

So even though I’m Days away from my 53rd birthday…

And over the hill according to some.

I was ready.

Are you?

Order old school body today…

And I’ll send you my diet course. And my exercise course.

On the house.

Order this.  You get all three.

(Shoot me an email after you order)

Testosterone Reference Range

The Atlantic just did a bash piece on testosterone therapy.

The author went after the big pharm companies who hype these fake hormone products.

He attacked their slick commercials. Their sneaky habit of minimizing side effects.

Then he dug into a trail that was done back in 2009.

The one that was stopped when the TRT victims had more than 4 times the number of cardiovascular events.

Pretty good stuff for the most part. I commend the author. He tried really hard.

But he failed miserably when he started talking about the dreaded testosterone reference range…

I quote:

“A healthy range spans between 250 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter of blood.”

As I was reading this I was thinking to myself, oh boy, here we go again….


Because this often quoted reference range is compiled using statistics from the old. And the sick.

This means the lower end of this range should NEVER apply to you.


You are old. Or Sick.

Actually, I’m going to take back the old part…

Because even you old timers should’t be THAT low.

250 is death bed material. And you ain’t dead yet (:


Like to see how your numbers stack up?

Get tested right here.

I had a traumatic experience when I was eleven.

I came home from an outing with my family. And went to check on my
pet rabbit who had just had babies.

As I approached, I saw blood dripping down the front of the cage.

Then I saw the mother rabbit…

And she was going absolutely berserk over whatever was spilling
all that blood.

It took my eyes a while to adjust and see exactly what was happening.

When I finally focused, I saw that a huge Gopher Snake had
crawled inside the cage…

And eaten all 5 of the baby rabbits.

And it’s stomach had swollen up so much, it couldn’t crawl back out
he hole it used to get inside.

And this gave the mother rabbit plenty of time to dish out her revenge.

And let me tell you. This fluffy little white creature did things you’d
never dream you’d see a rabbit do.

The snake tried to fight back. But he was losing this battle. Big.

I don’t have a clue how long he’d been inside the cage…

But it had been long enough for mommy to scratch every lick of
skin off his back.

This was life or death baby.

And when your life is on the line. You fight.

Even if you’re a fluffy little white rabbit.

Anyway, I told you this story to inspire you…

Because I know you’ve got your own battles to deal with.

And I want you to win them all. But you can’t win if you
don’t even fight.

So let me ask you. Are you fighting back?

Against the man crushing foods that temp you every day
of the week?

The television that cuts into your exercise time. And
destroys your quality of life.

Especially once those TV hours turn into days. Weeks.
Months. Years…

Hey, where did my life go? Never mind. Hand me that remote.


Let me tell you something important now…

10 minutes is easy. And that’s all I’m going to ask you to do…

Exercise for 10 minutes. 3 times a week.

But this will be a special kind of exercise. One that will boost
hormones. Not suppress them.

And diet?

There will be no wheatgrass juice. Fat free anything. Or food that
doesn’t even taste like food.

You’ll be dining on the real stuff. And you’ll eat plenty of it.

And all the while you’ll be gaining muscle. And shedding feminizing
body fat.

And as your body fat begins to decline. Your estrogen will go down
right along with it.

And this will be testosterone’s cue to start going right back up again.

That’s how you’ll win this hormonal battle.

So let’s do it now…

Order my Exercise Course today. And I’ll send you my Diet Course. On the house.

Order one. And you get both.

Get Started Here


Chemicals and Testosterone

We’ve lost another one…

One of our own has flown the coop. Abandoned ship.

For all I know he’s standing in line at Walgreens somewhere.
Testosterone script in hand.

But I saw it coming. Because our man was speaking the wrong
language. To himself.

For example, when I told him to quit his over the top morning
cosmetic ritual. Because you can’t have chemicals and testosterone
going at the same time…

He replied with two of the most dangerous words in the
English language.

I’ll try.

Say what? You’ll try?

Your estrogen is pushing 50. Your libido is gone. You haven’t had
hard wood in almost a year.

And you’re just going to try?

How about, hold the phone Mark. I’ll dump this stuff into the
garbage right now.

This seems like the smart choice. Don’t you think?

Stinky, chemical heavy cosmetics that make me go limp?

Or a rock hard member I can use to do all kinds of fun stuff
with my girl?

Hmm…it’s a toss up. I’m not sure what to do. I guess I’ll go
with the chemicals and the limp package.


Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

It sure does, but I can assure you. This type of thing
happens all the time.

A lot of men say they want it…

But the true test comes when it”s time to get up and
actually do something.

To pass on the quick fix that won’t work anyway. And
take charge of your own health.

You owe it to yourself to do this, don’t you think?

It’s your body. You’ve only got one of them. And when
it goes, you’re done. Right?

So why don’t you spend 30 minutes a day taking care
that bod?

30 doesn’t sound like much. But it’s enough.

30 minutes x 30 days = 15 hours a month. 180 hours a year.

180 hours to exercise. Cycle some testosterone supplements.

Shop for some clean man products. Prepare food that will
improve health. Not destroy it.

Make this commitment, and I promise you, you’ll be a much
happier man because of it.

And that happy feeling will hit you the second you make
this decision.

But remember, “I’ll Try” won’t get it done.

So use the words “I Will” instead.


Taking Care Of Testosterone Business

Some men take care of business. And others don’t.

And I can usually tell after a single email which camp
a man falls into.

A take care of business guy asks real specific questions…

Because he’s ready to dive in and do something. And
just needs a little advice before he takes the plunge.

But not a man who doesn’t take care of business. He
operates much differently.

His questions come in by the dozen….

He over analyzes. Makes excuses. Get’s paralyzed
by fear.

So while our get it done guy is out there
jacking up his testosterone…

Our other man is gnashing his teeth. Asking just one more
question. Failing to take action once again.

Last month a guy from Miami sent me 18 separate emails.
And each one was four or five paragraphs long.

His email subject line was titled, “I’m Almost Ready To Go.”
Which is funny if you think about it.

I knew better, but I went along with him anyway…

I had to see how this movie was going to end.
So I just kept on watching.

I guided him on supplement cycling. Chemical avoidance.
Exercise. Diet…

His sex life. Ejaculation frequency. Jelqing
and even his relationship with his wife.

And every time I saw another email with the words…”I’m Almost
Ready To Go.” I thought to myself…

Is today going to be the day?

The day you break yourself away your computer and
exercise your body?

Shelve the Captain Crunch and eat some real food?

Get out in the sun? Stop drenching yourself in all
those chemicals?

Do anything whatsoever!

When email number 18 came I did something I never do.
(so please don’t ask).

I offered him my diet and exercise courses. Free of charge.

Then I pulled a sneaky trick…

I put some tracking code into the link he had to click on to
download the material.

Then I started tracking…

And guess what? As of today our man hasn’t clicked that link.
Not even once.

Failure to take action is a disease that will kill you just
as effectively as cancer will.

But unlike cancer this disease is 100 percent treatable.
And you’ve got the medicine sitting right there in your hands.

So why don’t you take it?

Get More Testosterone Without Spending a Dime.

This is what Gary Wittert is offering men in Australia.

He’s a professor of medicine at the University of Adelaide…

And he’s started up a clinical trail to see if testosterone can
prevent type 2 diabetes.

His sales pitch to potential victims goes something like this…

You bring the unhealthy body. And I’ll bring the testosterone.

Then we’ll all have a testicular atrophy party!

You’d think he’d have a hard time finding guinea pigs for
this bonehead experiment.

But Nope!

In one single day he had more than 800 men lined up
begging for the juice.

I wish I could have a brief conversation with these men
before that first injection.

Because we already know for a fact that the testosterone
will shut down the diabetes.

But so will a little dietary and exercise intervention.

And guess what?

The diet and exercise won’t cause breast enlargement.
Or testicular atrophy.

But the injections will.

The diet and exercise won’t come along with a prescription
for an anti-aromatase drug.

But the injections will.

The diet and exercise WILL come with the promise of
a healthier body.

But the injections definitely won’t.

Remember, you’ll never fix a broken body with a needle.
Or a prescription.

The fixin is all up to you!

But I have some good news for you. This fixin ain’t all
that hard to do.

A mere ten minutes of exercise 3 times a week…

Along with a few dietary modifications. And you’re in.
And that’s the truth!

I’m going to wrap things up with this…

Order either my diet or exercise course today and I’ll
send you the other one free of charge.

The Sexual Fitness Diet

Using Exercise to Flip Your Testosterone Switch On


Hi Mark,

I have Low T and want to get started on all this.

Can you tell me what order I should do things in. There is a lot of stuff to do and I am not sure what I should do first.

Any testosterone tips yo could give me would be appreciated.


Hi Sean, how do you do?

Most guys go running full steam for the T-Boosting Supplements. Because supplements are easy. Quick. And kinda fun.

But this fun never lasts more than a day or so if our guy isn’t eating clean.

Because if he’s fueling his body with junk, those supplements are not going to do him much good.

So that would be item number one in my book…


If our boy does a lot of chemicals…

Hasn’t dropped his cosmetic ritual. His man perfume habit. His plastic water bottle addiction, then I’ll say it again….

Those supplements are not going to do him much good.

And that would be item number 2 on my list…

Chemical Avoidance

If he spends his days on his backside…

Evenings watching the tube. And weekends are just more of the same. Then I must say it again…

Those supplements are not going to do him much good.

So number 3 on my list would be….


If he get’s off now in front of his laptop…

If his smart phone, and those pictures inside have replaced kootchie time with his girl, then I’ll say it one final time..

Those supplements are not going to do him much good.

And that would be item number 4 on my list…

Ejaculation Management

So let me ask you something now, Sean.

As we were going through this list, was I ever speaking to you?

Is there an item or two or three up there you haven’t dealt with yet?

If so, then you’ve just answered your own question.

I suggest you begin with the first item. Then work your way down.

Once you hit the the bottom of the page THEN you can start thinking about the fun stuff.

Which leads me to the final item on our list…

Don’t Forget To Cycle


Testosterone Gel Causes Testicular Atrophy

Are you ready for another testosterone study failure?

Good, here you go…

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the
science boys took 209 men.

Then they split these subjects up into two different groups..

A testosterone gel group. And a placebo group.

All the men were 65 or older and suffering from Low T.

This trial went on for 6 months. And by the time it ended a few surprising
things had happened.

For example…

23 men in the testosterone treated group were blindsided with a heart attack
or some other serious cardiac issue.

And some of these men died!

For comparison sake only 5 men in the placebo group were hit with heart issues.

So the score was 5 to 23. Testosterone replacement wins. And wins big.

Aside from this negative outcome, what else do you think this research accomplished?

In my mind it provided more evidence that testosterone replacement is almost always a bad idea.

But wait you say!

I’m young. I have no family history of heart disease. Wouldn’t testosterone
replacement be OK for me?

You can roll the dice on this if you want. But you’ll still come up short.

Because the testosterone treated men in this trial dealt with several other
negative issues..

Real fun stuff like shrunken testicles. Hair loss. Acne. Breast enlargement.

And even outright sterility!

So if you’ve been thinking that testosterone replacement will cure all of
your health problems…

I suggest you think twice.


P.S. Our Masculinity Test Kits are shipping now.

And we ship worldwide.

Charlie Sheen Using Testosterone Cream

Remember Charlie Sheen’s meltdown in 2011?

The one where he abused Two and a Half Men creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre?

He even challenged him to a fight at one point even though they were friends.

Things got so ugly CBS shut down production of the show.

Next thing Charlie knows he’s out of a job and looking for ways to raise cash.

Next came the strange interviews. The bizarre comedy tour that made it look like he’d totally lost his mind.

Then all of a sudden things cooled a bit in Sheen’s world. He has a new job now.

And he’s actually given a couple of reasonably sane interviews lately.

Several days ago, he sat down with Katie Couric and attempted to explain his bizarre 2011 behavior…

“I think I was doing too much testosterone cream and I think it metabolized into a steroid.

I think it was a bit of a roid rage. That’s the only thing I can point to to explain it.

There was no booze, no pain pills. Seriously there was nothing, there was no street drugs.”

This all makes perfect sense to me now because testosterone cream in large amounts will do some nasty things to a man…

One day you’re showing up for work, earning a cool $1.8 million per episode.

And the next, you’re melting like an ice cube on hot pavement. On national television.

If you’re Charlie Sheen, that is.

His obnoxious behavior reeks of testosterone abuse. It’s was hostile. Aggressive. And came out of nowhere.

Actually, it didn’t come out of nowhere. It came out of his doctors hand. The day he handed him the prescription.

Which leaves you scratching your head…

We already know that Charlie has some addictive tendencies based on his past behavior.

So couldn’t the doctor have figured that out giving him free reign with the juice wasn’t such a good idea?

I mean, you gotta know a guy like Charlie is probably going to push the envelope a bit.

“Instead of one pump , I think I’ll try 3 tonight and see what happens”.

What happens is, you call your good friend. Abuse him. And lose one of the cushiest jobs on television.

Then you go on to destroy your life in front of the entire world.

I have a feeling Charlie has learned a powerful lesson about the perils of artificial testosterone replacement.

But I’m certain his doctor hasn’t.

Which explains why you need to be prepared every single time you walk through his door.

Because he’s going to push his junk on you hard. And you need to be strong enough to walk away.

Or better yet, why don’t you play a little offense and avoid that appointment all together.

Get Your Masculinity Checked Now

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