I had a near miss on the 4th of July.

I took my boat out onto the lake that sits in front of my house.

Inside the boat was me. And five children under the age of 9.










All of a sudden the two oldest kids decided to jump into the water.

Without telling me.

As soon as their feet left the boat. We had a weight distribution

This dingy was about to tip. And tip it did.

In less than a nano second we were all in the water.

Me – and five children under the age of 9.

I don’t usually worry about things like this…

This lake isn’t that big. If anything goes wrong I’ll just swim to shore.
Nooooo problem.

But life is full of surprises…

Mine came when that easy swim was blocked by 5 panicked kids…

Hanging onto me for dear life.

All of a sudden that shore seemed like it was Miles away.

But I dug deep…

Flipped the boat off it’s back with one hand.

Strong armed 5 kids back into the boat with the other.

And rowed safely back to shore. Without breaking a sweat.

When I went to bed that night I evaluated the situation…

And came to the conclusion that those kids were never really
in danger.

I’m Confident I could have easily handled a few more.

And not because I’m some magnificent athlete…

But because I train for events like this.

So even though I’m Days away from my 53rd birthday…

And over the hill according to some.

I was ready.

Are you?

Order old school body today…

And I’ll send you my diet course. And my exercise course.

On the house.

Order this.  You get all three.

(Shoot me an email after you order)

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