Hi Mark,

I have Low T and want to get started on all this.

Can you tell me what order I should do things in. There is a lot of stuff to do and I am not sure what I should do first.

Any testosterone tips yo could give me would be appreciated.


Hi Sean, how do you do?

Most guys go running full steam for the T-Boosting Supplements. Because supplements are easy. Quick. And kinda fun.

But this fun never lasts more than a day or so if our guy isn’t eating clean.

Because if he’s fueling his body with junk, those supplements are not going to do him much good.

So that would be item number one in my book…


If our boy does a lot of chemicals…

Hasn’t dropped his cosmetic ritual. His man perfume habit. His plastic water bottle addiction, then I’ll say it again….

Those supplements are not going to do him much good.

And that would be item number 2 on my list…

Chemical Avoidance

If he spends his days on his backside…

Evenings watching the tube. And weekends are just more of the same. Then I must say it again…

Those supplements are not going to do him much good.

So number 3 on my list would be….


If he get’s off now in front of his laptop…

If his smart phone, and those pictures inside have replaced kootchie time with his girl, then I’ll say it one final time..

Those supplements are not going to do him much good.

And that would be item number 4 on my list…

Ejaculation Management

So let me ask you something now, Sean.

As we were going through this list, was I ever speaking to you?

Is there an item or two or three up there you haven’t dealt with yet?

If so, then you’ve just answered your own question.

I suggest you begin with the first item. Then work your way down.

Once you hit the the bottom of the page THEN you can start thinking about the fun stuff.

Which leads me to the final item on our list…

Don’t Forget To Cycle


Testosterone Gel Causes Testicular Atrophy

Are you ready for another testosterone study failure?

Good, here you go…

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the
science boys took 209 men.

Then they split these subjects up into two different groups..

A testosterone gel group. And a placebo group.

All the men were 65 or older and suffering from Low T.

This trial went on for 6 months. And by the time it ended a few surprising
things had happened.

For example…

23 men in the testosterone treated group were blindsided with a heart attack
or some other serious cardiac issue.

And some of these men died!

For comparison sake only 5 men in the placebo group were hit with heart issues.

So the score was 5 to 23. Testosterone replacement wins. And wins big.

Aside from this negative outcome, what else do you think this research accomplished?

In my mind it provided more evidence that testosterone replacement is almost always a bad idea.

But wait you say!

I’m young. I have no family history of heart disease. Wouldn’t testosterone
replacement be OK for me?

You can roll the dice on this if you want. But you’ll still come up short.

Because the testosterone treated men in this trial dealt with several other
negative issues..

Real fun stuff like shrunken testicles. Hair loss. Acne. Breast enlargement.

And even outright sterility!

So if you’ve been thinking that testosterone replacement will cure all of
your health problems…

I suggest you think twice.


P.S. Our Masculinity Test Kits are shipping now.

And we ship worldwide.

Japanese Men, Raw Fish and Bone Structure

A Japanese guy sat down next to me at a Sushi Bar Friday night.

He immediately caught my attention because of his incredible
bone structure.

He had a big square head. A powerful jawline. And an amazing
rack of shiny white teeth.

He was compact like many Japanese men are, but he was carrying
a lot of muscle.

This guy was just incredibly well put together. If I had to use one
word to describe him, I’d use the word Healthy.

Oh, and one more thing. He was well into his 60’s.

He sat down and started rattling off his order in Japanese.

As he spoke I was thinking to myself, I can’t wait to see what shows
up on this guys plate.

Because in my mind, he was the perfect role model for me as I
head toward my 60’s. In a physical way at least.

And now I was going to see exactly what he’d been using to fuel
up his well preserved body.

Ten minutes later the chef put his plate down.

I looked over and saw 18 pieces of Big Eye Tuna. And a smidgen
of white rice.

And that’s it.

No cream cheese filled. Deep fried. Sugar up. Watered down junk
sushi here.

This guy was eating the traditional stuff!

Because in Japan, tradition says that white rice is for poor people.
So don’t insult me by filling up my plate with poor people food.

Cut a steak out of that tuna you caught this morning. Dice it up.
And hand me the plate.

Then we’ll both be happy!

Anyway, without knowing it he’d become my teacher that night.

And he was teaching a mighty powerful lesson. And I listened. Closely.

When I went home that night I actually dreamed about sushi. And
I couldn’t wait to go back and eat it again.

Which is exactly what I did just last night.

Would you care to guess what I ordered?


P.S. Exercise is important. But food is even more so.

If had to choose between eating a junk diet. Or never
exercising again…

I’d say adios to the exercise.

Of course, you should be doing both at all times.

So I’m going to make it easy on you…

Order the Sexual Fitness Diet today and I’ll send you my Exercise Course. Free of charge.

It’s called a two for one offer. And I suggest you take it.

Charlie Sheen Using Testosterone Cream

Remember Charlie Sheen’s meltdown in 2011?

The one where he abused Two and a Half Men creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre?

He even challenged him to a fight at one point even though they were friends.

Things got so ugly CBS shut down production of the show.

Next thing Charlie knows he’s out of a job and looking for ways to raise cash.

Next came the strange interviews. The bizarre comedy tour that made it look like he’d totally lost his mind.

Then all of a sudden things cooled a bit in Sheen’s world. He has a new job now.

And he’s actually given a couple of reasonably sane interviews lately.

Several days ago, he sat down with Katie Couric and attempted to explain his bizarre 2011 behavior…

“I think I was doing too much testosterone cream and I think it metabolized into a steroid.

I think it was a bit of a roid rage. That’s the only thing I can point to to explain it.

There was no booze, no pain pills. Seriously there was nothing, there was no street drugs.”

This all makes perfect sense to me now because testosterone cream in large amounts will do some nasty things to a man…

One day you’re showing up for work, earning a cool $1.8 million per episode.

And the next, you’re melting like an ice cube on hot pavement. On national television.

If you’re Charlie Sheen, that is.

His obnoxious behavior reeks of testosterone abuse. It’s was hostile. Aggressive. And came out of nowhere.

Actually, it didn’t come out of nowhere. It came out of his doctors hand. The day he handed him the prescription.

Which leaves you scratching your head…

We already know that Charlie has some addictive tendencies based on his past behavior.

So couldn’t the doctor have figured that out giving him free reign with the juice wasn’t such a good idea?

I mean, you gotta know a guy like Charlie is probably going to push the envelope a bit.

“Instead of one pump , I think I’ll try 3 tonight and see what happens”.

What happens is, you call your good friend. Abuse him. And lose one of the cushiest jobs on television.

Then you go on to destroy your life in front of the entire world.

I have a feeling Charlie has learned a powerful lesson about the perils of artificial testosterone replacement.

But I’m certain his doctor hasn’t.

Which explains why you need to be prepared every single time you walk through his door.

Because he’s going to push his junk on you hard. And you need to be strong enough to walk away.

Or better yet, why don’t you play a little offense and avoid that appointment all together.

Get Your Masculinity Checked Now

Hormone Test Kits

Here’s some weirdness for you…

The hormone test kits are rolling in and you guys are testing STRANGE!

Of the first 40 results only two came back with low testosterone.

Dr. Cohen noticed this and fired me the following email…


“Only 2 men have been real low T.

I’ve been doing this a long time. And it seems like this bunch is doing some things correctly.

The random people I test off the web are much worse.”

Now this email made me feel good. Real good.

Because I know that the vast majority of these first 40 are
hardcore regulars…

Men who strictly follow the site protocols.

Because the hardcore guys are always the first to sign up.
No matter what I’m offering.

So if you think about it, we’ve just run a randomized
clinical trail…

We have the 40 men following the protocols who are
acting as the subjects.

And the random men off the web who aren’t following
the protocols who are acting as the controls.

And in this trial the results are conclusive….

The site protocols win.

How to Spike Growth Hormone By 400 Percent‏

A friend of mine contacted me last week.

He wanted to hook up for lunch but I wasn’t

Because when you do a big meal in the middle
of the day, the day is done.

And lunch is boring anyway.

But I came up with another plan because I know
this guy is usually up for a good time…

Back in the day we used to work the midnight shift
together as process servers…

Handing out court papers to people who didn’t
want to be served court papers.

I won’t get into details, but I will tell you this…

If you ever want someone to open their front door
fast, lay into the doorbell at 4 am in the morning.

Anyway, I told him we could hook up as long as
the focus wasn’t entirely on food.

I suggested we go for a swim first and then eat a
little something later.

He agreed.

Now you already know that working out with someone
is more fun than going solo, right?

But you may not know that a little competition can send
that fun factor into overdrive.

So I threw a little competition into our mix….

I tossed my shirt down on the deck just before the
halfway mark of the pool.

And told him I wouldn’t start swimming until he hit the shirt.
And if he beat me once lunch was on me.

I underestimated my friend, because he hit the wall before
I did 8 out of 8 times.

But I didn’t care because I had one of the best workouts
I’d had in months.

When we finally went to eat, a funny thing happened. My
friend couldn’t stop talking.

This put a smile on my face because he’s not normally
the talking type.

But because of our brief HIT session he’d just been injected
with a massive dose of hormones…

And his growth hormone levels we’re at LEAST four hundred
percent above baseline.

And when you’ve got that much juice running through your
veins, you’ve got plenty to talk about.

Anyway, he emailed me the next day and said he wants to
do it again sometime.

He’s tasted the juice. And wants some more. And I don’t
blame him one bit.


P.S. Order my Exercise Course today and I’ll send you the Sexual Fitness Diet free of charge.

Jelqing and Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve had a bad run of emails lately….

Coming in from 20 somethings living in moms basement. Surviving on Coca Cola, Doritos and wank time in front of the computer. (sorry, but I can’t relate)

Then this gem came in….

Hello Mr. Wilson,

I’m a retired Naval Officer. All my life I’ve been fit and sexually active.

About a year ago I had a “failure to fire” event in the bedroom. A problem I’ve never experienced before. I thought it was a one time deal and forgot about it.

Until it happened again a few weeks later.

This second crisis was the beginning of the end for me. From this juncture on I was unable to sustain an erection long enough to complete a full round of intercourse.

I was 75 at the time and concluded that I was just getting old. And these things happen to old people.

This pity party went on for several weeks until one day I woke up and said, No Dammit. I will not give in to this!

I follow your diet recommendations closely now and eat paleo with several serving of cruciferous vegetables a week.

I use most of the supplements you recommend. Have shortened up my exercise routines and upped the intensity.

And I jelq for 7 minutes in the shower five days a week.

I’m 76 now and all systems are go. Morning erections are hard. And evening erections up to snuff after a brief warm up.

Intercourse is now back on the itinerary.

I believe the jelqing was crucial to my recovery. I shall continue with these exercises as long as I am able.

Feel free to use this letter with the omission of my surname.

William, San Diego CA

You gotta love it!

76 and jelqing 5 days a week so he can keep the game on with his wife.

Now THAT’S what I call a role model.


P.S. I get more grief for my jelqing recommendation than all the others combined.

My response to these complainers is always the same. Replace wank time with jelqing for a month, then talk to me.

After your erectile dysfunction has diminished or disappeared altogether…

Your testis and ejaculate have both increased in size. And you actually feel invigorated after your sessions instead of drained and fatigued.

I have a feeling you’re going to change your mind.

Chris Christie on Letterman

Did you see NJ Governor Chris Christie on Letterman Mon night?

During the interview Dave starting talking about all the fat jokes he’s made at Christie’s expense…

While he was talking the Gov pulled out a donut and took a huge bite out of it.

It’s was actually pretty funny in a show business kind of way.

But I can tell you right now, there won’t be so many chuckles once the cameras stop and the lights dim.

You see, Christie turned 50 last September.

And the long term prospects for a 50 something obese man are pretty bleak.

If I we’re a betting man I’d go all in against the Governor because he almost embraces his obesity….

When Dave asked if his weight bothered him, he said not too much.

But I believe Letterman asked the wrong question….

Instead of do you mind being fat, he should have asked do you mind heart disease? Cancer? Diabetes? Premature death?

It’s an unfortunate situation because the Gov has that built in drive all successful men carry around.

And if he put his mind to it, he could easily overcome this situation.

And while he’d never be a fitness model. He could certainly be a model of health.

And as a healthy man he could still partake in a jelly filled every once in a while….

With no guilt. No shame. No consequences.


P.S. Order my Hormone Boosting Exercise Course today and I’ll send you the Sexual Fitness Diet free of charge.

Improving Erectile Dysfunction Without Pills

Improving Erectile Dysfunction Without Pills

This was the headline of a story printed in the Boston Globe on Monday.

I saw it and dove in head first.

Here’s a little taste of what I found inside. (caps and comments in brackets are mine)

“Some medications can cause or contribute to ED” (change that to MOST and you hit the bullseye).

“Risk factors for ED are the same that cause cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and diabetes” (which is why you should take it dead seriously).

“Research has shown that ED can often be improved through LIFESTYLE CHANGES” (Yup!).

“Some patients notice a benefit from Herbal Medications and other Alternative Treatments” (it’s about damn time).

Believe it or not the last two quotes came from Pravin Rao director of reproductive medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

So think about it…

This was printed in a mainstream newspaper. With quotes gathered from an employee at a mainstream medical institution.

Not too shabby!

The article wasn’t perfect, that’s for sure. But at least they cracked the door open.

And if a crack is all I can get, I’ll take it!

By the way, Dr. Cohen and I are putting together an ED program that uses herbal medications and alternative treatments, exclusively.

It should be ready for prime time in about 2 weeks.

Stay tuned.


P.S. Six saliva hormone test results have come in since last Tuesday.

So we have 6 slots open now.

T Boosters

It’s Mail Bag time…

“Hi Mark,

Can you tell me how often you take your supplements now?”


If you’re talking about T Boosters. Only about twice a week.

Usually after a run in with too much of the bad stuff…

Bad chemicals. Bad food choices. Bad exercise habits. Bad vibes with my girl.

Or not enough of the good stuff…

Female pursuit. Achievement. Competition. Reproductive behavior.

Here’s the deal…

When good beats bad in my life. I take my products less often.

And less often is a good thing…

Because these supplements are a crutch. Desperately needed by many men…

But that doesn’t change the fact that they are a crutch.

But they’re not just a crutch. They’re also a scorecard.

And this particular game is played like golf. The man with the lowest score wins.

Par is the goal. But very few of us will make it there.

But the pursuit of that goal will give us something else….


Along with a little competition. Because every man likes to beat his previous score.

These two things, competition and achievement, will bring out your alpha side.

And your girl will notice this!

And you’ll notice right back as you switch into female pursuit mode.

You’re thinking about reproduction now, aren’t you?


That means you won’t be needing your supplements today…

You just won the game.


P.S. If you’ve just started cycling, don’t fret over this email.

Just follow the cycling plan exactly as described on my website.

And when you wake up feeling juiced, simply take a day off.

If you stay on my email list. And add one new protocol to you’re routine a month…

Those juiced days will begin to show up more often than not.

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