Sperm Count Declining?

A recent study found that the average Frenchman’s sperm
count has dropped by one third.

And this decline didn’t take place over a 100 year time span.

We’re talking 1989 to present. Or less than 25 years.

If that doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will.

I mean, 74 million sperm cells per ml when Bush Senior was
in the big house.

Fast forward a few Presidents and those numbers are down to
50 million?

That’s a decline of almost 2 percent EACH AND EVERY YEAR!

If all of mankind were declining at this rate. We’d be talking about
the extinction of the entire human race.

I kid you not!

I’ve been harping on this Manhood Slaughter quite a bit lately.

And a few of you have been calling me a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And all I can say to that is WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!

The facts are staring you straight in the face. The missiles have
been launched.

And if you want to bury your head in the sand. And act like
nothing is going on here, go ahead.

But don’t ever say I didn’t warn you.

This is a battle. And you need to decide right now…

Are you going to surrender? Or are you going to fight?

I Say Fight!

How To Kill A Good Hormone Buzz

When I go to Las Vegas I stay at five star hotels
at Motel 6 prices.

All funded by other fools who leave their wallets
behind at the casino.

Because you can offer up cheap rooms aplenty. If
a certain percentage of those rooms are filled with suckers.

I follow a similar “You Pay I Play” approach with
medical research….

Sure, I’ll gobble up all that free science. But I’ll let some
other guy dine on the negative side effects.

Guess what? Here’s what…

Side effects happen because a certain percentage of
you are addicts.

You walk into that casino (doctors office). And all you
can see are dollar signs (drugs).

And as you’ve been told over and over again in those
slick commercials…

You’re going to get rich! (healed)!

And no worries. There are no risks (side effects).

Nobody ever loses their shirt (testicles) when they do this!

Of course not.

Excuse me. I need to go book myself a cheap room in Vegas.


P.S. Have you been hormone tested yet?

If not, I need you to nail your numbers down now. Because
I’ve got some very good things in the pipeline.

And I don’t want you to miss them.

Get Tested Now

Gut Bacteria and Testosterone!

I track every testosterone related news story that comes across the wire.

And every once in a while I run into a real doozy. Here’s an example of
one I found yesterday…

Fecal Transplants Turn Up Testosterone to Protect Mice Against Diabetes

Say what?

If you’re fuzzy on what the words “Fecal Transplant” mean just think
Poop Transplant and you got it.

Here’s the story in a nutshell…

Researchers took a strain of unique female mice that almost always
develop Type 1 Diabetes.

They then transplanted poop from healthy male mice into their
intestinal tract.

The plan was to see if the bacteria in this fecal matter had any
impact on the development of diabetes in these female mice.

And guess what? It did!

This new gut bacteria actually tweaked several genes leading to
an increase in testosterone in these mice.

And this increase was potent enough that it prevented many of these
creatures from ever developing diabetes at all.

So much for genetic destiny!

I’ve been saying for a long time that bad genes are not a death sentence.
Because those bad genes must express themselves in order to do damage.

And you can often stop that expression dead in it’s tracks by living a
clean and healthy lifestyle.

After reading this info I began to wonder if there is something in our
environment that is killing off our healthy gut bacteria.

Chemicals additives in food for example.

We already know that antibiotic use does a number on good bacteria
because antibiotics don’t discriminate.

They kill off the good guys and the bad guys.

That second question that came to my mind was this…

Is it possible that poor gut health. Caused by chemicals or antibiotic
use could be the cause of low testosterone in some men.

We can’t say for sure based on this trial but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Remember, ninety percent of the genetic material inside your system is
not your own..

It belongs to the bacteria and other microorganisms that reside inside
your body.

And as we’ve just demonstrated, these critters can actually tweak the
genes that turn your hormones switches on.

They can also toy with other genes. Including those that cause heart disease,
diabetes, obesity and even cancer.

So even if we put this testosterone issue aside it makes perfect sense to address
this problem. Especially if you have a history of antibiotic use.

But the question remains, how?

The most convenient way to restore gut health is to ingest healthy bacteria using

For years I went the food route…

And spent hours fermenting vegetables. Making kefir out of raw milk. Aging
high meat. (hat tip to all you RAFers).

And I still eat this stuff regularly, but not daily because of the hassle involved.

So to fill in the gaps I began taking a high quality probiotic
last year.

Based on the information we just discussed, I suggest you do the same.

One of My Favorite Tricks

I was laying in bed last Saturday night when my outdoor security light went off…

The beam blasted through the front window and hit me straight between the eyes.

This happens every once in a while so I didn’t worry about it too much…

Until the security light went off in front of my deck.

This got my attention. I sat there frozen with my eyes wide open thinking about different battle scenarios…

Is this intruder packing heat? I wonder how big he is? What can I use as a weapon.

My brain was riffling through this information, when suddenly, a third light went off in my atrium.

This one really put me on high alert…

Because this lamp sits right on the other side of the wall from where I sleep. This meant the bad guy was no more than a few feet away from me.

So now I’m pissed.

I’m thinking to myself, who is this fool jacking around on my property at 2:36 am in the morning?

So I run to my closet. Grab an iron out of my golf bag. And charge through the door into the atrium.

…and come face to face with a hissing, red eyed raccoon walking along my fence line.


He’d obviously done the entire loop and set off every single security light around my house.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night. So I woke up Monday morning dog tired and totally unmotivated.

But I knew that if I gave in and spent the whole day screwing around. I’d take a bad situation and make it much worse.

So I pulled one of my favorite tricks out of the bag. A trick I learned back in the day when I was dealing with my own low testosterone nightmare.

For simplicity sake we’ll call this trick “One Foot.” As in just move one foot forward.

Here’s how I used it that day…

After working all morning it was time to exercise. And it just so happens that Monday was a swimming day.

But we we’re breaking some weather records in my neck of the woods…

So it was only 40 something degrees, once you factor in the wind chill factor. And 40 something swimming ain’t a lot of fun.

So I made a “One Foot” decision…

I’ll just drive down to the pool. No pressure. I’ll just go there.

So I arrive and start walking around in my swim suit. And I was freezing my butt off. So I went into the locker room and took a blazing hot shower.

When I couldn’t take the heat anymore, I said to myself… “I’ll just jump into the pool and swim one measly lap.”

So I did, and it actually felt pretty good. Because 78 degrees of H2O feels much better than 40 something degrees of chilled oxygen.

Of course, I had to swim back to the other side. And that actually felt pretty good too.

Needless to say, I got my entire high intensity workout in. And despite the raccoon intrusion and the bad nights sleep, I had a pretty damn good day.

Simply because I took the first step.


P.S. Not exercising or eating right?

Here’s a little incentive for you…

Order my Hormone Boosting Exercise Course will receive a copy of the Sexual Fitness Diet free of charge.

A Florida man was arrested last month for trying to drown
his wife in their dog’s water bowl.

He was watching TV and she brought him dinner. He didn’t
like the taste of the food. So he threw it on the floor.

Next thing she knows she’s on all fours gargling dog water.

Fortunately she wiggled loose just before she passed out. Called
the police. And now our man sits in the Volusia County Jail.

If you’re anything like me you visualized this guy as some
tattooed brute. With knife scars on face and a patch over his eye.

But nope!

A clean cut accountant would be more like it.

Let me ask you this…

Ever notice how your woman can really get under your skin
when your testosterone is down?

When your libido is low, and you have no lusty thoughts running
through your brain?

In this state, even her bedroom advances can rub you the
wrong way, right?

And requests for help? Or nagging of any kind? Those can
get your blood boiling hot.

But flip that pancake over. And have your girl enter the room
when you ARE having manly thoughts?

And she can do no wrong!

If your brain is filled with passive aggression. Irrational anger.
Moodiness. And hypersensitivity.

Make no mistake about it. You’re the problem here. Not her.

So do the right thing and get that target off her back.

Then go to work on your testosterone.

That’s the right thing to do.

An Impressive Physical Transformation!

Up until recently Zaher weighed 200 pounds.

At 5 feet five inches tall that placed him squarely into the obese category.

According to his calculations he was sitting at a whopping 37% body fat.

But when he turned 38 last year, he got fed up. And that’s about the time I
started hearing from him.

He purchased my diet and exercise courses. Went through my DAT training.
Started testing out different supplements..

In other words, he went all in. No tip toeing around the edges. He made a
big, massive commitment. And went after it with gusto.

Exercise started with running, walking and doing intervals on an elliptical
trainer. Followed up with intense sessions in the weight room…

Then injury came knocking….

So he moved things into the water and started doing cardio and interval
training in the pool.

And by the way, he didn’t know how to swim at the time, so he had to take
swimming lessons to make this transition into the water.

He combined this pool work with some modified weight training and even more
intervals on land.

Diet wise, he went from eating any and everything he wanted, to 3 square
meals a day of high quality whole foods.

So what did all this hard work accomplish?

-His weight dropped from 200 pounds down to 158.

-Body fat went from 37 percent down to 22 percent.

-His waist went from 38 inches down to 30 inches

-And the extra large shirts he used to wear have been downsized to medium.

I was so impressed with Zaher’s physical transformation, I had to share it
with you.

This is a powerful lesson my friend…

And it just goes to show you that if you really want something. It’s as
good as yours the second you make the commitment.

I want to hand out a big thank you to Zaher for allowing me to share his
story here.

Congrats buddy, you deserve it!

Cellphone Addiction!

There’s a guy that hits the local pool where I swim…

He’s there with his 4 year old daughter almost every time I go there.
I have a feeling he’s a stay at home dad.

When he walks into the pool area he always has his face buried in his iPhone.

And he keeps it there from start to finish.

This guy has a serious cellphone addiction. When his girl calls him he rarely
even looks up. And only responds to her about half the time.

Pathetic would be the perfect word to describe this guys parenting skills.

More than once I’ve dreamed of walking up to him. Slapping him upside the head.
And screaming into his ear, WAKE UP!!!

That phone is a prison buddy. Not a life. Your REAL life is standing right
there in front of you. So put the damn phone down and go get it.

We never had that conversation. But something happened yesterday that made it
entirely unnecessary.

It was January 7th and we were blessed here in So Cal with a clear 70 degrees of

And once again our boy walks in. Follows his idiotic routine. And buries his face
deep inside his electronic box.

No fun time with his daughter. No looking up at the beautiful blue sky. Just him
and the tiny rectangle prison his hand.

But this day wasn’t going to be like all the rest…

His little girl has been trained to say in the shallow end near the stairs because
she can’t swim.

But yesterday she showed up with a plastic ball. A ball that drifted away from the
stairs. And guess what?

She followed it!

And I was watching her closely because back in the day I worked as a life guard. And I
know that drowning victims rarely act like you’d expect.

The arm waving, screaming and splashing you often see in movies almost never happens.

A typical drowning is much calmer proposition…

A few head bobs. The final dip where the head never comes back up to the surface.

Then it’s game over.

Well, this little girl started tip toeing toward her ball with her nose barely breaking
the water line.

As she went deeper she managed to keep her nostrils above water for about 10 seconds.

Then the first head bob came.

I looked over at Mr. Cellphone. But he wasn’t living in this world. He was still
inside the dead box.

So I called out to him. Then pointed to his girl who was right in the middle of
head bob number two.

He came flying out of his chair. Jumped into the water. And saved her from an
almost certain death.

If I had passed on the pool yesterday, I’m positive this story would not have
had such a happy ending.

Anyway, there’s a powerful lesson to be learned here…

Real life happens outside the box. So put yours down. And start living it.


P.S. Cellphone addiction does more than destroy your personal life. It can do
a number on your hormones as well.

In This Article I outline a few steps you can take to minimize the damage.

Intermittent Fasting!

I’ve been using intermittent fasting to keep my weight in
check for several years.

This eating system, when used with a whole foods diet and intense exercise is a very powerful weight management tool.

The basic premise of the diet is to skimp on food during certain times.
Then eat to satisfaction during others. (don’t worry, you get to eat big every day)

I called this method “Food Gaping” before I even knew what
intermittent fasting was.

And I noticed that good things always happened to me when I followed it…

Color would come back into my face. My energy would increase.
I’d pee out a ton of water. My clothes would feel loose around my waist.
And I’d always lose weight.

And it happened fast!

I’m tempted to go into a ton of detail about my own experiences, but
I’ll spare you the details.

I’ll send you over to my friend Brad Pilon instead. He’s the expert on this topic.

And he’ll teach you everything you need to know.


P.S. Metabolically broken men really thrive when they follow
intermittent fasting.

And by metabolically broken I mean you suffer from elevated blood sugars.
High cholesterol. Insulin resistance. High blood pressure. Or a large waist circumference.

If you’re dealing with any of the above I’d suggest you take a close look.

How To Kill Your Rationalization Hamster

The rationalization hamster is out in full force this time of year.

Slapping down your dreams…

Gnawing away at your potential. Your happiness.
Your quality of life.

Here’s how this pesky creature operates…

You make a really bad decision. And the hamster
begins to run inside your brain…

Spinning that wheel around until it comes up with a
reason to justify your bad decision.


On Monday you say to yourself…”I’m not going to
exercise this week”.

This is your hamsters Que to start running. So he hits
that wheel hard and comes up with something like this.

“I’ve got that deadline at work. So I’ll start exercising
next week”.

Now here’s the problem with this. One your hamster gets
going he’s almost impossible to stop.

So when lunch time rolls around. He whispers this into
your ear…

“Go ahead and order those super size fries pal. You can get
your diet back on track once you’ve finished up the deadline…

There’s no need to stress about the food until you start
exercising anyway, right?”


Make no mistake about it. This hamster is a man killer.

And his primary goal is to suck every last ounce of man juice
out of your body.

That’s why I suggest you take your hamster out back.
Chop his head off. And send him straight up to hamster heaven.

Because I promise you. You’re going NOWHERE until you get
this nasty rodent out of your brain.


P.S. We’ve processed the first batch of saliva hormone test kits.

So we’re going to crack the door open briefly and let a few more
of you inside.

We have 25 slots open.

Once they’re all filled, we’ll have to close the door again.

So get in now

How to Reverse Testicular Atrophy

The email you’re about to read came in last week.

It put a big smile on my face.

Once you’re finished reading, I’m sure you’ll be smiling too.

As you read through this testimonial, remember this important fact:

If you want more testosterone in your life. Then you need to become obsessed
with your testicles.

Obsessed with how they hang in your shorts. The amount of semen they produce.
Their size compared to last week.

Your boys are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. So always watch them closely…

Your hormones. You sex drive. And your happiness depend on it.

Let’s go…


I first contacted you in 2010. I was in my early 60s and my
testosterone was 150.

My doctor told me that I would never be able to produce adequate
testosterone on my own.

I had tried the patches, but they had quit working. He told me
to take the shots.

Well, I felt so bad that I did take the shots. The shots worked great for a while.

My testosterone went up to 750-800. But then it went back down to 210. Worst yet
was the testicular atrophy.

It’s one thing to read about it. It’s another thing to see it on yourself.

I thought that my nuts were going to vanish!!

That was probably my biggest motivator. So, I quit the shots and
stuck to your methods.

Earlier this year, while I was in bed with my wife reached
down under the covers.

Then, she yelled out, Oh my God! Your balls are HUGE!!!
They’ve tripled in size!!

You can imagine how happy I was to hear that!

I still have a lot of work to do….

I’ve gotten off the Lipitor and blood pressure pills.

I still have a couple of other ones to get off of, but I’ll
tell you about those in another email.

Anyway, your site and your emails have sure helped me.

I hope that your young readers appreciate your good advice
about women, because I know that it’s right on the money.

Keep up the good work. You help more people than you think
and in more ways than you know.

Frank S. Dallas TX

Good stuff, huh?

I know the questions are going to pour in asking how he made this happen.

And the answer is, everything. Frank is what I call an “All In” guy.

For example…

He’s purchased my exercise course. Followed the plan to a T. Then sent me this…

This high intensity training really works. I lost 5 pounds
and I never do that. Plus, the mental and physical benefits are tremendous.

I’m in a GREAT mood, I have energy, my body doesn’t hurt, nothing bothers me,
sex is better.I’m off the charts.

I’m a believer!

A month later this came in…

I’ve been keeping up, and it has worked unbelievably well.

I had such a hard time losing weight all the years that I do a double
take when I weigh myself now.

I have lost 12 pounds in the 6 or 7 weeks since I started. So, I’m sold!

When my diet course was released, he was first in line. He cycles supplements.
Keep the game on with his wife.

In other words, he doesn’t just read my emails and articles. He acts on them them.

So he took a really bad situation (testicular atrophy). And turned it into a really
good situation (tripled the size of his testicles).

Simply by cycling a few natural supplements. Eating right. Exercising right. And keeping
the game on with his woman.

And he accomplished all this in his 60’s. After being prescribed numerous medications AND
testosterone replacement therapy.

So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to get your mojo back. Simply follow the clues
left by our friend Frank.

It’s really not that complicated.

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