Get Your “Masculinity” Checked With Our Testosterone, Estrogen & Nitric Oxide Home Testing System!

Our Saliva Test Kits Will Help You Check the State of Your Manhood Easily From the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Hello, Mark Wilson here,

Modern men are facing a real hormonal crisis today that needs to be stopped!

For proof of this fact, consider this:

Testosterone levels in men are 25 percent lower than they were just 20 years ago.

Andestrogen levels have climbed by a whopping 40 percent!

This assault on your manhood is coming from several different directions, from the air you breath, the food you eat to the cosmetics you smear on your body every morning.

This explains why it’s absolutely essential that Every Man tests his hormone status to find out exactly where he sits on the hormonal landscape.

This is information youneedto know…

Because if you’ve drifted too far to the feminine side – and have allowed estrogen to gain the upper hand, you WILL lose your masculinity.

Then all you’ll have to look forward too is this:

  • Erections will soften
  • Man boobs will develop
  • Sex drive will disappear
  • Testicles will decrease in size
  • Muscle will be replaced with fat
  • Ejaculation volume will plummet

My experience dealing with thousands of men has proven that if you’re over the age of 30 chances are very high that you DO have elevated estrogen levels.

And if estrogen is up in your system, testosterone is most definitely down. That’s just the way it works.

And keep in mind…

It’s this brutal combination of high estrogen and low testosterone that literally destroys a man.  Sexually, physically and emotionally.

But it doesn’t stop there…

This feminine hormone profile quite often travels along with another “Man Killing condition.

Low Nitric Oxide Levels!

Nitric oxide is the agent your body uses to relax the blood vessels leading to your penis so you can achieve a rock hard erection. 

Allow levels to fall too low and your erections will soften. Weaken. Or check out altogether.

So you need to keep the nitric oxide fires burning inside your system at all times.

No matter what your age! 

Until now, testing these 3 important “Masculinity Markers was difficult, time consuming and expensive.

But that all changed the day I met Dr. Richard Cohen. One of the early pioneers ofin home saliva hormone testing.


Dr. Cohen is my new partner in this venture and we’re attacking this masculinity problem together.

Our plan for you is very simple…

To get your masculinity checked, simply do this:

Place your saliva into the test kit we’ll send to your home. Then drop the tubes into your mailbox.

After a few days, your saliva samples will be carefully tested at the Lab.

Once this testing is complete, your test results will be sent straight back to you at your home, where you can review them and determine your current masculinity status.

No waiting rooms. Needles. Paperwork. White coats. Or hassles.

This is Powerful Information…

Powerful because once you have these numbers in hand, you can act on them and attack your hormone problem right at the source.

And this is where Dr.Cohens “Be All the Man You Can Be ebook comes into play.

This book is the grand slam home run of this offer. The one million dollar prize!

What it’s NOT is some cheesy 5 page throw away piece of trash….

It’s a virtual encyclopedia of hormonal information you can use to Get Your Masculinity Back. Starting Now!

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

♦  Specific details that explain exactly what your saliva test results mean.

♦  A quick start section that shows you what you need to do to get your hormone levels back on track, fast.

♦  A 14 step hormonal restoration program that teaches you how to maintain your masculine hormone profile at all times.

You’ll also learn:

♦  How to control a pesky hormone that decreases your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

 3 huge factors that cause your testosterone levels to decline (hint: age isn’t one of them).

♦  The testosterone to estrogen ratio EVERY man needs to shoot for.

♦  3 important “Masculinity Nutrients” you must have if in your system if you want to hang on to your manhood.

♦  A “hormonal situation” that causes your blood sugar levels to dangerously rise and what you can do to stop it.

♦  The forgotten hormone that causes extreme fatigue during the day and crippling insomnia at night.

♦  The real reason why your memory and mental sharpness are declining.

♦  The link between hormone status and heart disease (DEADLY important).

♦  Why drugs and artificial hormones almost always do more harm than good.

♦  A common household item that kills off your testosterone and the steps you can take to avoid it.

♦  A  spice you need to eat more of that helps your body breakdown and eliminate toxic estrogens.

♦  A list of a dozen “Must Avoid” foods that flood your body with estrogenic compounds.

♦  Two hormone killing food additives sitting in your kitchen that you need to eliminate from your life, Now!

♦  A list of medications that are particularly potent testosterone killers, and how you can avoid them.

 Why your T:E ratio is so hugely important and what you can do to change it.

♦  The link between heavy metal exposure and severe hormone suppression in men (this one will surprise you).

♦  A common fruit you’re probably eating that lessens your liver’s ability to eliminate estrogen.

♦  A “good fruit” that blocks the harmful effects of estrogen in a man’s body. (Hint: Eat much more of this).

♦  The dark horse hormone that fires up your erections and simple steps you can take to drastically increase it.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for your own Masculinity Check:

Male Bodyfat Percentage Calculator Fact Sheet

Use this document to calculate your current body fat percentage

(very important info you NEED to know)

The Seeds of Success Ebook

Written By Dr. Cohen. This short but very powerful ebook outlines ten important facts every man needs to know if he wants to live a healthy, happy and productive life

A Personal Hormonal Action Checklist

Use this detailed guide as your war plan to chart & monitor your progress as your hormone levels begin to rise.

Nitric Oxide Erectile Fitness Test Strips 

Instant gratification here.

Provide a saliva sample. Then check the status of your erectile fitness. Instantly!

A Testosterone / Estrogen  “Manhood” Test Kit

A Testosterone / Estrogen  "Manhood" Test Kit

The kit that will tell you where you stand hormonally. Once you have this information in hand you’ll know exactly what you need to do next.

The “Be All The Man You Can Be” Hormonal Restoration Guide

68 Pages loaded with information that will show you exactly how to increase your masculine profile.  With No Drugs. No Hormones. No Negative Side Effects.


All this available to you now at the very low price of only $199

   “Dr. Cohen, I’ve tested my NO levels the last three Saturdays first thing in the morning. Initially, they were low but now after following the program…my NO levels are regularly in the pink. The best part is my energy has picked up, my recovery is much better and I have no issues with morning sexual arousal.   Ken”


“Thanks. It is way too challenging to navigate the hormonal world without professional direction. BTW I am definitely feeling like I have more energy from the program. I also finished my first half-marathon (no land speed records set at 2:27) which is a great way to have turned 60 —- and I definitely credit the program.  Ian” 

“My saliva hormones are now normal! By the way I have lost about 11 pounds…Cholesterol dropped and blood sugar which had been prediabetic in the past is now at 95.   Rod” 

“Hello Dr. Cohen, I feel like I am twenty years old again. I wake up with a very hard erection and fantasize about my wife all day long. I awake refreshed and with consistent energy all day long. I can’t believe how such simple changes have made such a huge difference!  Howard”