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Starch Selection and Stomach Bloating!

I used to believe that excess water weight meant that I was getting fat.







But now I know better…

Because you can’t lose 8 lbs of body fat in 24 hours. But you can lose 8 pounds of water.

Which is exactly what I did yesterday after I woke up with a load of excess H20 around my gut.

I lost the weight quickly, because that big belly that sprung out of nowhere was really an illusion.

And I knew I could make it disappear just as fast as it showed up, after taking a few simple steps..

Step one was getting back on my probiotic, because I’d slacked off….

So the bad bacteria in my gut had taken over and were obviously kicking butt over the good guys….

So the good guys needed some reinforcements.

But, those beneficial bacteria weren’t going to win this war unless I got this next part right…

Starch selection.

Because if you pick the wrong starch when you backload your carbs you’re going to wind up looking pregnant too…

And if you take this to the extreme and chronically eat a starch you’re intolerant too, you’re going to look like you’re carrying a set of twins.

So it’s important you get this right.

The best starches for humans are fruit based…









Because fruit was designed by nature to be eaten because this is how the fruit plant spreads its seeds…

So starch from fruits like bananas and plantains are well tolerated by most people.

Problem is, if you rely on fruit starch too much, your diet is going to be very limited, so you’re going to fall off the wagon eventually.

So the key to this problem, is to find some common starches that your system handles well, so you don’t bloat up like a water balloon every time you eat.

It’s very unlikely that wheat starch, or conventional flour fits this bill…

So if you’re still doing wheat, go off it for a week, then watch in amazement as you pee out a gallon or two of water.

Once you’ve done this, its time to start shopping for a carb source that your body deals with efficiently.

Next to fruit, the most likely choice is going to be white rice, so I suggest you test this out first.









But before you start testing make you’ve earned the right to eat carbs…

Because if you’re not burning them off or storing them in your muscles as fast as you’re eating them, you’re going to grow a Real belly made from Real fat.

And this one won’t be so easy to lose.

The best way to test them out is to eat very clean paleo meals all day long, low in carbohydrates…

Then when you eat dinner, backload one starch only, then closely inspect your belly when you wake up the next morning.

If you don’t bloat up, you can put that starch on your safe list. The next night, test another starch in the same fashion, and so on.


On day one, eat meat and fruit until dinner time.

When dinner rolls around, eat the same foods, but add a portion of white rice to your plate.

If you get hungry again, you can still eat, just stay with these foods until you go to bed, because eating another item may cause a false positive.

That’s all you need to do to figure this out.

Ideally, you’ll find three starch sources that you tolerate well, so you can cycle them.

Cycling is a good idea in this situation, because if you eat the same food, day in and day out, you’re likely to develop a new intolerance to that starch as well.

So make sure you don’t get stuck on one single starch source.

Here’s a list of starches I suggest you test first….







  • Plantains
  • Bananas
  • White Rice
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • White Potatoes

When testing this last one, keep in mind that there are two highly specialized fungi that infect white potatoes – Aspergillus and Fusarium.

So when you eat potato, these mold biotoxins may hit you hard if your immune system isn’t prepared to deal with them.

One clue that you’re not dealing effectively is weight gain and the inability to lose it, despite dieting and hard exercise.

And if the weight gain comes with a side of fatigue or brain fog, there’s a good chance you have a problem with one or both of these mycotoxins.











So when you test white potato, keep an extra close watch on the bloat factor, your energy levels and your mental state the next morning.

Many of you will have no problems at all with potato starch, but a few of you will get killed by it, and I happen to fall into that camp.

As a matter of fact, I ate two cups of potatoes the night before my bloating event, so I either have problem with the starch, the mycotoxins, or both.

Of course, I already knew this, but everyone falls off the wagon every once in a while.


If you’re one of my newer followers, you’re probably wondering why I started backloading in the first place…

I explain everything right here.


Starch Selection and Stomach Bloating – References: 

Mycotoxins in Potato Tubers

Neurologic and Neuropsychiatric Syndrome Features of Mold and Mycotoxin Exposure

Wheat Flour Proteins in  Patients Suffering From Gastrointestinal Symptoms After Wheat Ingestion

The feast or famine pattern of our ancestors is gone…

And it’s been replaced with 24 hour drive through and a
refrigerator constantly stocked with food…

So most of us are operating in feast mode all the time.

Problem with this plan is, muscle sugar is supposed to be
burned before you sit down to your next meal…

Before the advent of McDonalds and Maytag this happened

You fasted, often for extended periods of time, then you got
up and worked for your food.

Your muscles were depleted of glycogen during this process,
so you were ready the feast….

Because you didn’t skip the famine.

A funny thing happened once I finally figured this out….

I experienced a massive increase in energy – especially during
the famine phase.

Mother nature never gets it wrong and this famine-energy thing
is another brilliant example of her perfection…

The energy comes from the human growth hormone your body produces
when food is scarce…

And you can look at this growth hormone as mother natures caffeine

And she sends you this pituitary coffee when you need it the most….

When it’s time to hunt down your next meal.

This elegant system can easily be reproduced and the benefits go
waaaay beyond just energy…

From hormone synthesis, to weight management, to youthful, vibrant

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth…

This is it

How to Be A Stud At 60

I spent a month in Haiti when I was in my 20’s.



 I’ve been to India and several other impoverished countries since this trip

But this little island nation takes the cake. We’re talking dirt poor.

That’s me on the left in Port Au Prince a few hours after we landed.


I had no clue what lie ahead when that pic was taken.

But I can assure you it was an eye opener for this middle class boy from the suburbs.

We spent our first night in Port Au Prince…

The next morning we woke up, bought 50 pounds of rice and hired a guy with a truck…

Then told him we needed a ride out to the back country.

He drove us to the middle of nowhere, dumped our stuff on the side of the road and split…

Now what?

After a long walk we finally found a shack sitting on a hillside…

Some poor guy was working this little sugar cane field on a slope as steep as a cliff.

And his wife was out there helping him and she was nude from the waist up.

I felt like I was in the middle of Africa in the 1800’s.

We told him we we’re looking for a place to sleep and he pointed down to a valley below…

And there sat 3 grass huts….




We’d found our hotel.

The guy who owned this little compound was about 60 years old.

He was weather beaten. Rough around the edges…

But he was stud. No doubt about it.

We gave him the 50 pounds of rice as payment and settled into our digs…

With mud floors, a colony of mosquitoes and no room service.

Later that night….

We came outside around dinner time to find a big fire raging in the middle of the huts.

Our host walked up to me and asked what I wanted to eat. And I made the mistake of saying meat.

Within seconds he’d grabbed a goat and hung it upside down by it’s back legs from a tree…

Then slit it’s throat with a rusty knife.

Bon appetite.

I’d never eaten goat before but it was actually pretty good.

I stuck with the muscle meat but they ate everything. Heart, liver, brains,

So they were getting some big time nutrition.

We woke up the the next morning….

And the old guy came up to me again and asked what I wanted for breakfast.

I looked at all the cute little goats running around and said…

How about a coconut?

I’d already killed one goat. And I wasn’t ready to kill another.

So once again our host got down to business…

And this 60 year old stud….

With no money. No personal trainer. No 24 hour fitness membership….

Pulled a strap out of his back pocket….

Wrapped it around a coconut tree and went straight up into the air more than
150 feet…


(photo credit vipnyc)

Then he pulled out his machete…..

Hacked down 6 coconuts and walked right back down like he was strolling
through the park.

I told you he was a stud.

And I’ll tell you exactly why he was….

Because that white rice we used as payment wasn’t a staple in his diet.

It was more like a desert. And he didn’t get it very often.

I probably ate 30 meals over the 10 days I was there.

And once you subtract the rice…

All that was left was goat, chicken, fish, coconut and mango.

These foods made up the vast majority of his diet.

And this explains why this man was still a stud at 60 years of

He was eating real food. And he was still doing things like
climbing trees.

The fact that he didn’t own a television also helped.


The holidays are right around the corner.

And if you’d like to hit the feast with a little breathing room…

Take a hint from our 60 year old stud before the celebration begins…

Kill your TV. Dump the refined grains. Eat real food….

Then tax your body in brief – hard spurts.

Do this and you’ll be ready for all the carbs coming your

So instead of feeling fat and bloated once the food orgy

You’ll still feel like a stud.

Order a Hormone Test Kit Today

And I’ll send you my Diet Course. My Exercise

And Richard Cohen’s Nitric Oxide (erectile dysfunction cure)

On the house.

Order this. You get the entire package.


Soy Bean Oil and Testosterone

I went to a dinner party over the weekend…

This was one of my wife’s deals so I didn’t know
a soul there.

But at least I had some good food to look forward

At least I thought I did.

Here’s what I had waiting for me once I arrived…

Pasta with a sickly sweet marinara sauce and a salad
that was sickly sweet too.

It was sort of like cranberry pie with lettuce at the
bottom instead of crust.

There was also a huge basket of bread with a
fake butter garnish.

And off to the side…

Was a big dessert table that would put your local
hometown buffet to shame.

So this was a high carb, low fat situation…

Circa 1989.

There was no meat. And no fat that didn’t come
out of a soy bean.

I remember thinking to myself, do people still eat
like this?

I guess so.

Let me ask you something…

What would you have done in this situation?

Say you’d worked out hard like I did that day…

Done your intermittent fasting so you’d only eaten
one small banana….

And you felt like you were ready to pass out you were
so hungry…

You would have gone face first into the food, right?

Me too.

It was Christmas dinner and Thanksgiving lunch all
wrapped into one.

The only problem was, the real food I’m used to eating
was missing…

And it had been replaced with…

Bleached white flower. High fructose corn syrup. And
soy bean oil.

90 percent of the food served that night was made
from these 3 ingredients.

So this is what my body had to work with.

And as I already mentioned, I had worked out hard
earlier in the day…

And this created a problem…

Because the amino acids normally found in beef, poultry
and fish were missing.

And I needed these aminos to rebuild the muscle I’d
torn down running sprints.

So things weren’t looking too good.

But I did get plenty of wheat in the pasta dish.

But this brought phytic acid to the table.

And this was unfortunate…

Because phytic acid inhibits the absorption of several

Important ones like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

And I needed these minerals….

To rebuild the bone, tendons and ligaments I’d ripped up
while sprinting earlier.

Of course, I did have the fructose to fall back on.

But dietary fructose inhibits calcium absorption and increases
the excretion of iron and magnesium.

So the downward trend continued.

I did have some soy bean oil too…

But this gem decreases the production of testosterone
in the testicles.

So this didn’t do much to improve the situation at all.

I eventually escaped this culinary nightmare, got into
my car and headed home…

And that’s where the story gets real interesting…

I’ve been running sprints for several years now and I
can usually feel them a bit the next day…

But this time was different…

I woke up in the morning feeling like I’d been hit by
a bus.

My joints ached. My thighs and glutes were sore. And I
had lower back pain.

In short, I felt like a rickety old man.

And all this old man stuff came on after only one meal.

I’d hate to think where I’d be now if I was eating like this
every day of the week.

Actually, I know exactly where I would be…

And it would not be a good place.




Phytic acid interactions in food systems

Testosterone-lowering activity of canola and hydrogenated soybean oil

Mineral balances in humans as affected by fructose, high fructose corn syrup and sucrose.






Carbohydrate Cycling

Carbohydrate cycling changed everything for me this year…

Because you can manipulate several different hormones
if you do it just right.

Leptin, the fat burning hormone, is one of them….

Avoid carb spillover and you’ll keep your levels high most
of the day.

HGH is another and it can be manipulated by avoiding
carbs at specific times…

Then when you reintroduce those carbs, insulin enters the

And insulin is even more anabolic than testosterone is.

Get this combo just right and it’s almost like injecting…

You can actually see the pump in the morning even if you
didn’t lift weights the previous day.

This was really driven home to me Saturday when I went
to a halloween party…

I put on a vest I wore last year and just about split the
seams wide open…










I’ve easily put two inches around my chest even though I
haven’t changed my exercise habits one bit.

The only thing I did change was the pattern, volume
and timing of my carb intake.

This is more powerful than any supplement you’ll ever take.

And I believe every one of you should be doing this.

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Astaxanthin and Estrogen

I have a warning for you about a supplement called Astaxanthin.

Don’t take it…

For the same reason you shouldn’t take beta carotene in

Because carotenoids, like beta carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene,

When taken taken solo have a tendency to do bad things to people.

For example…

In one study, 18,000 smokers were given 30 mg beta carotene
for four years.

And things got ugly…

The volunteers given the supplement had a 28 percent higher risk
of developing lung cancer….

And a 17 percent higher risk of death from all causes.

Needless to say, this study was halted early…

Then the smokers were advised to do what they should
have done in the first place.

Stop smoking.

But what about astaxanthin?

It’s a carotenoid too. And like other carotenoids it gives things color…

Beta carotene makes your carrots orange. Lycopene your tomatoes

Astaxanthin your salmon pink.

And getting these carotenoids from food is a good thing…

Because nature has controls in place so you don’t take too much.

But when you isolate this stuff. Put it in a pill. And package it up…

Things change. Sometimes for the worse…

The beta carotene study proved this.

And I already knew this information when I started taking
astaxanthin myself early last year.

So I should have known better….

But the talking heads were all over it (mercola, dr oz, etc…)
so I was getting tons of emails.

And if you’ve been on this list for a while…

You know as well as I do that I still bite it every once in a while…

And I bit it with this supplement.

The promise of never sunburning again was just too tempting.
Because I have a love affair going on with the sun.

But soon after I started taking it…

Whispers of man-boob issues starting popping up in the

So the experiment stopped. I needed to do more research.

Then Mercola responded with this…

There is NO steroidal activity. It does not enter in any mechanism
pathway for the synthesis of steroids.

So I cautiously started the experiment back up again…

And paid very close attention to my nipple sensitivity. Size. Puff

And things went fine for about a month….

Until I got out of the shower and saw two inflamed nipples staring
back at me in the mirror one morning.

And when I touched them they were sensitive. Just like my wife’s
are at certain times of the month.

So in my case there Was some steroidal activity (sorry mercola).

And that activity spelled the word estrogen with a capitol E in my case.

So my advice to you is, don’t mess with this supplement.

Ladies may have a hall pass. But I wouldn’t know unless I tested
it on my wife….

But she’s already in a good hormonal place…

And I’m not going to mess around with that, for obvious reasons.

So here’s your best bet…

Get Your Carotenoids From Food.

Because when you do it this way. There’s no penalty…

No risk.

And life is already risky enough, right?


China Food Safety

Garlic in China is still fertilized with human waste.

Not all their garlic. But some of it is.









And this is an unsavory situation…

Because China produces more garlic than any other Country
in the world.

And they send a LOT of it into the US, Europe, Australia, Canada,

So if you happen to live in one of these places – whenever you walk
into your local grocery store…

You need to be thinking about this this sh%t!

Here’s something…

Produce sits right next to the fish department in my local market.

And when I walk through that section – I always see Pacific Salmon
sitting front and center.

Looking all pink and pretty.

Until I remember that Pacific Salmon is imported from China too.
And these fish are fed chicken poop for lunch.

Like a little garlic butter on that salmon?

I don’t think so.

In the United States – produce and fish MUST be labeled with the
Country of origin.

Usually hidden on the label in Real Fine Print.

So the next time you go to the grocery store – I suggest you bring your
reading glasses…

And look out for foods produced in China – India – Africa 

Or any other Country where chemicals are under regulated. Cities are
overpopulated. And a large percentage of the people are poor.

Because financially challenged people have a tendency to cut corners.

They have to to survive. And I don’t blame them ONE bit.

If it were me I’d probably do the same.

But that doesn’t mean I want to eat food produced under these

And neither should you.


P.S. Carb Backloading has given me some serious new muscle growth.

I started 10 days ago and haven’t changed my diet or exercise habits.

But I wake up every morning looking lean and more muscular.

I feel strongly that you should do this. So I’m going to make it easy
on you….

Order Carb Backloading and I’ll send you my Diet Course. And my
Exercise Course.

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China Food Safety to Low-T-Remedy Home

I stayed at the historic Hotel Laguna Hotel last weekend.








This is a new thing for me when I travel to another city.

I seek out old historic hotels NOT owned by massive corporations.

I started avoiding corporate digs once they started charging 30
bucks just to park my car….

$50 for anything off the room service menu. Which turns into $70
once you add in the service fee….

And the extra (why am i doing this again) bonus tip.

Sorry bud, but the cold eggs and burnt coffee ain’t worth seventy bucks.
But go ahead and keep the change anyway.

But the real deal killer came when the big chains started charging resort fees.

So on top off all this other garbage. You have to pay again just to use the
swimming pool.

Didn’t I just hand you $350 for a room that was supposed to cover that Mr?

I guess not.

After a dozen of these ream jobs. It was bye-bye to Hilton and Marriott for good.

Anyway, the Hotel Laguna was built about 85 years ago.

And next to the lobby in this old gem, you’ll find a long hallway. Filled with old black
and white photos.

Many taken waaaaaaay back in the late 1800’s.

While I was there, I walked the length of that hall and looked every one of them…


When I hit the end of the line something struck me. So I went back to
the beginning and looked at them all again.

And here’s what I found…

The further back I went. The skinner these people got. And it was
like clockwork.








And it wasn’t until the 1930’s that chubby people started to show up

And each decade after that. Things continued to get worse.

Until we finally wound up right here.










Here’s a secret….

Hostess, the company that made the Twinkie famous. Was founded in the 1930’s.

So was Frito Corporation. Purveyors of deep fried corn chips in a bag.

Big Boy Restaurants showed up around this time too…

Where you could grab a Coca Cola. A burger. And bag of deep fried
potatoes without stepping inside your kitchen.


The industrial food complex landed squarely on both feet in the 1930’s.

And if your dinner often consists low fat goodness out of a bag.
Or a handy dandy meal in a cardboard box…

You’re a card carrying member.

As for myself, I turned my card in long ago.

I’m part of a new club now. And I think YOU should join me.

Here’s how…

Order my Diet Plan today. And I’ll send you my 10 Minute Exercise
System. On the house.

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How to Be a Stud

The year was 1999 A.D.

And I’d been following bad health advice for years.

Real good stuff like…

Eat low fat food. Because fat will kill you.

Refined carbs are OK. If they’re low fat, that is.

Exercise means jog till the cows come home. Then
rest up and jog some more.

The soy bean is a miracle food. Eat all of it you can get.

And my all time favorite…

Even moderate sunlight exposure is dangerous.

Real good stuff, huh?

Now let me tell you what all this bad advice did for

By the time this joy ride was over I was a solid 220
pounds of squishy goodness.

And I’d been avoiding fat like the plague. So how
could this be?

Not only that, but the miracle soy bean wasn’t handing
me any miracles.

Unless you call no wood in the morning a miracle. And
I sure don’t.

Here’s a good lesson…

Whenever you hear a piece advice from a health guru.
Ask yourself this…

Were the men that gifted you your genes following this

And I’m not talking about your dad here.

I’m talking about the 500 generations of men that came
before him.

The fact that you’re here now means that you came from
some pretty decent good stock. Wouldn’t you agree?

So let me ask you…

What do you think would happen if you could go back
a few hundred generations…

And talk to one of these real men?

And let’s take this one step further. And say that you went
back as a modern day health guru…

So you know how really things work. Because Readers
Digest told you so.

So you fly back in time. And tell him this…

You can’t go outside without smearing toxic sunblock
all over your body.

Because that sun that gives you the food you eat. And the
very air you breath. Is bad for you.

And one more thing…

You can’t eat fresh meat anymore. Because it’s bad for
you too.

And so is running fast…

But running real slow. For no reason whatsoever. Is really

Then hand him his plate of tofu…

Tell him it’s food. Even though it doesn’t taste like food.

Then pull off your shirt. Drop your shorts.

And stand face to face with your ancestor. Naked.

Look at yourself. Look at him…

And make sure you glance hard at his family jewels…

Unaffected by plastics. Frito Lay. Or fat free tofu

Then you tell me who should be giving out the health advice.

Wild Living Bushman on Bathurst Island, 1939.

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Diet Course. On the house.

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Japanese Men, Raw Fish and Bone Structure

A Japanese guy sat down next to me at a Sushi Bar Friday night.

He immediately caught my attention because of his incredible
bone structure.

He had a big square head. A powerful jawline. And an amazing
rack of shiny white teeth.

He was compact like many Japanese men are, but he was carrying
a lot of muscle.

This guy was just incredibly well put together. If I had to use one
word to describe him, I’d use the word Healthy.

Oh, and one more thing. He was well into his 60’s.

He sat down and started rattling off his order in Japanese.

As he spoke I was thinking to myself, I can’t wait to see what shows
up on this guys plate.

Because in my mind, he was the perfect role model for me as I
head toward my 60’s. In a physical way at least.

And now I was going to see exactly what he’d been using to fuel
up his well preserved body.

Ten minutes later the chef put his plate down.

I looked over and saw 18 pieces of Big Eye Tuna. And a smidgen
of white rice.

And that’s it.

No cream cheese filled. Deep fried. Sugar up. Watered down junk
sushi here.

This guy was eating the traditional stuff!

Because in Japan, tradition says that white rice is for poor people.
So don’t insult me by filling up my plate with poor people food.

Cut a steak out of that tuna you caught this morning. Dice it up.
And hand me the plate.

Then we’ll both be happy!

Anyway, without knowing it he’d become my teacher that night.

And he was teaching a mighty powerful lesson. And I listened. Closely.

When I went home that night I actually dreamed about sushi. And
I couldn’t wait to go back and eat it again.

Which is exactly what I did just last night.

Would you care to guess what I ordered?


P.S. Exercise is important. But food is even more so.

If had to choose between eating a junk diet. Or never
exercising again…

I’d say adios to the exercise.

Of course, you should be doing both at all times.

So I’m going to make it easy on you…

Order the Sexual Fitness Diet today and I’ll send you my Exercise Course. Free of charge.

It’s called a two for one offer. And I suggest you take it.

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