The Iodine Testicle Painting Protocol!

This page is for men only.

This blog post is about a strange, yet powerful technique that will flood your body with testosterone, boost your sex drive and harden your erections……naturally.

And by naturally I mean, you’ll achieve all this without the use of drugs, fake hormones or negative side effects.

What you will be using instead is a mineral found in nature, that you’re very likely deficient in.

And once you fix this deficiency, you’ll start producing testosterone at optimal levels again.

Sound good?  Great, read on…


The information I'm about to give you is going to change your life.

Physically. Emotionally. And Sexually.

This is the most powerful thing I've come across in the 15 years I've been working to boost my sexual function.

And it's impacted me so much, it's going to change the way I do everything.

And I'm Confident it's going to change the way you do things too.

So here's a suggestion...

Read this entire page from top to bottom, Right Now.  Don't put it off.

If you do, you may never come back.

So silence your cell phone. Close the door and give me what could be the 5
Most Important Minutes
of your life.

Let's go….

Here's a brief rundown of the 4 steps you'll follow once you get started:

Step 1:

Rub magnesiuim oil onto your chest, inner thighs and testicles every morning while showering.

Leave the oil on for 2 minutes.  (it will tingle a little bit).

Once you're finished - rinse. Then towel off.

Step 2:

While your body is still warm and slighty damp, coat your testicles with liquid Iodine.

Then let them air dry. (important).

Step 3:

Before your first meal of the day place Iodine underneath your tongue.

Hold until it's completely absorbed. Then repeat this step the next time
you eat.

Step 4:

Take 4 Co-Factors after your morning dose of magnesium and Iodine.

Dosing details will be provided in the instruction booklet that comes with your supplements.

That's all there is to it.

Now before we move on to the science behind this - take a minute to read a few sound bites from men who've who've done this…


I’m not charging for Testicle Painting Protocol ebook right now because my supplier, who used to stock and ship the kit, has flaked on me big time.

And since it’s extremely important that you take all the co-factor supplements along with the iodine, I’m offering this ebook at no charge.

Just enter your email address below and tell me where to send it.


Iodine Protocol Ebook

Iodine Painting Reviews

I noticed an improvement in my energy after one or two days and a large and unexpected boost in libido.

I would just say no Viagra needed.

I started with Iodine and it was incredible what it did on my overall well being!

After painting the privates, libido took off!

Within 30 minutes of taking Lugol's, I had more energy than
I have had in years...

The k2 took me even higher in a libido sort of way.

The docs say I have the heart of a 70 year old.

This has given me the libido and spirit of a teenager

I noticed in the first two weeks... the right corner of my
hairline had filled in about 40%...

I initally took this product in order to jump start my thyroid
and lose some and weight gain some muscle...

But it's also worth noting that the iodine has a favorable effect
on hair and skin.

My guess would be as a result of additional testosterone being

I put 50mg of iodine, 1 part iodine 3 parts water on my penis and balls last night...

The ensuing rush of libido can only be described as a moose in the mating season,
and I'll be doing it again tonight.

Sounds pretty good so far, huh?

I agree, but don't get too excited yet. Most - but not all of you will
benefit from this.

You'll know for certain after reading the faq below.

FAQ: (Read all of it BEFORE proceeding)


Why do I need more Iodine?


Your thyroid is one of the largest and most vital glands in your entire endocrine system.

Its primary job is to manufacture the thyroid hormones your endocrine system
needs to function properly.

But your thryoid will not produce enough of these hormones if you are Iodine deficient.

And this is where many men run into problems...

Because if you're lacking in these, your testosterone production is going to decline.
Your erections will soften. And your sex drive will diminish.

But here's the thing…

Your thyroid needs a LOT of Iodine to function properly.

But billions of men all over world are Iodine deficient (and you're likely one of them).

This began when they started adding flouride to our water supply. Cereal. Infant
formula. Seafood. Beer. Wine. Toothpaste.

And this is a brand new thing...

Humans weren't doing all this flouride 100 years ago. And this shift has been
brutal from a health perspective.

Because flouride drastically reduces your body's ability to utilize Iodine.


Is flouride the only Iodine killer out there?



In the 1980's bromide replaced Iodine in many manufactured foods.

At the same time bromide started showing up in pesticides, plastics, medications, carpets,
and fabrics.

So humans all of a sudden were exposed to this chemical at levels they'd never seen before.

And this onslaught lead to a radical uptake in bromide exposure in Most people.

And this is not good, because bromides may be even worse than flouride.

Here's why….

For one, bromides are Potent Endocrine Disruptors that can feminize your entire
hormonal system.

They do this by drastically increasing the estrogen sensitivity inside your breasts and testicles.

So when too many bromides come in - your body will start feminizing on you. Even IF your estrogen levels are low.

Now take this problem…

And throw it onto a man who's already testosterone deficient…

And you create the IDEAL enviornment for sexual dysfunction. And all the nasty things that go along with it.


OK, I'll cut back on the bromides.

But how do you know I'm not already getting enough Iodine in my diet?


I don't know for sure, but the odds are stacked against you.


In Japan where Iodine heavy foods like seaweed and kelp are eaten - iodine
intake is 89 times higher than it is for Americans.

And Americans aren't the only ones falling short.

People in most other countries don't eat these iodine rich foods either.

This explains why the World Health Orginaziton stated that 72% of the
global population are iodine deficient.


OK, I'm with you. But why do we paint Iodine directly onto our testicles?


Testicle painting delivers the Iodine directly to the prostate which relieves symptoms of BPH, weak genitals, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

In essence, when applied directly to the testicles it goes right where you need it to go...

Straight into the genital area where your body puts it to immediate use.

Used this way, the response is rapid and very dramatic.


Aren't you worried about exceeding the recommended daily allowance for Iodine?


No I'm not, and here's why:

The RDA for iodine in the US is a mere 150 micrograms a day. Just barely enough to avoid
outright deficiency.

But in the Japan, the average daily intake sits at a massive 13800 micrograms per day.

And the Japanese obviously thrive at these levels because they're one of  the longest
lived people on the planet.

The Japanese also develop less cancer, heart disease and diabetes than people in almost all
other developed countries.


What is the magnesium oil used for?


If you're going to follow this protocol you must use ALL the recommended co-factors.

Magnesium oil is the most important of these.

It reduces the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in your body. Calms your nervous system...

Which allows the Iodine to move into your cells so it can begin increasing the production of your
thyroid hormones.

But there's more to it than this…

One study showed that magnesium along with zinc spikes testosterone levels by 30 percent.

Dr. Lorrie Brilla, at Western Washington University reported that magnesium and zinc significantly
increases FREE testosterone levels in male athletes.


Transdermal magnesium oil has been proven to increase levels of DHEA in the blood.

And if that's not enough...

Magnesium oil also prevents testosterone from locking up to sex hormone binding globulin.

This frees up the testosterone so it can be used by your body immediately.

This synergistic action between these two agents explains why this protocol is so effective.


What are the other 4 co-factors?


Here's the list:

  1. ATP
  2. Ester-C
  3. Selenium
  4. Vitamins K2 & D3


Why are these supplements part of the plan?


The co-factors help your body move the Idoine into your cells where you can put it to use.

Fail to take them and the Iodine will go straight into your urine. And you'll pee it right
down the toilet.

Look at it this way…

If you're not willing take ALL the necessary co-factors...

You should pass on this protocol.


What are the sypmtoms of low thyroid?


Low metabilism and weight gain are two of the biggies. If you've got this problem
you're a likely candidate.

But this isn't true for all of you….

Some men are in outstanding shape and are doing just about everything right.
So they should be swimming in testosterone.

But they're not.

These men are likely candidates too.

Other clues you may have a thyroid problem include…

  • Weight Gain
  • Constipation
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Low Testosterone
  • Erection Problems
  • Dry Skin - Brittle Nails
  • Raspy or Weak Voice
  • Feeling Tired and Weak
  • Metallic Taste – Dry Mouth
  • Elevated Cholesterol Levels
  • Hair Falling Out or Thinning
  • Depression - Dark Thoughts
  • Feeling Sleepy At Unusual Times
  • Anxiety – Emotionality – Irritability
  • Feeling Cold More Often Than Normal
  • Large Drop in Energy In The Afternoon
  • Memory Problems. Trouble Thinking Clearly
  • Muscle Cramps. Aches And Pains. Leg Swelling

And Finally...

If you have a history of yo-yo dieting. Chances are extremely high
your throid isn't functioning properly.


Who should NOT follow this protocol?


If you're a high metabiism guy. You have boundless energy. Low body weight.

You test out over 500 in total testosterone…

Are not suffering from erectile dysfunction. And most of the symptoms above
don't apply to you….

You can pass on this protocol.


Is there anything else I need to do?


Yes. You need to increase your REAL salt intake.

Not the fake salt sitting on your kitchen table. But the real stuff like…

Celtic Sea Salt. Himalayan Pink. Real Salt Brand. (all easily found at your local natural market).


Why do I need this extra salt?


For one, it will reduce your detox symptoms as the bromides are flushed out of your body.

Salt does this by binding to the bromide in your blood stream and moving it out
through your urine.


Real Salt contains more than 60 trace minerals your body is going to need to make this
protocol work.

So make sure you don't skip this step. It's important.

(dosage information included in the instructional booklet you get along with your supplements)


OK, I'm in, how do I get started?



My supplier has flaked on me big time and the clicks have been going to a Not Found error page.

Until I get things worked out I'm offering the Iodine Protocol Ebook at no cost.

Enter your email address below and tell me where to send it.

Iodine Protocol Ebook


What happens after I place my order?


Orders are temporarily on hold due to supplier issues.

In the meantime, download the ebook above and order the Iodine and co-factors on amazon, eBay, etc..

If you already have vitamin C, real salt or any of the other co-factors on hand no need to purchase them again because brand names don't matter, just the dosages.

The exception to this is the Lugol's Iodine.  Make sure you buy this exact brand at the strength recommended in the ebook.

Once your shipment arrives, Read the Book Front to Cover. You need to do this Before starting.

The book contains no fluff or filler and will only take you about 10 minutes to read.

So make sure do it.

After you've read it all, you can begin the protocol the next morning. (have the book handy)


What will I feel once I get started?


The day you start, you'll likely notice an increase in energy.

This is your first clue that this protocol is probably going to work well for you.

Less hair floating around your bathroom sink is another. So is water loss around your gut.

Fewer depressive thoughts and a more positive outlook are two more.

The sexual benefits come next.


Can I do this along with the other protocols listed on your site?



The Iodine Painting will take everything you're doing now and make it work better.

For example…

If you've removed the chemicals from your environment - you've made a Huge step in the right direction.

This protocol will build on this step by flushing out the existing toxins already inside your body.

And this Chemical Flush will shift your hormones toward the masculine side of things...

This will help your body maximize everything else you're already doing…

Supplements. Exercise. Diet. Ejaculation management, etc…


Anything Else I Need to Know?


Yes, one more thing.

This plan will work best for men who can't seem to get over the hump...

So if you're living a pretty clean lifestyle. But things just aren't working right…

This protocol is going to be a good fit for you.

Or maybe you have plenty of libido. And your energy levels are fine…

But your erection disappear right when you need them the most.

If any of this descibes you - you're a good candidate.

Order Now


My supplier has removed the order page from their website.

Until I get things worked out I'm offering the Iodine Protocol Ebook at no cost.

Enter your email address below and tell me where to send it.

Iodine Protocol Ebook

I have painted Iodine on one side of the testes...

And then the next night, on the other side, making sure that
48 hours separates the same side painting.

That way no sun burn effect happens.

A slight burning occurs momentarily when painting takes place,
but is very tolerable.

Very incredible results occurred!

The product output (sperm volume) resulted in increased quantity
and yes, viscosity.

I have verified improvements in penis sensitivity by painting the

Painting my testicles with iodine mixed with Grapeseed Oil every
night has made me a new man.

 There is no question Iodine increases testosterone. I've raised my free and total T 60% since starting iodine 12 months ago...

I don't think I was having trouble getting an erection before in regards to intimacy and sexuality.

But the fact that I am getting way more erections when I wake up at night SINCE I have been on iodine,
tells me the hormonal nature of these night time erections, because Iodine makes all the hormones work better.

I have about the level of energy I had when i was 14 years old.

Brain fog is gone.

Motivation is off the charts, I have never been this motivated in my entire life.

Libido continues to steadily improve, laying off the masturbation for just 2 days leaves
me about as horny as I have ever been.

My adrenal are improving by the day (they crash when you become bromide toxic) as you clear
the toxicity they bounce back and now I can handle twice the level of stress that I could before Iodine.

My balls are bigger -- my shaft is gaining thickness.

I achieved full RIGOR mortis in a profound way several minutes after ingesting the K2...

The next morning I awake with a teenage woody that only a morning tinkle would relieve...

Strangely, I had to reduce the K2 mk4 to just 5 mg’s a night but I suspect 3mg’s or even 1 mg’s would work for younger people since I am now 56.

So Iodine and K2 makes a man be, much more of a man!

I started on Iodine and along the way, my prostate problems have disappeared.

Thank you, iodine!

However I was still having problems getting orgasms. Over the years I had lost more
& more sensitivity to the old Pecker Head.

Painting my testicles did the trick!

Nice orgasm & good ejaculation the next morning!

Since taking iodine  my body temps have returned to normal, which probably means
my thyroid is working properly again.

Interestingly my voice has gotten notabley deeper which could mean some testosterone
is coming back.

This is definaty worth pursuing.

I started painting small circles of Iodine on my wife and I painted iodine on my daughter and
myself also..

I upped my daughter and my D3 from 2000 iu's to 5000 IU’s. My daughter and I took  K2 mk4
three times a day with coconut oil.

This is the only change in our diets and my wife has lost over 30 lbs and my daughter and I have
each lost 16 lbs.

My absolute belief is that when IODINE has the right materials (vitamins, minerals, etc.) to work
with, stubborn weight will melt away, libido will flourish, good health will abound, diseases will flee!



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