February 11

21 Alpha Male Traits

(Article Medically Reviewed By Dr. Zach Hyde)

How to Become More Alpha, Fast!

If you display more alpha male traits in life you’re going to have more success with women, no doubt about it.

You’re also going have more success in business, because 70 percent of all senior executives are alpha males.

But unlike primates and other animals…


Humans don’t have a strict alpha to omega hierarchy, so from a pure technical standpoint, alpha isn’t the perfect definition.

Social dominance is more accurate.

But we’re going to use alpha here anyway, because the word defines specific traits that I believe most men need more of.

Especially in estrogen driven social media environment us dudes have to deal with every day.

Why Women are Attracted to Alpha Male Traits

To understand why women are attracted to alphas, you need to put yourself in her high heeled shoes for a moment.

And ask yourself this….

If you were a female out shopping for a man, would you pursue a confident dude who could work a room, tell a good story, max out a bank account?

Or would you go for the insecure dude who hid in the corner, didn’t speak much and had an over-drafted checking account?

Trust me, the vast majority of the high heeled shoes out there want the confidence, the story and the bank account.

Which explains why YOU will be a happier man if you develop these skills.

Can an Insecure Man Become More Alpha?


Now before we get to the list of 21 alpha traits, I need to tell you something very important….

Alpha males are born Alpha. And when you see one, you know instantly what you’re dealing with.

Because a pure alpha…

With his strong, deep voice, irrational self confidence and ease with women sticks out like a wolf in a chicken pen.

And if you weren’t born with these traits, you may be thinking to yourself that you’re screwed.

But I promise you, these alpha male traits can be developed by ANY man if he puts in the time and the effort.

And even better, these traits can be develop quickly.

I say this with extreme confidence because I’ve seen it happen with hundreds of men over the last 14 years after I wrote my first blog post on this subject.

And over this period of time…

 I’ve seen obese men, financially crippled men and even a man in wheel chair rack up these alpha traits, one by one.

And they now have the cash, the confidence and the women to prove it.

And if you have the discipline to develop these skills, I promise you, you can achieve all of these objectives yourself.

Alpha Male Traits (do this first)

Now let’s talk about low hanging fruit.

Out of the 21 traits listed below these 3 that will give you the most bang for the buck.

You can start implementing these today and start seeing results tomorrow, literally.

First: Upgrade Your Body Language


Research out of Harvard University has proven that simply moving through the world like an alpha lowers stress hormones by 25%.

And when stress hormones drop, testosterone levels go up by default.

Which explains why the subjects in this study saw testosterone levels spike by an impressive 20 percent.

And you can score this 20% yourself the very next time you go out into the big bad world by doing the following:

When you walk into a room keep your chin up, make direct eye contact, act like you own the place.

When standing in a group open up your posture, spread your legs wide, and plant your fists firmly on your on hips.

When seated, don’t cross your arms or legs or curl up over your phone.


Instead, take up space, put a foot on the table, place your arms behind your head and look around the room.

Start making these moves today and the payoff will be instantaneous.

Second: Build More Muscle

Women love the sight of a V Shaped Man.

Research has shown that this attraction is something all females are born with. 

Because the V represents strength, safety and security to a woman.

And even more important, Fertility, meaning I would have No Problem mating with this guy.

But female attraction isn’t the primary benefit here…

It’s the self confidence and the hormones heavy lifting delivers to a man.


Studies have proven over and over again that heavy compound lifting increases short and long term testosterone levels.

And you score these hormonal goodies the very first time you get off the couch and put your muscles to work.

And it’s pretty obvious that a jacked dude with high testosterone is going to display more alpha without even trying.

This is very sweet low hanging fruit, especially if you’ve been slacking in the exercise department.

Pull-ups, dips, squats and deadlifts will deliver the most bang for your buck, so focus on these when you hit the gym or the park.

3: Reject Porn


Nothing will destroy your alpha vibe faster than a wanker session alone in the dark.

Jacking off to porn actually alters brain chemicals that changes the way you interact with the world.

Men who are addicted suffer from depression, mood swings, anxiety, restlessness, irritability and loneliness.

They also have less motivation to achieve in life and a lack of desire to pursue and breed with women.

And even if they were to luck out and somehow wind up in bed with a woman, they’d have a problem getting it up.

Because that’s another thing porn addicted men have to deal with…Erectile Dysfunction.

And a socially withdrawn dude, dealing with anxiety and depression who can’t even get it up defines what an alpha male ain’t.

So if you’ve been masturbating to porn, rejecting this cancer should be the very first thing you do in your quest to develop more alpha male traits.

Alpha Male Traits (Motivation)

Before I send you to the 21 traits put together by my editorial team, we need to talk about motivation.

Because getting started on the 3 items above will be easy.

The hard part will be staying the course so you don’t wind up back on the couch or locked in the dark room after a few weeks.

To avoid this, I suggest you subscribe to my email list (no charge for this).

And join 44,000 other men who spend a few minutes every week discussing testosterone, erections, confidence and women.

And even more important, how to escape from the cancer that goes by the name of porn.

To get in, simply download my testosterone tips ebook here.

Do this and you’ll be added to my motivation list automatically.

If you find the information isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe with one click.

If you decide to subscribe, and I hope you will…

I look forward to hearing about your progress in the coming weeks.

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Read on to see the complete list compiled by our editorial team.

21 Alpha Male Traits


1: Alpha Males Are Extremely Comfortable with Risk

What do you get by playing it safe? Pshh! A whole lot of nothing!

You don’t get to stand on the sidelines and expect to end the season as the MVP–not a chance!

Alpha males take risk head-on and don’t blink an eye when duty calls.

I’m not talking about blind confidence here.

I’m talking about having the belief in yourself to take chances and come out on top.

Where does that belief come from?


Alphas don’t waste their days wanking off and worrying about what others are doing.


We constantly sharpen our minds and bodies so that when opportunities come, we’re ready.

2: Alpha Males Display Masculine Body Language


Tell me…is the alpha male the guy who’s hunched over and looks like a mild breeze could knock him over or the guy standing tall, strong, and proud?

We all know the answer.

A powerful posture literally increases testosterone levels and decreases cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Don’t believe me?

Well, then, take it from Amy Cuddy, who has a doctorate in social psychology. 

Cuddy gave a TedTalk all about why your body language matters and provided dozens of published studies backing up her claims.

So, for an increased mood and T levels, straighten up that back, keep your core strong, and push back those shoulders.

3: Alpha Males Don’t Consume Pornography

Porn is not a part of the alpha-male formula!

Getting addicted to watching and pleasing yourself to porn is easy because, hey, it feels good.

But it has some serious side effects on your brain.

A study found that heavy users of porn had less gray brain matter and required more stimuli than those who didn’t watch.


Too many videos and you can desensitize yourself to the real act of sex and develop unrealistic kinks and desires.

So, the next time you open your computer to watch porn, don’t do it. 

Use your imagination instead!

4: Alpha Males Don’t Worship Sports Figures


There ain’t nothing wrong with being a sports guy.

But do yourself a favor and stop worshipping athletes as gods!

A lot of guys out there who aren’t succeeding, taking risks, or grabbing life by the horns tend to idolize sports figures.

Are you really going to take your woman to the sports game wearing another man’s jersey?

Forget about it!

Nothing screams Beta Male more than a sloppy guy sitting in the stands worshiping another man performing at a high level.

5: Alpha Males Take the Lead in their Relationships

Women want a man who’s going to initiate, who’s going to take responsibility, who’s going to take the lead.

How do you do that?

Well, be the first one to make a move in the relationship.

That first date is the perfect opportunity to show her that you have the confidence to take charge and know how to have a good time.

The last thing you want to do is say, uhh, maybe we could go here if you’d like–wrong!

Take her by the hand and show her the world.

As the relationship progresses, surprise your girl with spontaneous trips. 

It could be anything from a weekend in Hawaii to a day at the park. 

Just make sure she doesn’t have to drop a dime or plan a thing!

6: Alpha Males Are Excellent Decision Makers


Are you going to make a decision or let the moment pass you by?

Decisiveness is one of the key alpha male traits that can’t be ignored.

When a man is in a tight spot or high-pressure situation, he can confidently make the right choice without having to mull it over for weeks and weeks.

In our world, there’s no second-guessing or apologizing.

We analyze the situation, make whatever decision is necessary, and take action–boom!

7: Alpha Males Have High Levels of Determination

When alphas start something, they finish it!

If you’re just going to give up halfway through when the going gets tough, you might as well not even begin in the first place.

Dominant men know how to dig deep and pull the necessary will and determination out of the fire.

How many great men do you know who threw in the towel before reaching their goals…?


Quitters have no place in the alpha male world.

8: Alpha Males Traits (Leadership)


An alpha male checks all the boxes of what it takes to be a damn fine leader!

He’s authentic; he’s steadfast; he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

In groups, alphas run the show and bring everyone together to get the job done.

There’s nothing surprising about alphas being voted the foremen of juries, captains of teams, and executives in companies–it’s only natural.

People are not drawn to those who follow; they’re drawn to those who lead.

Don’t worry if you feel like a beta who couldn’t get respect from a dog.

Research has concluded that most of the world’s leaders weren’t born with their skills but developed them through experience.

There’s hope for you!

9: Alpha Male Traits (High Sex Drive)

Sex drive is the foundation of masculinity.

Our sex hormones fuel our desire to interact and reproduce with women. They also motor our masculine behavior and specific physical traits.

Men with a low sex drive will fall into complacency and lose their desire to pursue women or please their partner–that can’t happen!

An alpha male will do what he needs to do to keep his sex drive rocking and rolling, whether that means taking testosterone, changing his diet, or losing weight.

And guess what? 

A healthy sex life can boost your immune system and decrease your risk of heart disease and prostate cancer.


A study involving thousands of men and women found that those who were more sexually active had better bills of health!

10: Alphas Have Strong Moral Character

Women love a man with a strong moral character.

Better yet, women respect a man with a strong moral character, and respect is the foundation of attraction.

Alphas would never just do what’s easy–what’s respectable about that?

Instead, they think through tough situations, make difficult calls, and do what’s right–now, that’s respectable!

When a woman sees a man who’s able to peel back the layers of circumstances and act based on ethical values, well, she’ll gravitate to him like a magnet and say so long to the superficial chump she was with.

11: Alphas Control Their Emotions


A guy who loses his temper also loses his dignity.

Alphas are stoics who stay cool, calm, and collected no matter the scenario.

Never will you see a real man throw a fit in a grocery store or piss and moan and instigate drama when things don’t go his way.

But don’t take an alpha’s levelheadedness as being languid.

If you keep poking him or threaten his people, he can flip a switch and turn the heat up to maximum when necessary.

You’ve been warned.

12: Alpha Males Are Outstanding Communicators

A good communicator can rule the world.

Alphas don’t dilly-dally or beat around the bush– what a joke that would be!

They say whatever needs to be said and can add the perfect amount of finesse to a story to draw people in.

When this type of man speaks, everyone stops to listen because they know whatever comes out of his mouth is pure gold.

Makes sense that alpha males make big-time salesmen, huh?

13: Alpha Males Have Your Back

When someone in an alpha male’s inner circle is in trouble, he’s the first one there to back them up, no matter the consequences.

A teacher is mistreating his child? The alpha’s already at the school speaking with the principal.

Some d-bag shoulders his woman at the bar? The alpha’s ready to take the situation outside.

A friend lost a job? The alpha’s hooking him up with a new opportunity.

Alpha males are the exact friends you want to have when things go awry.

Oh, and they’ll expect NOTHING but loyalty in return.

14: Alpha Males Are Witty


No one wants to be around a guy who’s serious all the time–you can put that type of man in the Beta category.

People want to spend time with someone who can fire off witty remarks and crack a few jokes.

A good-humored man who knows how to be the life of the party is as alpha as it gets.

The people he meets will make sure he’s always on the invite list!

15: Alpha Male Traits (Thick Skin)

We all know someone who loves to make jokes about other people but gets his panties in a bunch when someone takes a stab at him.

Really, dude?

Having thick skin doesn’t just make you a fun person to be around; it allows you to take criticism in a work setting and improve yourself. 

Instead of receiving feedback and weeping about how life’s not fair (blah, blah, blah), an alpha kicks into action and makes the necessary adjustments to succeed.

16: Alphas Avoid Petty Arguments with Women

If you want to be a true alpha, push those stupid arguments you have with your partner to the side and get back on track!

Even if your woman instigates some petty fight, she’ll be far more attracted to the man who can rise above it and focus on his mission.

Being the bigger person is not just one of the alpha male traits; it’s a necessary quality to become successful in life.

Good luck trying to make it to the top while getting sucked into every little minor disagreement–it ain’t going to happen!

17: Alpha Males are Extremely Territorial


Step on the toes of alpha males, and you’ll quickly regret your decision.

They’re not the type of people who take well to people overstepping their boundaries.

Remember, although alphas may appear calm and levelheaded, their aggression can turn on in the snap of a finger.

When someone comes after their businesses or threatens their homes, they don’t wait and hope the situation goes away.


Alphas will confront anyone who invades their space and will not back down until the threat is neutralized. 

So, the perpetrator better be ready to stand his ground because they’re coming in hot!

18: Alpha Males Set Big Goals

In the alpha male world, size matters!

They dream big and set massive goals that average men would never consider taking on.

But these aren’t your normal men.

When alphas decide to conquer something, they put their noses to the grindstone and do whatever it takes to cross the finish line.

If that means sacrificing weekends, waking up early, and going to bed late, they’ll do it.

Don’t think you can just set a big goal and call yourself an alpha–that won’t work.

It’s their drive and will that set these men apart!

19: Alpha Males Are Irrationally Self Confident 

If you think unconditional self-confidence is arrogant, well, then you can go sit with the other self-conscious men at the bottom of the hill.

Alphas believe in themselves, NO MATTER WHAT!

Even when every possible factor is against them, they stand tall and go head-on into whatever circumstances are in front of them.

It doesn’t matter if the whole world is crashing down; you can still expect these men to take a shot at being the hero.

So, for those who are taking notes, put Irrational Self Confidence with the other alpha male traits.

20: Alpha Males Embrace Discomfort 

Do you think being a couch potato and watching Netflix all day is alpha?

Hell no!

Alpha males seek out discomfort and thrive through difficulty and pain.

The easy and comfortable way doesn’t inspire growth or lead to significant results, so, in turn, it has no place in their existence.

Being idle and not working toward their goals is far more uncomfortable for them than hitting the gym, getting work done, and living life to the fullest.

21: Alpha Males Are Physically Strong


A weak body is a weak mind.

Let me tell you, being frail is not one of the alpha male traits

Part of having strength is to attract women and to be separated from run-of-the-mill men, but being physically strong also ensures alphas are prepared for any scenario requiring muscle.

I’m not just talking about emergencies when a door needs to be kicked down or if an injured friend needs to be carried.

I’m also referring to the times your lady friends need help opening that pesky bottle or moving furniture around.

In those scenarios, women will obviously turn towards the powerful and capable alpha for assistance.

Alpha Male Traits Conclusion

As mentioned at the top of the article, your first step should be to change your body language, which you can start doing today.

To get started, I highly recommend you take a look at the video below.

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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