November 16

A Mind Trick That Will Set Your Woman On FIRE


When you start a self improvement project, keep it to yourself.

Be secretive, a little mysterious…especially around your woman.

Trust me, she’ll notice that something’s up and will be very intrigued by you and your behavior.

This will add some sexual tension to your relationship, which you can use to your advantage later on.

This tip is especially useful for men who are in relationships where the sex has dried up and wasted away.

Take this email here for example….

Hi Mark,

“I was standing in front of the mirror with my shirt off this morning when my wife came in and said…Andre, you have a six pack! 

I must have peed out a lot of water last night because I looked down at my mid section and she was right! 

Thanks Mark, your program has helped me a lot!

Andre M. (Montreal, CA)”

Let evaluate this situation for a moment…

First off, do you think our buddy Andre feels good about himself right now?

You better believe he does! 

And good feelings that come from hard work you’ve put in to improve your body ALWAYS come along with something else…

More Testosterone!

I guarantee you, he’s got more juice flowing through his veins now than he did before the fat loss and the six pack.

And it’s not just from the physical transformation his body went through. His mind has gone to work on this too.

For example…

When he achieves an erection now, it’s no longer foreshadowed by a protruding belly.

That’s going to make his package look bigger, harder, stronger!

And if you don’t believe that this alone can have a major impact on testosterone production, you’ve got another thing coming.

I could go on forever about this mind / testosterone connection, but let’s get back to the wife thing.

Let’s say that after his woman made the six pack comment, he replied with something like this.

“I know babe, I’ve been working hard and this is exactly what I expected to happen. 

Do you like it?

Good, because I’ve noticed that our sex life has tanked recently, and I don’t like that so much.

I have some business to take care of now, but when I get back this afternoon, I want you to meet me in the bedroom.

Can you do that?

Good, this is what I want you to be wearing…etc, etc…”

Now let me ask you this….

How high do you think Andre’s sex hormones are going to be today as he anticipates this sexual encounter with his wife?

Trust me, they’ll be screaming!

And you can bet cash money his wife will be riding that same sexual tidal wave

So there’s your tip for the day

You are a sexual being, so embrace your sexuality, make it a huge priority in your life.

But always remember…it’s not the actual act that counts most, but the anticipation of the act.

So operate in sexual pursuit mode regularly when you’re around your woman…and you’ll keep your body hormonally primed MOST of the time.

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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