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The Cause of Low Testosterone

The Cause of Low Testosterone

101 Reasons Why YOU Have Low Testosterone

If you’re wondering what the cause of low testosterone is in your case, read on…

1. You’re too beta in your relationships with women

2. You’ve accumulated more body fat than muscle

3. You’ve failed to realize the importance of morning erections

4. You lose in life more often than you win

5. Soy foods make up a large part of your diet

6. You’re still using conventional, chemical heavy cosmetics

7. You’ve fallen into the excessive masturbation-porn addiction trap

8. You haven’t downloaded my “Free Testosterone Boosting Ebook

9. You regularly sleep less than 7 hours a night

10. You keep your cell phone in your pocket right next to your testicles

The Cause of Low Testosterone

11. You’re still performing low intensity, long duration cardio

12. You hate your job

13. You work in a chemical heavy environment

14. You spend more than 2 hours a day watching television

15. You’re a heavy beer drinker

16. You’re taking one or more prescription medications

17. You have no big goals in life

18. You can’t perform one good pull-up

19. You have sex with your partner less than 4 times a month

20. You’re a vegetarian

21. Your wife or girlfriend runs the show in your relationship

22. You suffer from sleep apnea

23. You’d never eat a grass-fed steak because of all the fat and cholesterol

24. You cover up and hide from the sun whenever it shines

25. You use drugs like Viagra to achieve an erection

26. You smoke tobacco

27. You’ve stopped competing in sports and in business

28. You haven’t a clue what alpha male body language means

29. You’ve stopped flirting with women

30. You’ve lost your body odor

31. Passive aggressiveness has taken over your mind space

32. You’ve stopped challenging yourself, you’ve settled

33. You eat excessive amounts of bleached white flour

34. You’ve let your appearance go

35. You can’t run for 1/2 a mile without stopping

36. You rarely initiate sex and could easily do without it

37. You regularly exceed 3 alcoholic drinks a day

38. You stopped eating egg yolks because they “cause heart disease”

39. You haven’t checked your zinc status

40. Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t respect you

41. You’re the children’s primary caretaker

42. You haven’t perfected your ejaculation control skills

43. You no longer fantasize or dream about sex

44. You can’t easily pickup and carry 100 pounds

45. You’re “Owned” by another male in your work environment

46. You ejaculate more than twice a week without a woman present

47. You’re diabetic

48. You’re afraid of your wife or girlfriend

49. You haven’t taken steps to maximize your fat soluble vitamin stores

The Cause of Low-T

50. You spend 2 or more hours a day mindlessly surfing the web

51. You’ve become a quitter & never follow through on your commitments

52. You regularly act as a “replacement girlfriend” for your woman

53. You suffer from hypothyroidism

54. You frequently back down in confrontations with other men

55. You haven’t learned how to protect your testicles from chemical threats

56. Your ejaculation volume has fallen below the teaspoon benchmark

57. Your woman always determines when, how and where you’ll have sex

58. You haven’t tried a new sexual position in years

59. You regularly consume water out of cheap plastic bottles

60. You no longer engage in sexual role play with your girl

61. You’ve lost that cockiness you had in your teens and twenties

62. You’ve stopped using your wit and sense of humor

63. Your woman schedules all your free time on the weekends

64. You’ve developed the bad habit of eating, even when you’re not hungry

65. You’ve stopped checking out attractive women

66. You haven’t had a REAL date that ended with REAL sex in years

67. You work around paints, solvents or other industrial chemicals

68. You’re constantly trying to please your woman and make her happy

69. You’ve lost control of your emotions, you cry at the movies.

70. You’ve stopped playfully teasing and toying with your girl

71. You are often depressed, fearful or anxious

72. You haven’t had a BIG win in your life in a year or more

73. Your woman constantly threatens to leave you, but you stick around anyway

74. You’re more submissive than dominant in the bedroom

75. Your body mass index is over 25

76. Your prefer pornography over real sex with a real woman

77. You’re suffering from a major health problem

78. You allow yourself to be bullied regularly by anyone, man or woman

79. You’ve stopped using your intellect to plan, build and create

80. You have metabolic syndrome

81. You don’t understand the link between diet and anabolic hormone production.

82. You regularly fail to demand the respect you’re due

83. You spend more time on the seat of your pants than on your feet

84. You have high blood pressure & use meds to control it

85. You’ve stopped having “make up sex” after arguing with your girl

86. You’re regularly exposed to high levels of exhaust or diesel fumes

87. You suffer from insomnia

88. Your testicles are much smaller now than when you were a teenager

89. You’ve stopped flirting with the cashier at the grocery store

90. You have heart disease

91. You haven’t “Sexually Raptured” a woman in years

92. You’re a current or former user of anabolic steroids

93. You’ve had a vasectomy

94. You regularly overheat your testicles in the hot tub

95. You’re being treated for prostate cancer

96. You’ve stopped hanging with the boys because she doesn’t approve

97. You have high serum estrogen levels

98. You continue to eat foods you’re strongly allergic to

99. You’re chronically stressed

100. You regularly back down from her in order to keep the peace

101. You don’t understand the link between “Intense Exercise” and anabolic hormone production

The Cause of Low Testosterone – Conclusion:

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About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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