December 20

Huge Testicles

There are three very specific things you need to do if you want to develop huge testicles…..

And the vast majority of the men I come across are failing at all three…and their testicles are much smaller than they should be because of it.

But once you tackle these things, you’re going to start seeing growth in a matter of hours Literally.

These items are basic defensive moves every man must make if he wants to avoid the blatant testicular atrophy that WILL happen if he doesn’t address these issues.

But we need to discuss an important offensive move first….

If you haven’t started doing the Testicle Cooling Protocol outlined in my free ebook…you should start before you execute the 3 defensive steps below.

Its costs nothing, it only takes a couple minutes of your time and most importantly…it works.

Now lets run down the list of these 3 defensive moves:

1: The REM Sleep Reboot

2: Testicle Toxin Avoidance 

3: Fat Soluble Vitamin Optimization

And just to ease your mind, you can get a grip on all three of these things by this time tomorrow, or even sooner if you’re motivated.

Lets talk about the REM Sleep Reboot first….

Huge Testicles and REM Sleep


Its during REM sleep that most testicle growth happens….and if you’re not getting enough of this sleep, your balls are going to be smaller than they should be.

Look at it like this….

You stress your testicles during the day with things like alcohol, toxic food, chemical exposure, etc…

And its when you go to sleep at night and fall into the REM dream state that your body repairs itself, rebuilds and grows. 

You can easily tell if you’re hitting your REM sleep mark by checking your testicles just before you fall asleep, then again when you wake in the morning.

If they noticeably grew in size while you were sleeping, you can be confident that you achieved your REM sleep objective.

On the other hand, if there was no noticeable growth (it should be obvious) you’re clearly not hitting your REM sleep mark.

If so, you need to execute the REM sleep steps below, starting tonight.

Caffeine Management

Caffeine disrupts sleep and prevents you from falling into the deep coma like state needed for optimal testicular repair at night.

This can easily be controlled by cutting out all caffeinated beverages by 12 noon daily.

Eliminate Evening Exposure to Short-Wavelength Blue Light

Blue wavelength light blocks the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycles.

And the problem is, this short-wave light is emitted from things you use every evening, like computers, cell phones, televisions, artificial lighting, etc…

And here’s where things can quickly head south…

Because this artificial light signals your brain that the sun is still up, so the natural increase in melatonin that should begin as soon as the sun goes down, is delayed until you shut everything off and go dark.

So when you expose yourself to this blue light right up until bed time, serotonin will be elevated, melatonin will be lower than it should be, and you’ll spend much less time in an REM sleep state that night.

This is no big deal if it happens every once in a while, but if this situation is chronic, it can lead to less frequent morning wood and blatant testicular atrophy.

So here’s the fix…

-Dim the lights in your house at night

-Put blue blocking software on all your electronic devices (i use f.lux)

-Wear blue blocking sun glasses while watching TV (8 bucks on amazon)

Here are a few more REM sleep tips….

-Exercise hard during the day

-Sleep in a cool, but not too cold room (67 degrees is optimal)

-Buy a high quality comfortable mattress

-Sleep in a very dark room (use blackout curtains if necessary)

Cut out all booze four hours before bed (alcohol disrupts REM sleep)


Testicle Toxin Avoidance

Testicle toxins can be found in the food you eat, the air your breath and inside the cosmetics you place onto your body every morning when you get ready for work.

I’ve written extensively about this subject, and I’m going to send you where you need to go now to get a grip on this situation….

Natural Male Cosmetics

Phthalates And Testicular Atrophy

Chemicals in Soap and Shampoo That Suppress Testosterone


Fat Soluble Vitamins & Testicle Function

If your diet is made up of foods low in fat soluble vitamins, your body will lack the substrate it needs to maintain huge testicles and to manufacture testosterone.

I’ve written a detailed article that will show you exactly what you need to do to increase all four of these fat soluble vitamins, Right Here


Once you’ve downloaded my ebook, and executed the three steps listed above, you’ll be ready to move onto the testicle painting and other items described below.

Just make sure you take care of these basics first, because the painting and other protocols won’t do you much good unless you handle these things first.

This Huge Testicles Page has just been updated!

The info toward the bottom still applies. But you’ll find the most recent
info just below….

Let’s get started…

Testicle Painting feedback is starting to roll in… 

Here’s my most recent email:

Hi Mark, 

My testicles are hanging heavier in my sack and my ejac’s have been Huge since I started this. 

I’ve spent a fortune on volume pills in the past and this is the ONLY thing that has worked like this. 

Thank you! 

Mike J.
Pensacola Fl

If you haven’t looked at this protocol yet…

You can get the details right here

But do me a favor…

Read the whole page Before you pull the trigger because this protocol isn’t for everyone.

Especially thin wiry men who have a hard time keeping on weight .

You guys need to be cautious with this…


Because testicle painting will speed up your metabolism even more…

And make it hard for you to keep that weight on.

If you decide to do this anyway…

Make sure you paint your testicles with half the normal dose of Both liquids.

And monitor the situation carefully to make sure you don’t lose too many pounds.

And if you have a few pounds to lose?

You’re probably going to be pleased with this.

Get the Details Here

Huge Testicles Part-2


Huge testicles look good on a man. Add a huge penis and your package will look even better.

That’s why I’m always telling men to replace the masturbation habit with the penis stretching habit.

Do this and you score on two big counts…

You get the bigger penis AND those huge testicles as well.

This happens because Penis Stretching Exercises are know to increase testosterone levels in men.

And the more testosterone you have in your system, the bigger your ejaculations, and your testicles are going to be.

Combine that with the fact that under this plan you will NOT be sucking your hormones dry several days a week by Masturbating Excessively.

These are the keys to developing those huge testicles you’re looking for!

Now that we’ve established a few important facts, I’m going to go back to this masturbation topic, and get real blunt for a moment.

If you came here looking for information on huge testicles because you could use some improvement in that department, 


You still masturbate like a 16 year old boy, you need to do some serious self evaluation.

Self evaluation as in…maybe if I spent less time masturbating and more time exercising my penis, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

And I can assure you, that’s exactly what will happen once you wrap your brain around this concept.

Think about it…

After a masturbation session, your testicles always shrink in size, and your sex drive and semen volume shrinks right up along with them.

You also feel a little creepy, a little weak, a little beta male after one of these dark room sessions.

That’s because masturbation is clearly a beta male behavior.

Watch the great apes some time for proof of this….trust me, the Alpha Male never takes care of business solo.

The bottom line is, solo is OK on occasion, but it should never be your primary means of sexual gratification.

Stretching is the solution to this problem, because these exercises are much different than masturbation….

Different because you’re working on your manhood, your hormones, your testicles….and you’re displaying ejaculatory discipline.

In other words, you never orgasm during these sessions, because the orgasm in not the goal here!

The goal is accumulation of more Man-Stuff, because at the end of these routines, you will NOT be physically drained, lacking in sperm, or sucked dry of hormones.

These exercises are every bit as powerful as muscle building, for confidence, self esteem, body image, and plain old feeling good about yourself.

That’s why I say…if you’re going to play with your package, play in a way that will bring the bigger penis, the fuller testicles, and the hormones back into your life.


Once you’ve got all this stuff in the bag, do something very few men do in this world of internet pornography gone wild!

Have sex with a real woman!

Now that’s what I call Alpha Male Behavior!

Still looking for more tips to help you develop this huge testicles?

Then read on for a few more suggestions…

Huge testicles will definitely come your way once you start cycling Testicle Enlargement Supplements.

You can also use a few other tricks to increase the size, weight, and volume of your package. 

To accomplish this, simply dig into the information below. 

Inside, you’ll find details on the Ball Zinger Penis Ring, Ejaculation Control, Testicle Massage, and several other methods you can use to develop your own set of huge testicles.

Big Male Testicles Anyone?


Wear a Ball Zinger Penis Ring 

The ring produces a perpetual flow of electrical energy that stimulate the leydig cells in the testicles to produce more testosterone and more sperm.

The end result is larger, fuller testicles, increased ejaculation volume, and elevated sex drive and motivation.

I know it sounds strange, but it really does work.

Follow the link above to read reviews from men who are currently using the device. 

Increase the amount of time between orgasms

Some people call this sex transmutation or ejaculation control.

Big gaps between orgasms cause sperm and seminal fluid to build up in the testicles, increasing their size and weight. 

Transmutation is also good for your libido and sex drive.

Follow the link above to lean how to do it correctly. 
Take zinc 
Your body uses zinc to produce sperm inside your testicles. 

Start a testicle massage routine 

The evidence is clear that a proper testicle massage routine will increase the size and weight of your testicles.

Go here to learn how to do it correctly.

Take Zinc for Huge Testicles

Supplement with 30mg per day and you will see an increase in the size of your testis, due to increased sperm volume.

You’ll also notice an increase in the size of your ejaculations.

Reduce your estrogen load 

Excess estrogen causes atrophy, or shrinking of the testicles. 

Reduce the estrogen, and you’ll automatically increase testosterone and other male androgens.  

This will result in larger fuller testicles.

Supplement with Tongkat Ali 

One of the side effects of this T boosting supplement is “Tongkat Ali Penis”, where the penis and testicles appear and feel heavier and fuller.

This herb will also increase the strength and volume of your ejaculations.

Tips to give the appearance of huge testicles

Shaving the testicles will make them appear larger.

So will losing weight, especially around the belly and thighs. Have you ever noticed how overweight guys always look like they have small packages?

Start a stretching routine. 

Low hanging testicles look larger than those that remain closer to the body. 

These exercises may also help to increase testicle size as well, especially if you don’t ejaculate during or after your routines.

One final thing…

For more tips on boosting ejaculations, testosterone and testicles size naturally…

Download This (no charge)

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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