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The Benefits of Not Ejaculating

Infrequent Ejaculation = Bigger Loads

We’re going to talk about the benefits of not ejaculating in this blog post.

And we’re not going to claim here that semen retention will give you amazing superpowers, because that’s not going to happen.

And I know this is true because I’ve tested it myself for 2 months with no sex, no masturbation, no ejaculations.

And trust me when I tell you this, I was not able to levitate, fly like a bird or leap over tall buildings.

That said…

I was initially more motivated, more outgoing and generally happier, but those benefits eventually started to fade.

So I tested reduced ejaculation frequency where I climaxed only once every 5 to 7 days, without using porn. 

And this is where I found the sweet spot.

Ejaculations were massive when I did release and I gained all the mood and motivation benefits I experienced at the beginning of my semen retention faze.

So if you decide to try this, I highly recommend that you go for the 5-7 day plan and forget about long term semen retention.

Now here’s David with his take on this subject..

The Benefits of Not Ejaculating


You can’t believe everything you see on TV. In most cases, the same goes for pornography. 

For instance, it usually takes several hours to film those 15-minute scenes. 

Plus, as with most film productions, there is usually a giant catering table just out of view.

 However, what can’t be faked are the massive ejaculations some male porn stars are able to achieve. 

In the real world, most men rarely have orgasms of this multitude. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

In fact, there are a number of ways to increase the size, payload, and pleasure of your ejaculations. 

In this article, we will discuss one of the most obvious: reducing your ejaculation frequency. 

However, don’t be fooled. There’s a lot more to maximizing orgasms than “skeets” the eye. 

A Refresher on Sperm and Semen Production

If you remember health class, you probably know that your testicles are responsible for producing sperm. 

That’s true, but there’s a lot more to semen than just sperm. 

You see, your little swimmers only make up about 5% of your seminal fluid. 

The rest comes from your seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and bulbourethral and urethral glands. 

The seminal fluid itself is made up of tons of different elements.

Typically it’s a mix of water, fructose, proteins, vitamins, sodium, fat, and even minerals like zinc. 

In fact, semen even contains a known anti-oxidant called spermidine that some people think might have anti-aging effects. 

The point in explaining all of this is to understand that many factors and elements are at play in semen production. 

This will allow us to better discuss if (and how) you can maximize this process. 

Semen Volume: What’s the Limit?


Generally, a man will expel between 1.25 and 5 ml of semen per orgasm. 

Though this might sound like a wide range, it is actually only the difference between a ¼ teaspoon and a full teaspoon.

And while we can produce more, just how much more is widely debated. 

We do know that we typically produce the most semen in our 30s…

But factors like overall health, alcohol consumption, diet, lifestyle habits and even genetics will impact this. 

To add even more uncertainty to the mix, the quality of our “grand finales” will depend heavily on “availability.”

After all, your body is always producing sperm. 

So, whether you orgasm or not, your testicles just keep on pumping them out. This is because sperm cells die very quickly. 

So even if you don’t ejaculate at all, the most sperm you will ever have at once is around 800 million cells. 

Now, since sperm can’t go anywhere without semen, your glands always try to keep a ready supply of this substance in stock…

Providing they have the fructose, protein, water, and other ingredients they need to make it. 

However, unlike sperm, it takes up to 48 hours for your seminal fluid to completely recharge. 

This, of course, leads us to the “obvious” part of the article… 

Benefits of Not Ejaculating – More Semen. 

It’s true. 

Studies show that one of the benefits of not ejaculating is, your ejaculations will get larger. 

It’s a simple concept: your body continues to make both semen and sperm, but since none of it is removed, you end up with higher-volume orgasms

But before you tell your significant other you’re becoming a “bi-weekly celibate,” you need to know that this particular strategy provides diminishing returns. 

Indeed, you can’t just hold it in for a few months and enjoy a 30-minute orgasm (which is how long a pig’s orgasm lasts).  

Instead, the study found that the optimum amount of time to wait between orgasms for a maximum payload is four days. 

After that, your body will slow down production to a crawl until you get busy again. 

Edging and Ejaculation Volume

If you’ve ever participated in a marathon sex session, you know that subsequent ejaculations are typically far weaker than the first. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s perfectly in line with everything we’ve discussed so far. 

But it’s worth noting that your body actually produces more semen when it anticipates an oncoming orgasm. 

So, once you become stimulated and erect, your glands kick production into high gear. 

This isn’t just to make sure you have enough semen for this orgasm, but for the next, and the next as well. 

This is where edging comes in. 

Edging is the process of bringing yourself as close to the brink of orgasm as possible and then backing off. 

Many men do it to practice orgasm control, while others do it as part of their male enhancement routines. 

If you have a tendency to abuse porn, Kegels are a similar, but better option.

Either way, every time you do this, you’re stimulating semen production but never actually releasing the fluid. 

Think back to the intro to this article. 

Remember when I mentioned how long it takes to film a 15-minute porn scene? 

That man is engaging in sexual activity, stopping, changing camera angles, stopping, getting a soda, etc. – over and over for hours. 

The whole time, his orgasm is building up to monumental levels, contributing to the big finish. 

You can take this same approach by engaging your body’s semen production through edging. 

Not only will you gain more control over your ejaculations, but once you finally pop, it will be much larger and far more pleasurable. 

Side note from Mark:

I highly recommend that you avoid porn while edging and limit your sessions to under 5 minutes to avoid dopamine burnout.

If you currently have a problem with porn, I suggest you that you avoid edging altogether.

The “Semen Retention” Movement

It’s important to note that, to some, retaining semen has become something of a ritual. 

From tantric sex aficionados to guys who simply want more control over their bodies, the “Semen Retention” movement is gaining a lot of steam online. 

However, unlike so-called “NoFap,” Semen Retention is not about avoiding sex. 

In fact, in some cases, it’s not even about avoiding orgasm. Instead, it is about learning to control one’s ejaculations so that you can separate the pleasurable aspects of orgasm from the physical release. 

After enough practice and training, some men have what they call “dry orgasms.” 

This is where they enjoy all the satisfaction of ejaculation without actually releasing semen. 

And, as you might expect based on our last two points, this leads to a much larger ejaculation when the release is finally triggered.  

NOTE: One of the problems with this method is that some men end up triggering what’s called a “retrograde ejaculation.” 

This is when you fail to ejaculate during an orgasm, but accidentally send semen into your bladder. 

Though it’s of no huge concern to your health, this would obviously go against what we’re trying to accomplish. 

No Ejaculations – More Sex Drive and Energy

No Ejaculations More Sex Drive

This section is less about “how” to maximize your ejaculation potential and more of a “why.” 

You see, there are tons of myths, mysteries, and advice out there specifically centered around how often you should (or should not) have an orgasm. 

Athletes will be familiar with this idea. 

After all, since ancient times, not ejaculating before a competition has been considered an unspoken rule. 

The idea is that by not coming, you are able to maximize your athletic potential. But studies actually show that there is no correlation between the two. 

In fact, since ejaculation raises your testosterone levels, some theorize it might give you a performance edge rather than hinder it. 

However, if you view sex from the standpoint of “energy,” you can see where the Ancient Greeks and Romans may have had a point. 

The person to put this best was Napoleon Hill, who wrote the famous entrepreneurship book, “Think and Grow Rich.” 

Hill saw how sexual desire and one’s ability to capitalize on it correlated with energy. 

This caused him to theorize that one could take that energy and channel it away from sex, putting that desire toward art, writing, building, or business. 

Hill knew that sex is important to our happiness. 

However, by learning to deprive ourselves of it now and then, we can channel that energy towards the big game, the big test, or merely improving our overall productivity. 

Benefits of Not Ejaculating – Conclusion 

If you want to have larger, more explosive, and more pleasurable orgasms, the process starts simply enough. 

All you need to do is train yourself to wait several days (ideally, four) between ejaculations. 

This will ensure your semen and sperm levels are at their maximum. 

However, if you want to go deeper into the art of self-control, you can also start adding new habits to your sexual life. 

For instance, Edging can help you increase both the volume of your average loads and your control over your ejaculations. 

This means better quality sex and bigger orgasms when you finally allow yourself to “let go.” 

One final thing…

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About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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