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Kegels for Stronger Ejaculations

You can do Kegels for stronger ejaculations…

But unlike the other load boosting protocols we’ve discussed on the site, kegels don’t actually increase semen volume.

What they do is increase the force of your ejaculation by allowing you to hold off until you’re good and ready to release the mother load.

Kegels for Stronger Ejaculations

They achieve this by strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle, the muscle your body uses to hold off once you reach the edge.

Or put another way…

They push back the boundary of the Point Of No Return which can lead to some mighty impressive eruptions. 

So if boosting ejac distance, force and intensity sounds like a good time to you, I suggest you spend a few minutes a day doing Kegel exercises.

The time commitment is minimal but the payoff is huge (pun intended).

Now here’s David with all the details…

Kegels for Stronger Ejaculations

In recent years, men from a wide range of backgrounds have taken an interest in increasing both their ejaculatory volume and distance. 

These bigger, more explosive orgasms are not only directly tied with increased pleasure…

But are a big part of maximizing male “potency” – a term that refers to both  sexual confidence and the quality of our semen. 

Though there is a range of techniques out there that can help contribute to bigger, better orgasms…

There’s no denying the link between better ejaculation control and more explosive results. 

And while you might consider them to be a “lady exercise,” the key to pelvic control is, and always has been Kegels. 

What are Kegels?

Arnold Kegel was an American gynecologist operating from the 1930s up through the 1960s. 

His most significant contribution to the world of sexual health was the exercises he developed to strengthen the pelvic floor. 

Though originally intended as a non-surgical treatment for muscle weakness or urinary incontinence…

Many women use Kegels to relax and strengthen their vaginal muscles, increase lubrication, and make it easier for them to reach orgasm. 

But we men have pelvic floor muscles too! 

And, as it turns out, strengthening them has the same benefits for us as it does for women. 

That is to say, regularly tightening and releasing our pelvic floor muscles can curb urinary incontinence and other bladder issues. 

However, as you’ll see, male Kegels can have some pretty amazing benefits for your sex life. 

Kegels and Male Sexual Health

You see, Male Kegels help us increase control over our pubococcygeus (PC) muscles.

Among the many results of doing so is increased control over our ejaculatory response. 

This matters a lot to men who tend to be a bit “quick on the trigger,” as they can stop using more obvious techniques…

Like the “stop-start method” or “squeeze method” to keep themselves from blowing the game too early. 

However, men who can’t even get in the game…

Can also benefit from Kegels, as regular exercises have been shown to help stave off erectile dysfunction and even treat bends and curves in the penis, especially when combined with an extender. 

How so? 

By strengthening the muscles that support the erection while also improving blood flow to the penile tissues. 

Indeed, in one study, 40% of previously infertile men cured their ED using Kegels alone. Another 35% showed massive improvement in their erectile response.  

Kegel’s To Increase Ejaculation Distance

But there’s even more! 

Kegels are also a great way to hack your ejaculatory potential, significantly increasing both the force and distance of your eruptions. 

This is most important for men who suffer from particularly weak ejaculations due to a medical condition. 

However, for healthy men pursuing those “porn star” orgasms, this is the key to turning their leaky faucet into a fire hose. 

It all has to do with the physical nature of ejaculation, which occurs in two distinct stages. 

The first is called “emission.” 

This is where the semen collects in the urethral bulb at the base of your penis during sex or masturbation. 

During the second stage, expulsion, the muscles in and around your urethra contract to push the semen out. 

If there is an interruption of the emission stage, it can negatively affect how much semen can collect in the urethral bulb. 

Likewise, any interruption in the expulsion phase will either cause the semen to merely dribble out or to not be released at all. 

This is typically evident when you experience a low volume orgasm followed by dripping or running semen over the next few minutes. 

As you might expect, the key to preventing these interruptions is ensuring all the involved muscles are operating at full throttle. 

And how do we do that? Kegels, Kegels, and more Kegels. 

How to Perform Kegels for Stronger Ejaculations

Many men find it difficult to target the specific muscles involved in doing proper Kegel exercises. 

Fortunately, we have a built-in bio-hack for this process that makes practicing (and keeping up a proper practice routine) a breeze. 

All you need to do is take a few seconds to practice the next time you have to head to the toilet.

Remember how we mentioned that Kegels are used to treat urinary incontinence? 

Well, the same muscles are involved in your ejaculatory response. 

So, to practice, simply try to stop or slow down the flow of urine while you’re peeing.

As you do so, take care not to tense the muscles in your back or abdomen, and ensure you keep breathing. 

Once you can cut fully off your stream, you’ll know you’ve successfully located the right muscles. 

As you get more familiar with the sensation and your muscles become stronger, you can start doing Kegels outside of the bathroom. 

To perform this exercise…

Try lying down and contracting your muscles for a count of five. Do this roughly ten times in a row, two or three times a day. 

Then, once you get that sensation down, try doing Kegels standing up, holding them for a full count of 10 seconds. 

Within no time, you’ll find you can use Kegels to cut off your ejaculations entirely. 

This can lead to what we call a “dry orgasm,” which helps build up an even bigger load for the grande finale. 

Kegels for Stronger Ejaculations – Conclusion:

There are countless reasons why a man might want to consider adding Kegels to his daily exercise routine. 

Perhaps you’re having some urinary problems or are even suffering from a form of erectile dysfunction. 

You may also want to gain more control over your orgasms or attempt to increase your ejaculatory distance. 

Either way, there’s simply no downside to Kegels. 

In fact, they’re a long-term solution to keeping all your below-the-belt muscles operating in top form as you age. 

It only takes a few minutes a day to practice them, and the results are sure to impress both you and your partner. 

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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