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Semen Volume Pills For Bigger Ejaculations

(Written By David Jaynes)

Men all over the world have committed themselves to the pursuit of the “porn star” orgasm, referring to those larger-than-life eruptions you so often see on your computer or smartphone screen. 

And why not? 

Not only are these massive ejaculations far more pleasurable, but they are widely associated with increased potency, increased fertility, and a better sex life in general. 

Of course, wherever there is a need, you will soon find a product attempting to meet it. 

In this case, we have Volume Pills, a dietary supplement positioning itself as an all-natural solution to maximize your semen levels. 

In this article, we’ll look at these pills and see if they really do have the potential to lead to legendary loads. 

Sperm, Semen, and Your Body

If you want to pump up the volume of your ejaculations, you first need to refamiliarize yourself with how (and why) your body produces semen in the first place. 

For instance, sperm is produced by your testicles, but your “boys” only account for about 5% of your semen’s total makeup. 

The rest is a mixture of water, proteins, fructose, fat, and minerals, all of which come from your prostate and other glands. 

In terms of volume, the average man will ejaculate between 1.25 and 5 ml of semen with each orgasm. 

If that seems like a pretty big range for an “average,” you’re 100% right. 

You see, there are tons of factors determining how much semen we expel per shot, from our health to our habits to our diet and genetics. 

In fact, merely failing to wait long enough between orgasms can cause your “grand finales” to be pretty disappointing. 

Luckily, there are a number of steps we can take to increase our personal load limit. 

One is to help our body manufacture more sperm. 

In doing this, our bodies naturally compensate with more semen, which is both the food and the vehicle for those multiplying sperm cells. 

But there are also ways to stimulate semen production beyond what the sperm requires. For many men, volume pills have proven to be just the ticket.  

Supplementing for Semen Production

It’s no secret that there’s more to medicine than what comes out of a lab. 

From probiotics and chamomile to ginger and echinacea, we take herbs and other natural ingredients all the time to treat a wide variety of conditions and ailments. 

When it comes to volume pills, experts have combined a laundry list of vitamins, herbs, and minerals to produce an ultra-potent cocktail for the budding cocksman.  

  • San Guo mu – This powerful Chinese herb has been used for years to treat cardiovascular disease, regulate blood pressure, and treat erectile dysfunction. However, it is also prized for its ability to kickstart semen production. 
  •  Dong Chong Xia Cao – This ancient ayurvedic medicine has a long history of use as a testosterone booster. Not only has it already been shown to treat low libido and erectile issues in mice, but increased testosterone levels are directly tied to semen production. 
  • Ling Zhi – Also known as “reishi,” this Chinese medicine is purported to provide support for the immune system and drastically reduce oxidative stress. This relaxing effect can naturally increase our sperm production and libido, which can contribute to higher semen volumes. 
  • Xian Mao – One of the most potent natural cures in all of Asia, Xian Mao is often sold as a natural alternative to Viagra. Men all over the world swear by its effects, and a variety of studies support their claims. 
  •  Tian Men Dong – This is a sort of wild asparagus tube found in the mountains of mainland Asia. Among the many benefits associated with this supplement are more intense orgasms, a boost to your ejaculatory response, and improved stamina and sexual performance. 
  • Fucus Vesiculosus – This brown seaweed is predominantly associated with thyroid issues, including those related to obesity. Of course, obesity is strongly associated with decreased sexual function, so supporting your thyroid can help keep your body feeling and acting young. 
  • Zinc Gluconate – Zinc is well known as a major contributor to semen production . Since many men lose seminal volume due to an undiagnosed zinc deficiency, it makes perfect sense to include this ingredient among the other semen enhancers in the Volume Pill cocktail. 

What you see listed above are just a few of the premium, all-natural ingredients that can be found in quality Volume Pills. 

Many of the sexual effects these herbs and plants provide are not only supported by traditional Eastern medicine, but by Western medical studies as well. 

Working together, they create a powerful sexual potency treatment that men all over the world have used to jack up the volume.

Taking Semen Volume Pills

Volume pills promise a significant increase in semen volume, as well as other benefits (increased blood flow to the penis, better erection control, increased libido). 

Most users report that they start to notice a difference in their semen volume within a week of taking the product. 

The manufacturer also promises no side effects and no unwanted or unnatural ingredients.

Though the package states that you should take two pills per day every day, we suggest you take at least one day off per week to give your liver a break. 

This won’t interrupt the product’s cycle very much, and will give you a nice ejaculatory boost the day after you reintroduce the pills to your system. 

It’s also worth noting that your orgasms will come on just a bit faster in the first few weeks of taking the pills. 

This is a natural reaction to the increased amount of semen stored before ejaculation. Don’t worry – your body will adjust in time. 

And since your libido and testosterone levels will also be getting a boost, your recovery time will be shortened. 

So if you do pop a little too soon, you’ll be ready for another roll in the hay in no time. 

Semen Volume Pills For Bigger Ejaculations – Conclusion:

Volume Pills are one of the most trusted semen enhancement products on the market today. 

Using a combination of modern science and ancient herbal remedies, these pills are one of your best bets for increasing the volume of your orgasms. 

Combined with a healthy diet, a good exercise routine and smart ejaculation habits, Volume Pills can be the missing link to maximizing both your potency and your pleasure. 

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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