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Leech Oil For Men

(Article Medically Reviewed By Dr. Zach Hyde)

This email hit my inbox a while back…

Hi Mark,

I want to tell you about my use of leech oil.

Its been three week since I started using. Results have
been amazing.

Stronger erections…My penis seems more fit….Total
rigidity 100%..

Veins are more prominent on its surface….I recommend
you try it out.

You wont be disappointed.

Sounds interesting, huh?

I agree, which is why I put it on my list of things to test out.

I placed an order and my bottle arrived in early August and
I’ve been applying it daily since.

Here’s what’s happened so far…

My experience hasn’t been as dramatic as the guy who
sent the email above…

But I have noticed the following:

-My flaccid hang is bit bigger

-I go from soft to erect faster than I used to

-The veins in my penis are much more prominent

And my erections look more impressive now due to this
increased vascularity.

So in my case, it seems to be working.

Leech Oil For Men

But, don’t rush out and buy it just yet…

Because it may not work for you like it did for me. Or
the man who sent the original email…

Because I believe this is an older guys treatment….

Younger men with clean arteries and great blood flow
will be disappointed in this…

So pass if this describes you.

But men with poor flow and thick, sticky blood just
might benefit.

Here’s why….

Leeches produce a unique peptide in their saliva that
thins blood.

This is a survival mechanism for the creature…..

Because when he latches onto a host, he needs to get in,
grab the blood and get out as quickly as possible.

His life depends on it…

The blood thinning protein these bugs produce is called

And it’s the most potent inhibitor of thrombin found in nature.

And remember…

Thrombin is the agent your body uses to thicken your blood…

And Hirudin is so good at reducing thrombine, it’s even being
tested on people with arterial disease.

Leech’s saliva also contains substances that dilate blood vessels.

(see references below)

So here’s my final take on this product:

This oil is not going to do anything to boost your testosterone
or other hormones.

It won’t help men who already have clean arteries and good
blood flow.

And it takes a while to see the results.

In my case, I hardly saw anything until the third week.

So if you decide to try this, give it plenty of time.

Here’s the brand I use:


Lintah Minyak Tapa Plus (link redirects to eBay)

I can’t give an opinion on other brands, because I haven’t
tested them.

Here’s how I use it:

I rub a dime sized portion over my entire penis just before
bed at night.

The instructions weren’t in English, so I just winged it and
this is what I came up with.

Applying twice per day may work even better but I don’t
know for sure because I haven’t tried it.

One more thing…

I also use it as a lube during my stretching sessions.

And this is where it really shines because the increased
blood flow adds to the pump.

But once again, it took a few weeks for this to happen.

The bottom line?

This is not a must have supplement…

Especially if your main problem is low testosterone.

But if your T levels are on the upswing and you’ve moved
on to the higher level stuff…

Go ahead and take a look.

Here’s the Link (link redirects to eBay)

(If they sell out quickly, check back in again in a few days).

Update: Leech Oil for Men Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I made it pretty clear that I noticed some significant results while using leech oil, particularly when I combined it with my normal exercise routine.

The most notable difference was the more prominent penile veins, which was chalked up Hirudin, the blood-thinning protein that allows leeches to get as much of your delicious red stuff as possible.

As you’ll see in Part 2, I’ve not only found more benefits to using topical leech oil, but also discovered more information about why it is able to do what it does.

Leech Oil for Longer Lasting Erection

Remember, leech oil has been used for generations in places like Indonesia and Thailand, where it is commonly blended with herbs and other ingredients to increase its potency.

One of these ingredients is called Butea Superba, which helps relax and dilate the blood vessels of the penis, allowing for greater blood flow.


Well, inside the corpus cavernosa (the penile blood vessels), you have an enzyme called PDE-5. This controls the contraction and expansion of your muscles when an erection is triggered.

However, in order to work, it needs a steady supply of a chemical called cGMP. When this chemical runs out, you become flaccid again.

Both leech oil and Butea Superba naturally contribute to the production of cGMP, and deliver it directly to the source when massaged into the skin.

This allows for longer-lasting erections by providing more “fuel” for your PDE-5. Not all brands of leech oil contain this supplement (which can be purchased separately), but many do.

Leech Oil Helps Expand Penile Girth

We already talked about how leech oil can help stretch your corpus cavernosum while also allowing for greater vein thickness and dilation.

Now, this provides you with a thicker erection and more prominent vascularity, but it only lasts for a few hours or more.

However, as you know from other articles, regular expansion of these blood vessels can make room for much more permanent effects.

For instance, many men who routinely massage leech oil into their penis have reported a prolonged increase in girth, including while flaccid.

According to leech oil proponents, this is because the oil feeds oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to all parts of your genitals: the veins, the tendons, the blood vessels, etc.

This causes all of these components to become stronger as a group, which requires a necessary increase in size.

Leech Oil May Prevent Premature Ejaculation

An interesting thing happens when you start to provide more nutrients to your penile tissue: you start to wake up nerve endings that you may not have used (or noticed) for a long time.

Many of these nerve endings are attached to muscles that can provide you with a stunning array of control over your organ, which can either confer valuable benefits or solve potential problems.

This includes an overall closer mental connection with your seminal release.

Like Kegels, which you can practice by cutting off your urine mid-stream, leech oil allows some men to more easily resist the urge to ejaculate.

If you’re quick on the trigger or aren’t a fan of the “squeeze method,” regular leech oil massages might be just what the doctor ordered.

Leech Oil Improves Blood Flow

Since I wrote Part 1, Hirudin has become more and more popular throughout medical circles – and I’m not just talking about homeopaths.

Though it is already used in various microsurgeries, it is currently being investigated as a potential treatment for conditions like deep vein thrombosis.


Because it is beyond impressive when it comes to improving blood flow.

So, if you’re overweight, have high cholesterol, are a former smoker, or just have bad genes, you already know that your extremities are the first to be deprived of blood.

Unfortunately, that list includes your penis! And even if you don’t care about size, girth, or erectile control, consider this:

Regular leech oil massages might be what you need to keep your sex life going well into your twilight years.

With regular blood flow, you can make sure your tissues stay healthy and avoid the need for pharmaceuticals as you age.

If you know anything about this writer, that is a win-win.

Leech Oil For Men Conclusion:

I want to reiterate that my experiences with leech oil have been overwhelmingly positive.

Not groundbreaking, mind you, but noticeable despite the many other supplements and treatments I’ve tried over the years.

Again, the primary benefit here is an increased blood flow, which undergirds all of the other pros I’ve listed above.

Whether you’re looking for cosmetic results like a thicker flaccid hang or veinier appearance or you want more control over your release, leech oil is certainly worth a try.


Leeching (medical uses)

Recombinant Hirudin Provides Safe and Effective Anticoagulation

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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