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Edging For Bigger Ejaculations

How to Increase Your Semen Volume Naturally!

A fast growing trend in the world of sexual health is edging for bigger ejaculations and increased penis size.

Edging is also being used as way to get a grip on premature ejaculation. 

Numerous sexual forums are full of people recommending edging as an easy and effective way to address all of the above issues.

But what do we know about edging and ejaculations? 

Lots of men say there’s a connection between better orgasm control and bigger loads. 

In this article, we’ll see if they’re right. 

What Exactly is Edging?


If you don’t know, edging is about bringing yourself as close to orgasm as possible without actually ejaculating. 

Normally, it involves masturbation, but it can also involve intercourse if both partners are interested in prolonging the experience. 

Either way, the strategy is the same: get as close as you can to climaxing, then stop before the release. 

Many men view edging as “sex practice that actually boosts testicular function ” 

If they are prone to premature ejaculation, they can also use edging to gain more awareness and control over their orgasm. 

In many cases, the more they start and stop during masturbation, the better they can hold back when they’re actually having sexual intercourse.

Edging for Bigger Ejaculations

But there’s another class of edgers out there who practice the technique specifically for pleasure. 

And while some men can get a lot of satisfaction from “dry masturbation,” the vast majority edge to increase the size and intensity of their orgasm when they finally do release. 

For these men, the end goal of each edging session is to manufacture larger and larger loads.

You see, when you edge, you’re maintaining arousal for longer periods of time.

And it’s when you’re aroused that your prostate, seminal vesicles and other glands kick the semen production process into high gear. 

So, if you edged in the morning and afternoon and then had sex at night, you should expect a larger, more explosive orgasm when you ejaculate. 

Men who practice edging don’t just report much higher volumes of semen, but they also report more intense orgasms. 

By this they mean further ejaculation distance, more ejaculation contractions, and much more arousal and pleasure.

When combined with other ejac boosting protocols, such as limiting alcohol consumption the final result can be something truly visually impressive. 

What Medical Science Says About Edging

Edging For Bigger Ejaculations

Edging is far from new, but it hasn’t really received much attention from the scientific community. 

While studies do support its use as a treatment for premature ejaculation, all of the evidence to support edging for bigger ejaculations volume is anecdotal. 

This means we have to rely on reports from men who use edging to increase semen volume – along with data on how the ejaculatory process works to get to the bottom of this. 

Throw a little common sense into the mix, and it’s fairly obvious that the delayed gratification of edging should result in a more powerful and intense orgasm. 

You’re basically “tricking” your body into producing semen by prolonging arousal. Then, when the moment comes, you’re not releasing it. 

In theory, this semen is stored until the moment you finally do climax. While true, evidence shows that there are diminishing returns to this process. 

Though edging won’t cause your ejaculate to be expelled into your bladder, it doesn’t just “stay” in your seminal vesicles, prostate or bulbourethral glands forever. 

When not released, your body will eventually break down and recycle the components of your semen. 

To that point, you couldn’t just edge for a whole week and then enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm that puts you in the hospital.

When it comes to increasing your ejaculations with edging, each man’s body has a “maximum storage” limit before the recycling process starts.

Edging For Bigger Ejaculations – The Good News:

Edging is far from a complicated procedure. You simply need to know the four stages of arousal. 

These are:

  • Excitement
  • Plateau 
  • Orgasm 
  • Resolution

When you edge, you make a commitment to stop at the second stage and allow your erection to completely subside before starting again. 

You can do this once or twice a day, but you should try to limit each session to about five minutes to avoid burning out your dopamine receptors. 

You can also alternate this technique with Kegels, which have a similar impact.

This will enable you to maintain both mental and physical control over the process. 

Another critical aspect of edging is that you should always orgasm (eventually). 

As we stated above, you can’t edge yourself to a “firehose” orgasm and regular ejaculations keep your prostate healthy. 

Sooner or later, your body will break down the semen and recycle it for the next sexual encounter, anyway. 

Ideally, you should shoot for at least two ejac’s per week.

If you edge properly, you’ll not only enjoy larger, more pleasurable ejaculations when you do finally blow, but you’ll also gain valuable knowledge about your body. 

This will give you more control over your entire arousal process, allow you to last longer in bed, and give you a better chance of pleasing your partner. 

Edging Side Effects: Do Not Edge with Porn


Like all healthy masturbation, edging for bigger ejaculations should be done in a porn-free environment. 

You see, having sex releases dopamine, a “feel good” neurotransmitter that functions as your body’s built-in reward center. 

When you masturbate without visual stimulation, dopamine levels will climb, but not too much.

However, when you masturbate with porn, dopamine is released in unnatural amounts.

This not only forms an addictive relationship between pornography and sexual stimulation but can cause a condition known as “dopamine burnout.” 

Once this happens, it can lead to everything from ED to ejaculation disorders to relationship problems.

So be sure to edge the natural way, or you risk doing more harm than good. 

Edging For Bigger Ejaculations – Conclusion:

Of all the techniques related to increasing ejaculation volume, edging is the most logical. 

On top of that, it poses very little risk if you do it without porn, and don’t go overboard. 

As mentioned, for most men about 5 minutes should be the sweet spot.

If you have a hard time stopping at 5 minutes, and the habit becomes compulsive you probably need to find another way to ejaculate more. 

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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