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Extending Foreplay to Increase Ejaculation Volume

Good sex requires a good mental game and if you’re extending foreplay to increase ejaculation volume, you’re playing the game right.

And you’ll have the huge load when you eventually do release to prove it.

This happens because very few things work better to increase ejaculation size than sexual anticipation.

sexual anticipation ejaculation volume

If you’ve ever had a female play hard to get, where you had to really work to get her in the sack, you already know this.

Because the intense dopamine rush that comes on after a long drawn out conquest builds up ejac pressure, big time.

And guess what?

You can build this back pressure with any female, even one you’ve been hooked up with for months, years or even decades.


By placing your focus on anticipation, conquest and novelty once the two of you hit the sack.


I want to make one thing clear before we proceed. By foreplay, I’m not talking about learning advanced techniques to hit her G spot.

Or becoming a blackbelt expert at cunnilingus. All these do is add stress to the equation.

I’m talking about becoming an expert at mental foreplay, because once you get the mental part right, you won’t need that other stuff.

Let’s look at an example from a single guys perspective to demonstrate what I’m talking about here…

Extending Foreplay to Increase Ejaculation Volume (Your Mental Game)


For several days you played your cards right and minimized contact. The ball and chain has been removed.

You’ve been out executing your world domination strategy, hanging with the boys, exercising your body.

This was a good move because scarcity increases the value of any commodity, and that includes YOU.

After several days of minimal contact when she’s more than ready to hear from you again, you send her this text…

Hey babe, meet me at our spot tomorrow at 7 pm.  Sit at the bar and wear that blue dress.  Pack a bag because you’ll be staying at my place.

The End.

Now, compare this setup mentally to your normal protocol of rolling her over and just sticking it in.

Do you think the added anticipation with this setup will lead to a little more ejac back pressure?

Damn straight it will.

But we’re just getting started here, because now we’re going add rocket fuel to this fire.

Sexual Seduction and Ejaculation Volume

After playing the smooth Casanova part at the restaurant, you take her home and begin your sexual seduction.

And your job now is to get a sexual favor from her that you came up with looong before this date even began.

And this favor needs to be something that Really-Lights-You-Up.

Blindfolds, handcuffs, domination, submission, 50 shades, whatever.

The main thing is, the favor needs to be a major turn on for you…and something the two of you have never done before.

This adds novelty to the equation, and nothing spikes dopamine higher than novelty of the sexual type.

Of course, this all needs to be done with her consent, but the scarcity you executed earlier, the mystery of the restaurant hookup…

And the fact that you took the lead and made this happen on your terms will be a MAJOR turn on for her.

And if I know anything about women, it’s this.

When she’s really turned on she’ll be ready to push the envelope in the sack every bit as as much as you, maybe even more.


Once you’ve exploited your kink and you eventually release after several days of this planning and sexual anticipation…

Pay special attention to the size and the intensity of your climax.

Your new and improved payload will provide solid evidence that extending foreplay to increase ejaculation volume definitely does work.

One last thing…

If you’re a married guy or living in the same house as your girl, you’ll need to get creative to create separation.

For example, take a short solo trip or sleep in your man cave for a few days.

Just use your imagination and keep the main points in mind as you begin your seduction…

-Remove the ball & chain (separate)

-Schedule a mystery hookup (you lead)

-Seek an exciting, new sexual favor (kink)

Now here’s David with part 2.

Extending Foreplay to Increase Ejaculation Volume  Part 2: 



Since you hit puberty, you’ve likely been aware of one very specific fact.

That is that if you masturbate or have sex long enough, you will eventually ejaculate. 

It’s not a particularly difficult concept to grasp.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a heck of a lot more going on between “Step 1” and “Step 2” than most men realize. 

Of course, those mechanics become much more important when you start looking for ways to increase your ejaculation volume

And though nearly any man can achieve porn star quality orgasms if they do the right things, all too many of us overlook the main component of the process: 

The longer you last, the bigger the load. 

The Truth About Porn Films

Coming from someone who had to sneak Playboys out of his father’s closet back in the day, it’s safe to say we’re living in a Golden Age of porn. 

However, too many men get sucked into the fantasy that is the pornography world, and it has had devastating effects on their mental health, confidence, and – yes – our sexual performance. 

Putting porn addiction, dopamine burnout, and penis envy aside, for now, the “fantasy” I want to talk about right now is those massive porn star ejaculations. 

While it’s true that some men (Peter North comes to mind) are blessed with naturally large semen volumes, the rest take a range of supplements and change their diet in order to achieve those extra large loads. 

But the biggest, most glaring reason for those massive on-screen ejaculations? 


You see, that 15-to-20-minute porn video you watched? That actually took between two and three hours to shoot. 

So, from the second that man first became aroused, there was several hours’ worth of position changes, bathroom breaks, water breaks, and even snacks before he ejaculated. 

Why is this significant? Because…

Extending Arousal Contributes to Load Size

Your body is, first and foremost, a machine. A complex machine, yes, but a machine nonetheless. 

This means that it has processes that it performs all the time (digestion, blood circulation, etc.), and it has processes that only happen when the proper stimuli is introduced. 

Now, while sperm production is a constant mechanism, semen production is a both constant and reactive. 

Remember back to health class. Your sperm, of which you have millions at a given time, are basically an army of cells designed to seek out and fertilize the female egg. 

But they can’t get there by themselves. 

Like any road trip, they need a vehicle to take them to their destination and fuel to power the journey. 

That’s what semen is. With its high protein and sugar content, it’s both food for your sperm and their mode of transportation. 

The point of mentioning all this is that while you always have some semen on hand, your body only kicks semen production into high gear once you become aroused. 


Because it’s anticipating having to carry forward all of that sperm when you ejaculate. 

Logically, this means that the longer you extend this arousal, the more semen will be released once you finally blow!

Extending Foreplay to Increase Ejaculation Volume (The Theory in Practice)

One particularly powerful study found a direct link between sexual arousal and the volume of semen released. 

And since higher volume ejaculations are far more pleasurable…

This means that men who are prone to “quickies” (either via masturbation or sex) are almost certainly selling themselves short in the “orgasm quality” department. 

However, studies also show that men who rush their arousal-to-ejaculation time also produce lower quality semen. 

This means diminished motility, lower concentration, and fewer sperm per shot! 

Though this might not matter as much to single men, it’s a huge factor for any couple who are trying to get pregnant. 

This reduced volume also contributes to what we call a “lack of potency.” 

This is the word we use to refer to both a man’s sexual prowess and his ability to impregnate. 

Though this is a very primal thing at its core, higher potency has been directly linked to male confidence, sexual satisfaction, and overall sexual health. 

How to Extend Foreplay

It’s worth noting that we’re not talking about premature ejaculation here. 

This is a completely separate problem that you will need to deal with before you start worrying about ejaculation volume. 

Instead, we’re referring to men who’ve gotten used to playing it “fast and loose” in the bedroom, either due to partner preferences or time constraints. 

After all, we all have that buddy with the busy job and three kids, and we can’t blame him and his wife for taking advantage of the occasional five minutes alone. 

However, if you are focused on increasing your ejaculation volume to maximize your pleasure, you need to be taking steps to lengthen your overall time in the sack. 

To give you an idea, we’ll list some of the best examples below.  

Go Back to Making Out

Once you hit a certain age, kissing tends to go out the window in exchange for more adult foreplay. 

However, most women love the connection that comes with a good make-out session – and your semen-producing glands will too. 

As you kiss, you’ll most likely remain aroused the entire time, kicking your semen factory into high gear for a much more explosive finish. 

Be More Frisky

You might not think of it this way, but all those little “excitements” that take place over the course of a date night are a great way to stay aroused. 

We’re talking about quick passionate kisses, close dancing, and any other form of stimulating physical interaction. 

This works because arousal is still arousal, which means you can start to get your juices flowing while you and your partner are still at dinner.  

Ladies First

Men are notorious for being a bit selfish in the sack. 

But if you spend some time focusing on your partner, you’ll give yourself a great head start toward a big explosive orgasm. 

According to the Journal of Sex Research, both men and women prefer longer foreplay sessions, with 18 minutes being the goal.

 Not only will giving her time to warm up make her more excited for the deed, but it will provide you with time to increase your stores for the big finish. 

Add Massages, Showers, and Play

There are a million different ways to slow things down once you get to the main event. 

For instance, you could start in the shower then move to the bed (or vice versa). 

Alternatively, you can introduce massages, sensory play, and teasing to prolong the actual intercourse. 

Get creative, but talk it out with your partner to make sure neither one of you gets bored. 

Extending Foreplay to Increase Ejaculation Volume – Conclusion

If you’re one of the millions of men who are starting to notice their ejaculations weakening, simply changing your sexual habits can have a pretty dramatic effect. 

Of course, if you’re just looking to maximize the size and pleasure of your loads, spending a little more time being aroused is a great way to do just that. 

Whatever the reason, the only thing that you need to ask yourself is, who will be the most satisfied with the new approach: you, or her?

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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