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Stress Hormones and Semen Volume

(Article Medically Reviewed By Dr. Zac Hyde)

How Stress Slashes Ejac Volume

Many men have no clue of the strong relationship between stress hormones and semen volume.

But I can assure you, the link is there and it’s blatant.

This means the higher your stress levels, the lower your semen volume is going to be.

Stress Hormones and Semen Volume

So if you’re in a negative relationship, under heavy work pressure, are stressed about money, the news…

The stock market, your health, or even if you’re just training too hard at the gym and not allowing yourself to recover…

Your stress hormones are going to shut your testicles down.

And the sad reality is….

Most men have been under chronic stress for so long, it has become a normal part of their psyche.

An impending sense of doom of varying degree has taken over their headspace. 

And this mental cancer has been there in the background for so long it almost feels normal.

But if you think about it, it’s clearly not.

Stress Hormones and Semen Volume (action Steps)

So what’s a man to do?

In my case, I’ve done 7 things that have worked very well for me.

1:  I stopped watching (the bad) news

2: I meditate 10 minutes a day (very effective)

3: I slashed my screen time by 60 percent (cellphone, netflix, etc..)

4: I avoid porn like the plague 

5: I ruthlessly removed negative people from my life

6: I walk one hour a day outside in nature

7: I stay productive to keep the lid on addictive behavior

If you’re currently under stress, I suggest you pick a few of these and give them a trial run. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One last thing before I turn you over to David…

The next time you’re not feeling so great and would like to know if you’re dealing with a stress hormone situation, look at your hands.

If you can’t hold them rock steady and they tremble no matter how hard you try, you’ve got elevated stress hormones…

Because it’s adrenaline and other biological stress chemicals that cause your hands to shake.

And remember…

These hormones can come on from something as innocuous as too much coffee, the morning after one beer too many, or a stressful drive in heavy traffic.

And while I can’t say I never get stressed myself, the 7 items listed above have easily slashed my stress levels by 70 percent.

And I’ve seen first hand that a cool, calm, stress free mind sends positive signals down to my testicles…

And they respond accordingly by bumping up semen volume to where it should be. 

Now here’s David with more…

Stress Hormones and Semen Volume Part 2

In our modern, stimuli-filled world, stress is harder to avoid than ever before. 

Unfortunately, we are also inundated with reports of just how bad stress is for our bodies, minds, and social lives. 

As you might expect, these two factors only serve to contribute to more stress! It’s a vicious circle, but all too many of us just call it “life.” 

This is a problem, not just for men who want to protect their physical health but also for those who want to improve their sexual health. 

Indeed, many men are pursuing techniques that will allow them to experience more impressive, more pleasurable ejaculations. 

In this article, we’ll explore how many of those efforts won’t amount to much if you don’t get your stress levels under control first. 

The Harmful Effects of Stress

Back in the 50s, when our Dads and Grandads were working 60 hours and week and smoking two packs a day, nobody even really knew what stress was. 

So, when these guys started to keel over, people usually blamed the booze, the cigarettes, and the long hours. 

And while these certainly didn’t help, we now know that stress was a significant factor in shortening the American male’s lifespan.  

Medical professionals report that stress has profound negative effects on our physical and mental health, especially in the long term. 

In fact, multiple studies have shown that chronic stress can affect nearly every system in our bodies.

They cause headaches, sleep issues, fatigue, and chest pain, while contributing to drug and alcohol abuse, increased tobacco addiction, heart attacks, strokes, and more. 

The main culprit in all of this is cortisol, a powerful hormone our bodies secrete when we are under stress. 

Though intended to help us cope with dangerous situations, most of our bodies now release cortisol regularly when we encounter frustrations at work or in our home life. 

And with these chronic cortisol levels comes a bevy of bad news, such as:

None of the above problems are ideal, of course. But there’s one result of increased stress levels that even the doctors don’t mention often enough.  

Stress, Sex, and Semen Production

Many people assume that stress hinders their sex drive because it refocuses their efforts on bigger problems. 

However, elevated levels don’t just put the kibosh on your desire to have sex, but can actually throw a big wrench into your body’s sexual faculties. 

When this happens, the first thing to go is your testosterone levels. 

And over an extended period of time, you’ll not only see a decline in your libido, but you might actually experience erectile dysfunction or even impotence due solely to stress. 

But it gets worse. 

You see, more recent studies show that elevated levels of cortisol hinder the function of GnRH, which is the primary sex hormone regulator in our bodies. 

After even a relatively short time, this causes a serious downgrade in the quality, motility, and health of our sperm cells. 

This is also accompanied by a decrease in the number of active sperm per ejaculation. 

As we’ve discussed before, there is a distinct link between the number of sperm you produce and the size of your loads when you ejaculate. 

As semen is both the food and method of locomotion for our little swimmers, higher sperm counts signal your prostate and seminal vesicles to produce more semen. 

And when the number or quality of sperm drops, so too does your semen, and – therefore – the pleasure of your orgasm.  

Stress Hormones and Semen Volume (combatting stress)

If you’re looking to maximize your ejaculation volume, all the supplements and edging in the world won’t do much if you’re lifestyle keeps you a constant, stressed-out mess. 

Instead, you need to nip that stress root in the bud before it becomes a chronic condition. Once that happens, orgasm quality will likely be the least of your worries. 

Fortunately, simply being aware of stress is a big step toward learning how to deal with it. 

Once you acknowledge that there’s a problem worth tackling, you can set about making lifestyle and habit changes to do just that. 

For instance: 

Stay Active

If you’re looking to keep your testosterone levels high, regular physical activity should already be a part of your daily life. 

However, as things become more and more stressful for you, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a regular exercise routine. 

Running, swimming, and weight lifting are all great examples, but even walking to the store or taking your bike out now and then can help keep cortisol levels from reaching critical mass. 

Put Some Time into Hobbies

Chances are that there are several things you enjoyed as a teen that you rarely make time for anymore. 

As it turns out, “childish things” like practicing guitar, building model planes, and even playing video games can drastically reduce your stress levels. 

Whatever it is you enjoy, consider making time for it. Your body (and your sex drive) will thank you. 

Take Up Yoga 

Laugh all you want, but yoga is a great way to introduce some high-quality relaxation into your life. 

Not only is it great for your physical health, but it helps melt away cortisol like a blowtorch to butter. 

As a bonus, these classes are also a great way for single men to meet women. 

Have More Sex

Talk about a built-in solution! 

Sex is one of the great stress-relievers out there, so do your best to make time for it whenever you can. 

Of course, having more frequent rolls in the hay will help keep your sex drive up to snuff while giving you a chance to experience some of those eye-popping orgasms you’ve been working toward. 

Stress Hormones and Semen Volume Conclusion:

Stress isn’t just the silent killer of men – it’s basically kryptonite to your sexual health. 

Time and time again, men who don’t learn how to manage stress end up struggling with everything from ED and low sperm count to full-out impotence. 

And if you’re looking to maximize your ejaculation volume, it’s more important than ever to move stress management to the top of your “to do” list. 

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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