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Alcohol and Semen Volume

(Article Medically Reviewed By Dr. Zach Hyde)

Cut the Booze for Bigger Ejaculations!

Is there a link between alcohol consumption and semen volume?

Yep, there sure is.

According to a research team out of Denmark, booze has a direct, negative impact on semen quality and total sperm counts (more on this study later).

Excessive alcohol intake also lowers testosterone levels, atrophies the testicles and increases estrogen production.



I get emails occasionally from men asking why sex drive sometimes climbs after a big binge, especially after drinking clear sprits like vodka.

And the answer is, alcohol creates hormonal chaos in some people, which often leads to high DHT levels on hangover days.


This infusion of DHT may feel good for a little while, but once it wears off you’re going to pay for that chaos for up to two weeks.

And why two weeks?

Because that’s how long your testosterone levels are going to be suppressed after a big alcohol binge.

Your brain chemistry can also take up to two weeks to get back on track after a big party (alcohol depression anyone?).

And during this time you’ll be less social, more stressed, more likely to abuse porn, less motivated and less productive.

So if you’d rather avoid being a depressed, unmotivated dude with atrophied testicles and low semen volume, be smart about your booze consumption.

If you’re out of control right now…

And drinking 6 or more drinks a day, you’re producing a whopping 40% less semen volume than a guy who limits himself to 5 drinks a week.

Think about that for a minute.

One more thing before I turn you over to David…

Oddly enough, men who consume 1 to 5 drinks a week actually have higher semen volume than men who don’t drink at all.

Science has no explanation for this, but it does provide more evidence that moderate alcohol consumption may not be such a bad thing.

Now here’s David with more…

Alcohol and Semen Volume


No one in their right mind would ever think that alcohol in excess was good for them.

But having a drink is such a pervasive part of most cultures, we often overlook just how harmful it can be when you go over the limit. 

This is particularly true of men, who not only tend to drink more than women but are often the first gender to witness alcohol’s negative effects first hand. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how cutting your booze consumption can drastically improve your sex life, and even lead you down the path toward those much-desired large ejaculations.

The Benefits of High Semen Volume

Most men don’t think about their semen volume much. 

However, the amount of ejaculate you produce in your average orgasm has a lot of implications. 

For one, it is directly related to your fertility.

As more semen often means a higher sperm count, increased ejaculation volume can make you much more likely to conceive. 

Still, for most men, bigger loads are all about maximizing their pleasure as well as the pleasure of their partner. 

You see, what it really comes down to is “potency.” 

This is the word used to describe the quality of both your semen as well as the bulk of your ejaculations. 

The more potent you are, the more satisfied and confident you’ll feel, which will translate over into your life in surprising ways. 

Of course, having each orgasm accompanied by a volcano-like eruption is also something you’re likely to have a positive reaction to.  

Alcohol and Sexual Function In Men

When it comes to sexual function – semen quantity included – every man is a little bit different.  

The average is 3.7 ml per shot, but it can range from as little as 1.5 ml to 6.8 ml. 

On average, we produce the most semen in our early 30s, and it slowly starts to decline from there. 

This is accompanied by a general loss of sexual function, which can vary from slightly softer morning wood all the way to full-on erectile dysfunction. 

Like most health issues, these age-related problems can be exacerbated by many different factors. 

Among them are your overall health, your genetics, and exposure to toxins and chemicals throughout your life. 

Then there’s your lifestyle. Sure, there are fewer smokers and more regular exercisers than ever before, but alcohol consumption hasn’t changed much since the 1950s.  

Even so, study after study repeatedly shows us just how bad regular alcohol consumption is for our sexual health. 

As a nervous system depressant, it kills our sex drive – which can lead to atrophy of the penile and testicular tissues over time. 

It also disrupts our hormones, lowering testosterone and contributing to erectile problems. 

To make matters worse, booze also damages our nervous system, making sex less pleasurable and often keeping us from reaching orgasm.   

How Alcohol Affects Semen Production


But the biggest problem with booze? It’s basically kryptonite to your semen. 


For one, it dehydrates you. This means your glands (epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate) have less liquid with which to manufacture semen. 

But alcohol also lowers your testosterone and – in turn – your sperm count.

When your sperm count is low, it signals your body that you don’t need as much semen to carry your remaining swimmers onward. 

This is a big problem if you want bigger loads. 

Remember when we talked about “potency” above? We weren’t just talking about the amount of semen, but the quality of it as well. 

By quality, we are referring to the number of sperm present, the health of those sperm, and the ability of your semen to nurture those cells.

Remember, in the end, semen is food for sperm. That’s why it’s rich in sucrose, protein, and other essentials. 

But the quality of your semen is drastically reduced by regular drinking (source). 

One study found that men who regularly consumed more than 40 units of alcohol per week had a 40% reduction in sperm concentrations (source). 

Though the number decreased along with the number of weekly drinks, there’s no escaping the fact…

That losing 40% of your sperm will have a massive impact on your semen quality and volume. 

To make matters worse, this study only focused on men aged 18-28. 

This is an age where most of the other negative factors (poor health, lack of exercise, toxin exposure) are yet to affect their sperm counts. 

Imagine that same study as applied to men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Men who have a two-decade head start on drinking, toxin exposure and declining testosterone levels.  

The Two Drink Limit to Increase Semen Volume

If you’re a sexually active male, going to the bar is likely a big part of your weekly routine. 

It’s where some men unwind, hang with friends, and – for many of us – where we meet women. 

However, if you want to protect your sexual health and sexual potency, you need to start considering cutting down on your booze intake. 

If you’re young, it’s a good habit to start now. 

If you’re older, reducing alcohol consumption might be just what you were looking for to help you regain some of your lost sexual prowess. 

Experts suggest sticking to a “two drink” minimum any time you go out. They also recommend keeping your overall trips to the pub to just once or twice a week.

If you don’t think this will give you enough time to socialize, consider drinking a full glass of water in between drinks.

Or switch to either nonalcoholic beer, tonic water, or sparkling water with lemon once you hit your limit. 

Your body – especially your manly parts – will thank you. In time, they’ll reward you with more pleasurable, more explosive orgasms too. 

Alcohol and Semen Volume – Conclusion:

Regularly consuming too much alcohol can wreak havoc on your overall sexual health. 

Not only does booze reduce your testosterone levels, but long-term alcohol use can shrink your testes and lead to genital atrophy. 

To make matters worse, alcohol’s dehydrating, semen-inhibiting effects will make it nearly impossible for you to create impressive ejaculation volume.

One last thing before I wrap….

If you’ve been drinking too much, not sleeping enough or slacking on your diet and your testicles are smaller than they should be…

Download a copy of this (no charge)

And follow the tip described on page 9 before you go to bed.

If you stay sober the night before doing this, you’re going to wake up with good news in the morning (bigger balls).

If you use this good news as inspiration to stay clean all week, your semen volume could literally double in a matter of days.

See the protocol here.

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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