June 29

Testosterone Booster!

(Article Medically Reviewed By Dr. Zach Hyde)

The Secret of Testosterone Booster Cycling!

My testosterone levels more than doubled after I figured out how to use the testosterone boosters we’re about to discuss.

But things weren’t always so sweet and rosy….

As a matter of fact, my T levels actually went DOWN the first 17 months I was attempting to fix this problem.

But I’m a big believer in luck, especially if that luck has plenty of hard work to back it up.

And I’m happy to say that my hard work eventually DID pay off for me.


But I didn’t rely on the supplements alone to get my testosterone back up where it belonged.

As a matter of fact…

The supplements did me very little good until I started cooling my testicles, because like most men…. my balls were running WAY too hot.

And hot testicles simply will not produce as much T as cool testicles will.

So before you even think about cycling T-boosters, you need to address your testicle temps first.

I can’t stress this enough!

As a matter of fact…

A group of whacky scientists are using testicular heat to create a Male Birth Control Protocol, which is proving to be extremely effective (source).

Scary stuff, right?

I give step by step instructions on the cooling protocol I followed on page 3 of my T-boosting ebook. Download it Here (no charge).

Once you’ve handled this, go ahead and proceed to the next section ….

Testosterone Booster Cycling


On this page, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned about these over the counter testosterone boosters.

I’ll show you which supplements to take, and more importantly, how you should be taking them.

But before we get started, I have some slightly uncomfortable business to take care of.

Please humor me for just one second and answer the following two questions before reading any further…

Are you looking to boost your testosterone levels without using drugs, injections, or artificial hormones?

Have you made a ROCK SOLID & FIRM COMMITMENT to avoid the garbage above, and the negative side effects they ALWAYS bring into a man’s life?

If not, do BOTH of us a favor, and hit your back button right now.

And I really mean this!

If you can’t make this commitment, there’s no need for you to waste any more of your time here.

Instead, go ahead and try the conventional medical route first.

Then let the wild mood swings, aggression, hostility, man boobs, water retention, cystic acne, and testicular atrophy convince you that maybe you should look elsewhere for solutions to your problem.

Once you’ve reached that point in your life, come back here again and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Moving on…

How to Cycle Testosterone Boosters

How to Cycle Testosterone Boosters

I’m going to kick this off with the 2 most important words written on this entire page.

Supplement Cycling!

Here’s my warning to you, my friend…

Cycle your supplements DAILY, without fail, or you’ll just be throwing your cash down the drain.

And why do I say that?

Because if you take ANY testosterone booster too often, your body will instantly build up tolerance, and that product will stop working entirely.

This is the key point to remember here… the “Game Changer” that will alter the way you look at your hormone supplements for life.

Let me demonstrate with an example you’ll probably be able to relate to…

Have you ever purchased a testosterone booster, and felt great the first day you took it?

Elevated mood, increased sex drive, tons of energy and motivation, etc, etc.


When you went back to take it again on day two all that good stuff was nowhere to be found?

This happened because you failed to cycle your supplement!

We’ll get into this more in a moment, but first let’s talk about the specifics of cycling.

Here’s how you do it…

Take each testosterone booster for one day, and one day only, then…cycle off that T-Booster for a MINIMUM of 7 days before you take it again!

That’s it!

It’s not difficult, hard, or complicated…it’s actually really, really easy to do!

But strangely enough, some guys just don’t get it.

Which brings me directly to disclaimer number 2 (sorry folks, but this has to be done).

If for some reason you do not understand the concept above, or are not willing to do it, please move on.

The last thing I want is for you to order one supplement, take it 36 days in a row, then email me, complaining that it doesn’t work.

I’m tired of getting emails like this.

If you can’t or will not cycle, try another protocol. Focus on weight loss, your diet, eliminating porn, cutting back on booze, tobacco, etc.

All of these will give you better results than the T-boosters will if you don’t have the discipline to cycle them.

OTC Testosterone Boosters!


OK, if you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously an intelligent person, so I bet you’re asking yourself the following question…

If I can only take my supplement one day a week, how do I handle the other six days?

That’s the easy part!

You keep 7 on hand at all times, and cycle each, once every 7 days.

This will keep your body guessing and off balance at all times, so it doesn’t have time to develop tolerance, ever.

Follow this simple plan, and you’ll be rewarded with a powerful hormonal surge each and every time you use one of your supplements.

And what about the cost?

Here’s the beauty of all this.

Compared to the medical alternatives, these supplements are DIRT cheap. (Less than the cost of a doctors visit and a trip to Walgreens to fill a prescription).


Since you’re only taking each product once every seven days, the supplements will last for weeks and weeks at a time.

Here’s a list of the seven T-Boosters

  1. Pine Pollen 
  2. Tongkat Ali
  3. Shilajit
  4. Goat Weed
  5. Cistanche
  6. Ashwagandha
  7. Nettle Root

Click here to view all 7 on one page. 

If any of the seven are out of stock, you can replace them with one of the items below…

Black Ant

If you can afford  all 7 you’ll have a T-Booster to use every day of the week. I highly recommend you go this route if you can afford it.

If not, start with Tongkat Ali, Pine Pollen and Goat Weed and go on an every other day cycle until you can accumulate the other four.

My suggestion would be to supplement on days when sex is most likely to happen

For example, if I were cycling 3 I’d do it like this…Sunday Tongkat Ali, Wednesday Pine Pollen, Friday Goat Weed.

You can also dose up prior to social situations or big events like a job interview or a first date.


Because when these herbs are cycled properly, they reduce stress levels and bring on the confidence big time (source).

Testosterone Booster Conclusion:


I’m going to say it one more time: Once your testosterone boosters arrive, remember this one simple rule…

After you use a particular supplement, put it on the shelf for seven days before you use it again.

Do this and you’ll avoid tolerance issues and that herbal will pack a powerful punch every single time you take it.

Enjoy the ride!

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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