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Cheetahs are built for speed. Lions are built for explosiveness…








So on a good day, a cheetah can hit 70 miles an hour, but the king of the jungle maxes out at about 35.

But 35 works just fine for him – because he’s all about the sprint, power, explosiveness.

And one look at his muscled body proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Now, keep this information in mind, then ask yourself this question:

If a thief was running across your lawn with your new flat screen TV, could you sprint hard for 35 yards, slam the fool to the ground…

And get that television back?

If you can’t answer this question with a solid yes, you have a Massive opportunity sitting in front of you…

Because a transition from where you are now, to lion status, can happen quickly, and it will transform you, from top to bottom.

And I’m talking hormones, self confidence, personal authority, alpha status, etc..

Several days ago…

We talked about making smart decisions, and stacking these little powerhouses up to create some massive momentum…

Life changing momentum.

If you’re looking to make your very first move, this would be a good place to start.


Here are the top two fitness plans, based on the number of courses purchased and feedback from site visitors:

1: Old School New Body

2: Carb Backloading

Testosterone and Body Odor

Would you like to know if you’re producing testosterone at optimal levels?

Then pay attention to your body odor.

Especially the pungent odor around your arm pits, feet and testicles, because this sweat is produced by your Apocrine glands.

And Apocrine sweat is hormonal driven.

As a matter of fact, your Apocrine glands were entirely dormant until you reached puberty.

This explains why small kids can sweat like crazy but never develop pungent body odor.

It also explains why men with low testosterone stop smelling pungent too…

They’ve lost the hormones.

I remember laying in bed with my wife after I had finally turned my situation around when she looked over at me and said, you smell different.

And she was right. I had been changing out shirts faster than a Las Vegas stripper.

I was pretty sure it was a good sign, I just didn’t know exactly why yet.

But now I do, and I monitor my smell or lack thereof to gauge how well things are working.

The Jason’s deodorant I discuss on this page will kill your body odor until you hit about 500 ng/dl of testosterone.

But after that, you’re going to need to do more to tame the beast.

But I need to warn you…

It’s important that you avoid products with a laundry list of chemicals on the label…

Because these chemicals are absorbed transdermally through the skin, where they wreak all kinds of hormonal havoc.

I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time and I finally found it.

Here’s the trick…

Put equal parts baking soda and arrow root in a glass cup. Then mix in an equal amount of warm virgin coconut oil and stir it up to create a paste.

(photo credit Sarah Gilbert)

You may have to play with this a bit to get the consistency right, but the ingredients mix together nicely.


Apply this mixture to both underarms and you’ll knock out body odor for the next 8 hours or so, with no negative side effects.

This mixture dries quickly, isn’t lumpy or messy and has a mild coconut smell that my wife found pleasant.

I’m certain this natural deodorant works because baking soda kills odor and coconut oil kills bacteria, so the combination gets the job done.


Testosterone in the Afternoon

Get more testosterone in the afternoon with this….

The average guy spends 43 minutes a day staring at 10 different women.

And girls play this game too…

So they spend 20 minutes looking at 6 different guys daily, on average.

And it’s interesting…

Because I can always tell when things are going well for me when I start rubber necking a lot…

Especially at women I wouldn’t normally look at.

These days are always sweet, because I’ve got a good hormonal buzz going on when this is happening.

Which begs the question, can we take advantage of this?

Build on it to create a connection between the mind and the testicles to fire up hormone production?

I believe we can, and if you’re smart about it, nobody gets hurt in the process…

And all you need to do is notch things up Just A Little to make this happen.


I’ve got a running dialog going with a very attractive woman at my local Ralph’s grocery store.

And all I really do is joke around with her a little bit, make comments here and there.

And I also make sure I get busted looking at least once.

Because women see this as a huge compliment if it’s done right.

And since my game face needs to be on when I go there…

I never walk in without a quick look in the mirror and a slight strut in my step.

And the same goes for my visits to the bank, because there’s a teller in there who always smiles when I walk in…

Because I hassle her too.

The way I see it, I’m going to come into contact women, so why not have fun with it…

Use these mini exchanges to fire up the risk-reward response and get an extra shot of dopamine?

Because dopamine will light you up right quick…

And I’ve never met a man with high dopamine who wasn’t firing huge on all cylinders…

Because that’s pretty much impossible.


You score Big Man Points when you create little wins like this in your life.

As long as you never cross the line, there’s no downside to this.

Unless….your relationship is on shaky ground.

If it is, ignore everything I just said…

And Do This Instead.

Normal Testosterone Level










(Guest Post By Dr. Richard Cohen)

Normal Testosterone Level – Are Your Numbers Where They Should Be?

Male estrogens (estradiol) are a testosterone by-product that are produced naturally in the body. In small amounts, they help regulate testosterone production and serve to create testosterone as well as promote bone, brain and sexual health.

But when elevated, male estrogens can suppress testosterone levels as well as directly reduce sex drive, promote fat gain and muscle loss, enlarge the prostate and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the set of problems that we are currently facing.

A combination of our lifestyle and dietary choices, stress, use of medications and alcohol coupled with the pervasive amounts of estrogenic pollutants found in plastics and our water supply are the reasons why estradiol levels are climbing in men.

In fact, we now see men with estrogen levels higher than that of many women.

As estrogen rises in men, normal testosterone levels drop and mammary gland tissue begins to grow (creating male breasts).

This problem is so common that male breast reduction is now the fastest growing surgery in America!

And it is this elevated estrogen level which will reduce the T/E ratio and reduce the critical anabolic to catabolic ratio.  An ideal testosterone to estradiol level is 40 to 60:1. In assessing thousands of men via saliva testing, we find that less than 10% achieve these critical ratios and over 75% of them are less than 35 years old!

Saliva hormone testing is an excellent method to inexpensively test for testosterone levels as well as male estrogen. If testing shows that your male estrogen levels are high and/or you no longer have normal testosterone levels, don’t fret, there are some simple things that you can do.

(1) Lean out!  Fat cells, especially in the abdominal region, produce the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen. Eliminate alcohol, wheat, commercial dairy, caffeine, soy and any sugars especially in sodas, juices and energy drinks and waters. Only use xyltiol or stevia to sweeten.

(2) Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption to enable your liver to better remove excess estrogens.

(3) Reduce exposure to plastics containing bisphenol A and phtlates found in soft plastics and non-organic skin, hair and other topical lotions.

(4) Reduce or eliminate and medications that you are regularly taking that may interfere with your healthy liver function. Common medications include NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin), the “statin” class of cholesterol lowering drugs, some heart and blood pressure medications, and some anti-depressants.

(5) Increase the amount of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale these promote the liver to metabolize and excrete excess estrogen. Consider the use of an herbal anti-estrogen and a whole food concentrate formula.

(6) Optimize vitamin D and essential fatty acid levels. Take 4000 iu of vitamin D and enough fish oil to consumer 2000 mg of EPA/DHA. After 4 months of use, assess your vitamin D and essential fatty acid levels to insure you have achieved optimal levels.

(7) Optimize zinc levels. Zinc functions as an aromatase inhibitor for some men. Get 75 mg a day of zinc picolinate for 3 months. Afterwards switch to a wholefoods based zinc such as Innate Response 2 tablets daily.

(8) If after six months, the above protocol does not result in normal testosterone and reduced male estrogen levels, consider a short-term use of the prescription medicine Arimidex (anastrozole), a potent aromatase-inhibiting drug.

Starting at the low dose of 0.5 mg, twice a week increasing to a maximum of 1.0 mg daily four times weekly until levels have returned to normal.

Note: Side effects from this medication is rare.

In conclusion: While testosterone is the ‘master’ male hormone if you have too little or too much estrogen, you will never be able to look and feel your best.

Check Your Testosterone Level Here

How To Hit The Hormonal Jackpot

Here are some interesting statistics for you…

86% of the wealthy believe in lifelong self improvement.

But only 5% of the poor do.

80% of the wealthy are focused on accomplishing a single
important goal at a time.

But only 12% of poor people do this.

81% of the wealthy maintain an action list of things they need
to get done.

But 81% of the poor don’t have any list at all.

84% of the wealthy believe that good habits create good luck.

But only 4% of poor people believe this.

Pretty telling statistics, don’t you think?

I agree.

Remember, the currency around here is testosterone….

And if you’d like to get your hands on more – start acting like a
rich person.

Because their system works.

Get Your Hormones Tested Here

Normal testosterone levels

Dr. Richard Cohen MD









Guest post by Dr. Richard Cohen

Do you have normal testosterone levels?

Over the last 50 years, the U.S. government and corporate establishment have vigorously promoted a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, and unlimited amounts of aerobic activity as being healthy (they are not).

Little to no consideration has been given to stopping the flow of not only toxic foods but the poisonous, industrial by-products polluting the environment. As a result, normal testosterone levels have deteriorated at an alarming pace.

Consider the following:

  • Normal testosterone levels are 25% lower than they were 20 years ago.
  • The average male estrogen level is 40% higher than it was 20 years ago.
  • Rates of male infertility are skyrocketing, and expected to double during the next decade.
  • Depression, immune dysfunction, gastrointestinal disease, and cancer rates are all rising.
  • Diabesity (obesity + diabetes) affects more than one billion people worldwide, including 100 million Americans and 50% of all Americans over the age of 65.

Statistics indicate that 4 out of every 10 deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to heart disease; the number is projected to double within the next 50 years.

While conventional medicine wants you to believe that all of these diseases are unrelated conditions—which is a work of fiction created by the pharmaceutical industry (and perpetuated by the medical establishment) to sell more drugs—the truth is that they all share a common origin: our modern lifestyle.

Poor dietary choices and resulting nutrient deficiencies, stress, lack of sleep, too little or too much exercise, exposure to toxic chemicals, and the use of medications, both prescription and over the counter, have all played a direct role in the downfall of our health and hormones.

And declines in normal testosterone levels have been overlooked.

Our disease-oriented, pharmaceutical-driven medical system only recognizes and provides restorative therapies for the one percent of men who suffer from hypogonadism—extremely low levels of testosterone.

And since there are no pharmaceutical options for the millions of men suffering from mild to moderate reductions in testosterone and/or elevated levels of estradiol, they are not offered any restorative treatment.

Even if your doctor was on board with offering a treatment, his or her testosterone replacement plan is, at best, a Band-Aid. Because it is an artificial intervention, and conventional testosterone replacement therapies are not effective.

They do nothing to address any underlying, physiological imbalances; their sole purpose is simply to mask symptoms. They are not easily utilized by the body, which will eventually become resistant to their intended effects over time.

Those who use conventional testosterone replacements are subject to the inevitable side effects—the body becomes susceptible to more and bigger imbalances and it becomes completely incapable of producing its own supply of testosterone.

And this often leads to irreversible testicular atrophy.

Before you decide to restore normal testosterone levels with testosterone replacement, ask yourself: “Do I really want to rely on artificial hormones for the rest of my life?”

If not, it’s time for you to take charge of your own hormonal health.

And you are in the driver’s seat!

Leave the disease and medications to those who are less educated (including your doctor) and opt for the common-sense alternative—a 100% natural, scientifically-proven step-by-step program that will take you far beyond the superficial management of your symptoms.

The first step?

Determine if lack of normal testosterone is at the core of your problems by taking a simple saliva testosterone test to find out where you stand.

If you’d like help with this, you’ll find it Right Here.

Thyroid and Testosterone Levels.











Hi Mark,

I’ve been treating my thyroid and testosterone levels using the iodine testicle painting.

Since starting I’m no longer falling asleep in the evening, my moods and energy are up and I have a much higher libido which I believe is due to increased testosterone levels.

I responded like this the first day I started, so I was surely iodine depleted.

But I have a question…

My left testicle, which is the bigger of the two, has a slight fullness to it shortly after I paint.

It’s not a pain, but more of a feeling of heaviness.

Is this a normal symptom?

Kevin R.

Thyroid and Testosterone Levels – My response.

Hi Kevin,

A heavy feeling is a normal symptom but you can relieve this fullness easily…

Simply masturbate. (I bet you never thought you’d hear those words coming out of my mouth).

Because an ejaculation will eliminate that heavy feeling in your testicles as soon as you climax and release some sperm.

I prefer to keep this vibe around myself, but feel free to release if you want because you’ve got the libido to back up those extra ejaculations now….

And I bet it feels good, doesn’t it?

And just so you know, this heavy feeling is one of the most common symptoms of this testosterone levels treatment protocol…

Especially in Responders like you who start noticing the benefits from day one.

I believe this happens because your testicles are one of a few organs that uptake iodine directly, so it moves quickly into your testes soon after you paint.

And this influx of iodine sets off a chain of testicular events, one of which is increased sperm synthesis, thus the full, heavy feeling.

That’s my theory at least, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this.

But lets also discuss your increased energy…

Because this is another positive side effect iodine painters need to be aware of, and the following info will demonstrate this perfectly…

Goiter is a condition where the neck or larynx swells up due to enlargement of the thyroid gland and over 90 percent of all cases of goiter are caused by iodine deficiency.

Now, I’m not sure where you live Kevin, but a huge portion of the United States is known as the Goiter Belt as the map below demonstrates….








                                                                             (click to enlarge)

Red colored states have very little iodine in the soil and water and maroon colored states are even worse so these areas are hit especially hard by this condition.

As a matter of fact, prior to the 1920’s before they started adding iodine to table salt, almost half the population in Michigan suffered from thyroid goiters.

Now there’s a staggering statistic for you.

(Note the swollen thyroid in the pic below to see what goiters looks like).









Iodine deficiency is still extremely common is the green states, but if you live in one of the reds, you need to be hyper aware of this situation.

So if you are a red Kevin, this would explain your iodine depleted state and your extremely rapid response to the painting…

Especially if you consume a lot of locally grown food, that was not grown in soil highlighted in green on the goiter belt map.

And remember, one of the most obvious symptoms of iodine deficiency is fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty staying awake in the evenings.

So your instant boost in energy indicates that your body was sorely lacking in iodine the day you started painting.

But let not forget about your third positive side effect – since increased libido is what most of us around here are interested in getting more of.

I’ve recently added another piece to this puzzle since I did my initial round of research, and it’s a whopper…

You see, people with low iodine levels are more likely to develop cancer of the reproductive organs – cancers that are driven by excess estrogen production.

And when iodine levels fall too low, your body releases a hormone called gonadotrophin in an attempt to get the thyroid going again.

And the hormone that signals your body to produce gonadotrophin is ESTROGEN.

So a positive feedback loop occurs where both gonadotrophin and estrogen go up when iodine levels get too low in your system.

But once you fix your iodine depleted state, estrogen levels decline quickly.

So this painting protocol not only increases testosterone, but it also decreases estrogen if you were iodine depleted to begin with, which many of us are.

And remember….

The estrogen it brings down is estradiol (E2), the type that causes more testicular atrophy in humans than anything else out there.

This may also contribute to the heavy feeling you experience, because once E2 levels go down, your testicles will begin to grow almost immediately, and I’m talking within a matter of hours.

So there you go Kevin…

Thanks for your question, and keep up the good work.


Direct Action of Estradiol on Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone

Life Extension Magazine – The Silent Epidemic of Iodine Deficiency

The Goiter Belt and Hypothyroidism – ehealthMD

Testosterone and Iodine

This testosterone and iodine email came in last week….

Hi Mark,

I received my blood test after using the iodine painting program
for 3 months.

My Total Testosterone went from 489 to 683. I am working
now to get it over 800.

Needless to say that my Naturopathic doctor was amazed on
how the painting program worked.

Thank you,

There are a few things in Roger’s email that stood out to me.

-He’s committed, because he painted for 3 solid months.

-He’s closely monitoring his progress, which is always a good idea.

-And most importantly, he has the goal of reaching 800 in total testosterone.

So he’s bound to win.

Because well made plans that are actually Executed cause wins like these
to happen.

Here’s how it works…

You make the decision, take action, tweak when necessary, and stay with it
through the highs and lows.

Any man who does this will start seeing a lot more wins in his life.

Sure, there will be road blocks, and a bad day here and there…

But the good days will out number the bad days by a lounge shot.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Roger is going to hit that magic
800 number…

Because he’s following a formula that Always works…

Smart Decision Making – Action – Adjustment – Commitment.

You could call this concoction Formula 800. And it works every time.

Learn More About Testicle Iodine Painting Here

Risk Reward Hormonal Response

My wife has been in New Zealand since last Thursday…

So I’ve been living the life of a bachelor for the last 7 days

And while I certainly do miss the sight of her pretty face.

I haven’t missed the bedroom action at all because we’ve
taken steps to keep the action alive.

We’re just using our minds instead of our bodies during this

Because we both know what happens when you stop the
mating behavior…

You dry up. Lose the horn factor. And your hormones.

But this mental game we’ve been playing has kept all these
hormones intact…

Because it’s novel, and dopamine loves shiny new things.

Especially if they’re slightly risky.

And dopamine spikes like these are very good things to have.

Because when dopamine rises, your T levels rise too…

And your stress hormones will always go down when this shift

This is the risk-reward hormonal response that happens anytime
you court a female…

Even if you already own the prize.

Because there’s always something unique and novel you can
do to light yourself up.

Something you can compete for. Something she may give you.
Or may not.

And remember…

Nothing will fire your testicles up faster than a little competition for
female attention…

Because your boys Love to compete. And they will Always rise to
the challenge when confronted with this task.

Your genes that have competed successfully for breeding rights for
thousands of years guarantee this will happen.

As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t be here now if your ancestors had
not gifted you some world class stuff….

Of the reproductive variety.

Never forget, you have this potency built right inside you.

So I suggest you use it every chance you get because your
masculinity depends on it.


My wife gets home in 4 days. Before she left I put a naughty
book in her bag….

Told her read it on the plane. Secretly pull in out in public

This has kept her dopamine fired up the entire trip…

Because I also mentioned I’d already read the book…

And there was something in there I was going to do to her
when she got home.

She’s been making guesses via text, but still hasn’t gotten it right.

This has been good from a dopamine perspective because we’re
deeply involved in an active courtship ritual…

I’m the alpha male. She’s the coy female. And I’m zeroing in on
the prize.

This is the stuff your hormones were made for…

One on one engagement with a real woman. A woman you
can compete for…

Even if that competition only happens in your mind.

Order a Hormone Test Kit Today

And I’ll send you my Diet Course. My Exercise

And Richard Cohen’s Nitric Oxide (hard wood)

On the house.

Order this. You get the entire package. (We Ship Worldwide)

Rectal DHEA

The best way to apply DHEA is into the rectum.

I recently learned about this new application method and I’m
pretty excited it.

Because it puts DHEA back on the table.

And this could be a big game changer for men over the age
of 30.


If you haven’t hit 30 yet. You should pass on this because
your DHEA levels are probably fine.

But us older guys with low levels may have have another
tool to play around with here.

We just have to make sure we get it right.

Up until now I’ve been afraid to mess with DHEA…

Because oral supplements can cause all kinds of problems.

But rectal dosing solves these issues. IF……. your DHEA
levels are low to begin with.

So how do you find out if they are?

The best way is to get a DHEA test and I highly suggest you
do this.

Mercola recommends blood testing, but I believe saliva is much

So go that route if you have the option (my opinion).

I didn’t get tested myself but I’m the guinea pig of this group,
so it’s my job to do these things.

Here’s how I verified that I really needed it…

I payed attention to my sleep cycles on the days I dosed.

And when I started sleeping like a newborn baby at night I
knew I was on the right track.

My moods were also better when I woke up. And I definitely
had more sex drive and stronger erections.

On the other hand…

If the quality of my sleep had declined….

I didn’t feel better when I woke up. And I didn’t have more
sex drive and stronger erections…

The experiment would have stopped.

So keep these points in mind if you decide to try this.

I can’t recommend dosages but I will tell you what worked
for me….

One pump applied rectally. Once a week.

Yup, I’m cycling this just like I do almost everything else.


Because I don’t want to become dependent on this cream.

I want to use it intelligently to enhance my life. Without paying
any penalties.

So I dose up once a week for a very nice hormonal kick.

Then I put it away for 7 days.

One final thing…

Men produce that vast majority of their DHEA in the morning…

So I suggest you apply the cream as soon as you wake up.

Getting it where it belongs takes a bit of practice…

But any spillage can just be rubbed into the surrounding skin.

This excess will be absorbed transdermally, so don’t stress
too much about it.

Here’s the product I’m using.

If you do this, make sure you play it smart.

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