Sexual Fitness Diet

The Sexual Fitness Diet!

The Eating Plan Scientifically Proven to Slash Estrogen, Boost Testosterone, Elevate Sex Drive & Increase Sexual Stamina!


This anabolic diet was designed specifically for men looking to maximize Testosterone Production and Sexual Fitness.

Men who still want to engage in vigorous sexual activity, but are slowly but surely losing the ability to do so.

If you’d like to get your body and your Sex Life back on track, you’ll find the tools you need to make that happen right here.

Inside This Course You’ll Learn About:

  • A potent protein combination that spikes anabolic hormones in your body, almost instantly.
  • 21 hormone suppressing foods that you need to eliminate from your life, now!
  • A common food item that’s been known to cause erectile dysfunction for more than 200 years, yet no one seems to be talking about it.
  • A vegetable you can easily cook at home that will flush feminizing estrogen out of your system in double time.
  • The link between heartburn and suppressed hormones (and the food you’re eating everyday that’s causing it.)
  • The highly touted “Health Food” that literally floods your body with feminizing compounds.
  • The REAL cause of your bloated belly ( has nothing to do with excessive food intake OR willpower)

And much, much more….


Hi Mark,

I just wanted to let you know that your system has really improved my life!

I have dropped 25 pounds over the last 3 months to my ideal weight range, and my body looks better than it ever has in my adult life.

Also, my libido has come back and my Erectile Dysfunction has significantly diminished!

Thank you!



I’ve been on an incredible run for the last 4 weeks and I owe it all to you.

This diet has gotten rid of the unsightly belly I’ve been living with for years.

The bloating is gone, and I’ve finally come to realize my problem had NOTHING to do with willpower and everything to do with eating foods my body does not tolerate well.

I’m no longer in the dumps mentally and I just feel more alive and invigorated.

Thanks for everything Mark!

Martin B, St. Louis Mo

Hi Mark,

Here’s a quick update…

I’m “all in” on the program now!

I’ve lost about 13 pounds and really started gaining muscle.

I’ve dropped 3 inches off my waist (37″ to 34″) and ED is no longer a problem.

I appreciate all the work you’ve put into this.

Keep it up!

William, USA

Here’s what you get once you sign up for this course….


The Sexual Fitness Diet Video Tutorial

sexual fitness diet

Inside this video I walk you into my kitchen and show you the EXACT foods I use to spike anabolic hormones, strip fat off my body, and radically increase muscle mass on my frame.

Testosterone Antagonists Video Tutorial

sexual fitness diet

This video tutorial provides you with an extensive list of foods that cause a mans hormone levels to plummet.  I also spotlight several feminizing foods you need to avoid that act as potent estrogen mimic’s in a mans body.

Sexual Fitness Diet Recipes

sexual fitness diet

This ebook is loaded with whole food, paleo style recipes that you can enjoy without ANY guilt whatsoever.

Recipes include Caveman Crunch Cereal, Eggs Benedict Over Savory Waffles, Fire Roasted Bacon Meatloaf, Coconut Chocolate Cake and more….

The Sexual Fitness Diet Ebook Guide

sexual fitness diet

The detailed guide that pulls everything together.

Inside you’ll find an exhaustive Q&A section, resources and other important tips to ensure that you execute this hormonal eating plan to perfection.

Available now at the discounted price of $39.77

Remember, this is an investment in yourself that’s going to cost you about the same as a meal at a decent restaurant.

But I can assure you the payout will be MUCH greater!



Make this commitment to yourself today and I’ll make this promise to you.

If you delve into this course and don’t feel that this material is worth much more than the price of admission, simply send me an email.

Do this and I’ll refund 100% of your money!

And I’ll honor this request anytime over the next YEAR, with no questions asked.

I’ve made this a risk free proposition for you to encourage you to step up and take control of your own sexual health.

I’m doing this because I strongly believe that you’ll never achieve the health and sexual fitness you’re looking for if you do not get control over your diet.

And that’s exactly what this program is designed to help you do!


But that’s not all, you’ll also…

  • Flatten your bloated belly for good
  • Enhance sharpness and mental focus
  • Reduce or eliminate food allergies altogether
  • Eliminate acne, eczema and other skin problems
  • Dramatically increase muscle synthesis after you exercise
  • Experience increased energy levels, especially in the late afternoon


Hello Mark,

My old 300 pound weight is now a thing of the past.  I’m down 76 pounds as of today and the weight just keeps coming off.

I’ve dieted a lot over my life time, and this one here takes the cake, because I’m NEVER hungry.

I followed the advice you gave me and eat to fullness at every meal, something I was never able to do on the other diets.

But despite all this food intake, I’m still losing weight!

Thank you Mark!
Kevin B. Phoenix, AZ


If you aren’t 100 percent impressed by the incredible simplicity and power of this unique system,  just let me know and I’ll refund your order.

And I’ll gladly send you that refund anytime over the next 12 MONTHS



P.S.  Remember,  you don’t have to be overweight our out of shape to benefit from this material!

This eating plan is specifically designed to encourage Anabolic Hormone Release in your body, which will enhance your ability to perform in the bedroom.

That’s the primary goal here!

But, if you have some pounds to lose OR are thin and underweight, you’ll find that this diet will automatically move you toward your ideal bodyweight.


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