Thank You For Your Purchase

Thank you for your purchase!

I want to congratulate you for taking personal responsibility for your own health and sexual well being.

Trust me, you’re in the minority here. So pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.

Here is the download link for the “Be All The Man You Can Be” ebook and other documents.

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Your test kits will be shipped out shortly.

Here’s your best course of action as you move forward from here.

First, carefully fill out the Personal Hormone Profile document.

When you’re finished, read through the “Be All The Man You Can Be” ebook as you wait for your test kits to arrive.

Once you have your kits in hand, complete the saliva assessment as soon as possible.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully before you collect your samples.

Once you’ve gathered the samples, drop them into the mail right away.

Your results will be available within 7 business days after the lab receives the samples from you.

Once they come back, I’ll send your results to you via email.

Very Important Note:

If your paypal address is different from the address where you receive my weekly emails, Contact Me. And send me the email address where you receive my emails.

This is how I’m going to track you, so this step is very important.


Once you have your results in hand, it’s essential that you take action.

So select 5 action steps from the quick start section in the “Be All The Man You Can Be” ebook and begin to execute them.

This is how your numbers are going to improve, so make sure you develop a plan of action. And stick with it.

Consistency is the key that will open up your hormonal floodgates.

So develop a plan. Be consistent. Make it happen.

I look forward to hearing about your progress in the coming weeks.

Good luck!

Mark Wilson






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