You’re Fired!

I fired a guy today….

An email subscriber who I’ve been talking with for more than a year.

I pulled his name up just now and deleted it from my email list.

I didn’t want to terminate him. Because he’s a really nice guy. But I had to because he’s an addict.

Not a drinking rubbing alcohol out of a brown paper bag type of addict, but the other kind.

The kind who gets their juice out of an amber colored bottle with a child proof cap.

His habit started when he was in his 20’s. And continued non stop until he was staring 40 straight in the face.

And sadly, even after all this he still hasn’t figured out that drug abuse will destroy a man. Physically. And emotionally.

Even if those drugs are acquired legally at the local pharmacy.

A drug is a drug. No matter how you slice it.

Of course, this are a few exceptions to this rule. Antibiotic use for an infection, for example.

But our man doesn’t have an infection. He has “Failure to Live Life by Natures Design Disease”.

That disease brought on by too much of the wrong foods. Not enough of the right exercise.

Limited sunlight exposure. Poor sleep rituals. Chemicals gone wild.

And life sucking ejaculation habits executed alone in a dark room in front of a computer.

He’s a modern man living in the modern world. And he’s a sick.

The doctor tried to fix him the only way he knows how. But that was an epic failure of massive proportions.

Because you can’t stop a tidal wave with a sandbag or two.

But when you’re under the influence these things can be hard to see.


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