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If She’s Not Climaxing She’s Not Bonding With You







(photo by Martina Rathgens)

A test result came in from a subscriber last Friday…

His PDF report showed that he had the T levels of a castrated

And the estrogen reading of a woman.

So we had a chat.

It turns out he’d gone through two very stressful events in 5 short

  • He moved after his wife threw him out of the house.
  • Then he signed the divorce papers she served him later.

This put an end to the marriage with the woman he’d loved
for the last 11 years.

It also sent his stress levels into the stratosphere. Which explains
why his test results were so horrific.

Because stress drives up cortisol…

And cortisol causes T levels to go down – which leaves the door
wide open for estrogen to come in.

That’s explains why it’s important that you Always keep stress
levels in check.

Because stress is a lethal man killer.

Sadly, our guy learned too late that there’s something he could
have done to keep the love alive.

A technique that would put an entire room full of marriage councilors
to shame.

It’s called the female orgasm.

You see, an orgasm does some very special things to a woman.

And every single one of them is good.

For example, during the climax her body produces a huge surge
of oxytocin – AKA the love hormone…

That powerful agent that dramatically increases feelings of love,
empathy and attachment.

And this hormone explains why she’s happy as a clam when you’re
taking care of business and not so happy when you’re not.

Because if she’s not climaxing, she’s not bonding with you.


You’re displaying too much beta behavior and which is never
a good idea anyway.

But if she is brought to climax a few times times a week….

She’ll bond with you for the rest of her life.


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Risk Reward Hormonal Response

My wife has been in New Zealand since last Thursday…

So I’ve been living the life of a bachelor for the last 7 days

And while I certainly do miss the sight of her pretty face.

I haven’t missed the bedroom action at all because we’ve
taken steps to keep the action alive.

We’re just using our minds instead of our bodies during this

Because we both know what happens when you stop the
mating behavior…

You dry up. Lose the horn factor. And your hormones.

But this mental game we’ve been playing has kept all these
hormones intact…

Because it’s novel, and dopamine loves shiny new things.

Especially if they’re slightly risky.

And dopamine spikes like these are very good things to have.

Because when dopamine rises, your T levels rise too…

And your stress hormones will always go down when this shift

This is the risk-reward hormonal response that happens anytime
you court a female…

Even if you already own the prize.

Because there’s always something unique and novel you can
do to light yourself up.

Something you can compete for. Something she may give you.
Or may not.

And remember…

Nothing will fire your testicles up faster than a little competition for
female attention…

Because your boys Love to compete. And they will Always rise to
the challenge when confronted with this task.

Your genes that have competed successfully for breeding rights for
thousands of years guarantee this will happen.

As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t be here now if your ancestors had
not gifted you some world class stuff….

Of the reproductive variety.

Never forget, you have this potency built right inside you.

So I suggest you use it every chance you get because your
masculinity depends on it.


My wife gets home in 4 days. Before she left I put a naughty
book in her bag….

Told her read it on the plane. Secretly pull in out in public

This has kept her dopamine fired up the entire trip…

Because I also mentioned I’d already read the book…

And there was something in there I was going to do to her
when she got home.

She’s been making guesses via text, but still hasn’t gotten it right.

This has been good from a dopamine perspective because we’re
deeply involved in an active courtship ritual…

I’m the alpha male. She’s the coy female. And I’m zeroing in on
the prize.

This is the stuff your hormones were made for…

One on one engagement with a real woman. A woman you
can compete for…

Even if that competition only happens in your mind.

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