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The feast or famine pattern of our ancestors is gone…

And it’s been replaced with 24 hour drive through and a
refrigerator constantly stocked with food…

So most of us are operating in feast mode all the time.

Problem with this plan is, muscle sugar is supposed to be
burned before you sit down to your next meal…

Before the advent of McDonalds and Maytag this happened

You fasted, often for extended periods of time, then you got
up and worked for your food.

Your muscles were depleted of glycogen during this process,
so you were ready the feast….

Because you didn’t skip the famine.

A funny thing happened once I finally figured this out….

I experienced a massive increase in energy – especially during
the famine phase.

Mother nature never gets it wrong and this famine-energy thing
is another brilliant example of her perfection…

The energy comes from the human growth hormone your body produces
when food is scarce…

And you can look at this growth hormone as mother natures caffeine

And she sends you this pituitary coffee when you need it the most….

When it’s time to hunt down your next meal.

This elegant system can easily be reproduced and the benefits go
waaaay beyond just energy…

From hormone synthesis, to weight management, to youthful, vibrant

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth…

This is it

A Ten Minute Human Growth Hormone Hack

A guy in his fifties trains at the pool where I swim.

He’s there 5 days a week…

And he goes at it for 90 minutes per workout. Minimum.

If you’ve ever seen a styrofoam cup slowly floating down
a gutter…

You’ve got a good idea of his swim pace.

I was at the pool with my brother in law last summer And he
glanced over at this guy and said…

How long is he going to swim?

He made the comment just as he was leaving for
Subway to get some food to go.

And I replied, he’ll still be swimming when you get back.

And he was.

I was thinking about this man when I was reading an
article in the Guardian last Sunday.

The author was discussing Dr. Tabata’s work on
extremely short exercise routines.

Inside the article the author discussed the doctors
most famous study.

I’ll fill you in on the details using my own words…

In the early nineties Dr. Tabata took one group of men.
And exercised them aerobically…

In other words, real long. And real slow.

Then he took another group. And had them exercise like
we do.

Real short. And real fast.

He had them do these routines for a total of 6 weeks.

Here’s what happened by the end of the trial…

The short and sweet group increased anaerobic capacity
by 28 percent.

And their VO2 max shot up by a massive 15 percent.

And remember, VO2 is a measure of slow style aerobic
fitness. And these guys were exercising fast.

And even more interesting…

The styrofoam cup group. Who were trudging along like
turtles for an hour a day…

Only bumped VO2 by 10 percent.

So the short and sweet group came out of this with
better aerobic fitness…

Even though they were exercising anaerobically.

But the benefits didn’t stop there…

The shorties experienced a massive boost in human growth
hormone. Lower body fat. And increased muscle mass.

And just to throw more frosting on this cake, decreased
risk of type 2 diabetes.

I know I’ve been preaching hard on this topic lately.
But I have good reason for this…

Pretty much everything I send you assumes that you have
this one thing right…

Because you’re not going to produce testosterone at optimal
levels without the correct muscle to fat ratio.

But as we’ve just discovered, it’s real easy to turn your
ratio around…

Without spending hours and hours exercising.


This isn’t just about your physical fitness. It’s about
your hormonal fitness as well.

That’s why I strongly suggest that you start doing these
brief routines. 3 times a week.

Here’s how to get started…

Order my exercise course today. And I’ll send
you my diet course. On the house.

Order one. You get both.


P.S. I’ve created a short report on this topic…

It shows you how to slash these short routines by 50 percent.

Several site regulars are doing these abbreviated workouts
once or twice a week…

Including your truly.

I’m handing out a copy of this report with every order
that comes in.

It’s nothing fancy. Just a short report. And an audio file.

But the info inside is very powerful.

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How to Spike Growth Hormone By 400 Percent‏

A friend of mine contacted me last week.

He wanted to hook up for lunch but I wasn’t

Because when you do a big meal in the middle
of the day, the day is done.

And lunch is boring anyway.

But I came up with another plan because I know
this guy is usually up for a good time…

Back in the day we used to work the midnight shift
together as process servers…

Handing out court papers to people who didn’t
want to be served court papers.

I won’t get into details, but I will tell you this…

If you ever want someone to open their front door
fast, lay into the doorbell at 4 am in the morning.

Anyway, I told him we could hook up as long as
the focus wasn’t entirely on food.

I suggested we go for a swim first and then eat a
little something later.

He agreed.

Now you already know that working out with someone
is more fun than going solo, right?

But you may not know that a little competition can send
that fun factor into overdrive.

So I threw a little competition into our mix….

I tossed my shirt down on the deck just before the
halfway mark of the pool.

And told him I wouldn’t start swimming until he hit the shirt.
And if he beat me once lunch was on me.

I underestimated my friend, because he hit the wall before
I did 8 out of 8 times.

But I didn’t care because I had one of the best workouts
I’d had in months.

When we finally went to eat, a funny thing happened. My
friend couldn’t stop talking.

This put a smile on my face because he’s not normally
the talking type.

But because of our brief HIT session he’d just been injected
with a massive dose of hormones…

And his growth hormone levels we’re at LEAST four hundred
percent above baseline.

And when you’ve got that much juice running through your
veins, you’ve got plenty to talk about.

Anyway, he emailed me the next day and said he wants to
do it again sometime.

He’s tasted the juice. And wants some more. And I don’t
blame him one bit.


P.S. Order my Exercise Course today and I’ll send you the Sexual Fitness Diet free of charge.

One of My Favorite Tricks

I was laying in bed last Saturday night when my outdoor security light went off…

The beam blasted through the front window and hit me straight between the eyes.

This happens every once in a while so I didn’t worry about it too much…

Until the security light went off in front of my deck.

This got my attention. I sat there frozen with my eyes wide open thinking about different battle scenarios…

Is this intruder packing heat? I wonder how big he is? What can I use as a weapon.

My brain was riffling through this information, when suddenly, a third light went off in my atrium.

This one really put me on high alert…

Because this lamp sits right on the other side of the wall from where I sleep. This meant the bad guy was no more than a few feet away from me.

So now I’m pissed.

I’m thinking to myself, who is this fool jacking around on my property at 2:36 am in the morning?

So I run to my closet. Grab an iron out of my golf bag. And charge through the door into the atrium.

…and come face to face with a hissing, red eyed raccoon walking along my fence line.


He’d obviously done the entire loop and set off every single security light around my house.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night. So I woke up Monday morning dog tired and totally unmotivated.

But I knew that if I gave in and spent the whole day screwing around. I’d take a bad situation and make it much worse.

So I pulled one of my favorite tricks out of the bag. A trick I learned back in the day when I was dealing with my own low testosterone nightmare.

For simplicity sake we’ll call this trick “One Foot.” As in just move one foot forward.

Here’s how I used it that day…

After working all morning it was time to exercise. And it just so happens that Monday was a swimming day.

But we we’re breaking some weather records in my neck of the woods…

So it was only 40 something degrees, once you factor in the wind chill factor. And 40 something swimming ain’t a lot of fun.

So I made a “One Foot” decision…

I’ll just drive down to the pool. No pressure. I’ll just go there.

So I arrive and start walking around in my swim suit. And I was freezing my butt off. So I went into the locker room and took a blazing hot shower.

When I couldn’t take the heat anymore, I said to myself… “I’ll just jump into the pool and swim one measly lap.”

So I did, and it actually felt pretty good. Because 78 degrees of H2O feels much better than 40 something degrees of chilled oxygen.

Of course, I had to swim back to the other side. And that actually felt pretty good too.

Needless to say, I got my entire high intensity workout in. And despite the raccoon intrusion and the bad nights sleep, I had a pretty damn good day.

Simply because I took the first step.


P.S. Not exercising or eating right?

Here’s a little incentive for you…

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