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Normal testosterone levels

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Guest post by Dr. Richard Cohen

Do you have normal testosterone levels?

Over the last 50 years, the U.S. government and corporate establishment have vigorously promoted a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, and unlimited amounts of aerobic activity as being healthy (they are not).

Little to no consideration has been given to stopping the flow of not only toxic foods but the poisonous, industrial by-products polluting the environment. As a result, normal testosterone levels have deteriorated at an alarming pace.

Consider the following:

  • Normal testosterone levels are 25% lower than they were 20 years ago.
  • The average male estrogen level is 40% higher than it was 20 years ago.
  • Rates of male infertility are skyrocketing, and expected to double during the next decade.
  • Depression, immune dysfunction, gastrointestinal disease, and cancer rates are all rising.
  • Diabesity (obesity + diabetes) affects more than one billion people worldwide, including 100 million Americans and 50% of all Americans over the age of 65.

Statistics indicate that 4 out of every 10 deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to heart disease; the number is projected to double within the next 50 years.

While conventional medicine wants you to believe that all of these diseases are unrelated conditions—which is a work of fiction created by the pharmaceutical industry (and perpetuated by the medical establishment) to sell more drugs—the truth is that they all share a common origin: our modern lifestyle.

Poor dietary choices and resulting nutrient deficiencies, stress, lack of sleep, too little or too much exercise, exposure to toxic chemicals, and the use of medications, both prescription and over the counter, have all played a direct role in the downfall of our health and hormones.

And declines in normal testosterone levels have been overlooked.

Our disease-oriented, pharmaceutical-driven medical system only recognizes and provides restorative therapies for the one percent of men who suffer from hypogonadism—extremely low levels of testosterone.

And since there are no pharmaceutical options for the millions of men suffering from mild to moderate reductions in testosterone and/or elevated levels of estradiol, they are not offered any restorative treatment.

Even if your doctor was on board with offering a treatment, his or her testosterone replacement plan is, at best, a Band-Aid. Because it is an artificial intervention, and conventional testosterone replacement therapies are not effective.

They do nothing to address any underlying, physiological imbalances; their sole purpose is simply to mask symptoms. They are not easily utilized by the body, which will eventually become resistant to their intended effects over time.

Those who use conventional testosterone replacements are subject to the inevitable side effects—the body becomes susceptible to more and bigger imbalances and it becomes completely incapable of producing its own supply of testosterone.

And this often leads to irreversible testicular atrophy.

Before you decide to restore normal testosterone levels with testosterone replacement, ask yourself: “Do I really want to rely on artificial hormones for the rest of my life?”

If not, it’s time for you to take charge of your own hormonal health.

And you are in the driver’s seat!

Leave the disease and medications to those who are less educated (including your doctor) and opt for the common-sense alternative—a 100% natural, scientifically-proven step-by-step program that will take you far beyond the superficial management of your symptoms.

The first step?

Determine if lack of normal testosterone is at the core of your problems by taking a simple saliva testosterone test to find out where you stand.

If you’d like help with this, you’ll find it Right Here.

From the Mailbag:

Hi Mark,

I have a coworker who is constantly trying to one up me
even though I’m his superior.

I’ve tried to keep the situation under control but I’m starting
to lose it.

This is doing a number to my hormones and my confidence.

What can I do?

Hi Leif,

In 2009 researchers from Duke and Harvard Universities
took two male chimpanzees…

Placed them into an enclosure together….

Then put some tasty monkey food right in front of them.

But they left the food just out of their reach…

So these apes had plenty of time to think about what
was coming next….

Male on Male Competition – For Food.

And if chimpanzees are anything, they’re aggressive.


(Photo By wordman1)

They’re also a male dominated society.

So the hormones we’re probably going to be flying
during this experiment, right?

You bet they were…

Before and after tests confirmed that T levels in both
animals swung straight thru the roof.

And remember….

Human males placed in a competitive environment react
just like chimps do…

They respond hormonally to threats. Display aggressive

Do whatever it takes to come out on top.

So here’s what you should take from this Leif…

Competition is going to happen in your life. You can’t
avoid it.

So don’t ever shy away from it. Embrace it.

Unless you enjoy losing, that is.

Which brings me to my next pair of Monkeys…

In the back room behind the chimps the scientists had
two more primates….


Chimpanzee’s smaller cousins, often referred to as pygmy


(Photo by Orlando Dus)

But it’s not just size that makes these ape’s different.

They’re much less aggressive than chimps. And their
society is female dominated.

So things are way more chill with these little guys.

And our next monkey test demonstrated this…

When bonobos were given the exact same food
challenge as the chimps…

Their testosterone levels didn’t budge one bit.

But cortisol did.

Because they chose not to compete for the spoils…

The spoils being food in the bonobos case. And
corporate survival in yours.

Which teaches up something important…

Cortisol in the right amount. At the right time can
be a really good thing.

Say you were doing yoga…

Walking on the beach. Drinking lemonade in a

These would be good cortisol days….

But in a competitive corporate environment?

Where chimpanzee behavior is all you’ll ever see…

High cortisol would be absolutely lethal.

See what I’m saying Lief?

It’s time to step it up.


Get Your Testosterone Tested Here


Victoria Wobber, Brian Hare, Jean Maboto, Susan Lipson,
Richard Wrangham , and Peter T. Ellison

Differential Changes in Steroid Hormones Before
Competition in Bonobos and Chimpanzees.

Obesity and Testosterone

An obese man in my town started jogging 4 years ago.

He was running on the main traffic loop every
morning during rush hour…

With his shirt off.

He was quite a sight to see those first few months.

Warm jello in a gunny sack would be a pretty good

I really admired the guy because he was throwing it
all out there…

Here I am people!

What you see is what you get. But look fast. Because I’m
about to change.

I was rooting for the guy. Because he was displaying grit.
And huge determination.

And I wanted him to win.

And guess what? After a while he did start to win….

At 2 months there was less jello in the bag.

At 4 you could call him chubby. But you couldn’t
call him fat.

And by the time 6 months rolled around you could
almost call him slim.

But then something happened…

I went a week without seeing him. A month. 6 months.

It appeared that this party was finally over.

But I never forget about this guy. I always wondered
how the story had ended.

Then one day I walked into an Indian restaurant.

Inside I saw a guy sitting in a corner booth. By himself.
And he looked familiar.

But not familiar in a good way. It was our man
that’s for sure…

But he’d lost the jello war.

And he was at an Indian food buffet. By himself.

I’m sure by this time he’d learned that half a dozen 5
mile runs a week. Is not sustainable.

Not even close.

But he’d failed to learn something else that was even
more important…

It ain’t 5 mile runs or nothing!

You have other options. Options you can actually
stick with. For life.

This RADICALLY changes the game.

You’re no longer a failure if you can’t throw down 30
miles a week. 120 miles a month. 1440 miles a year.


You only need about 10 minutes. 3 times a week.

Throw in a species appropriate diet. And you’re done.
Because the diet greases this slide.

Here’s how the math works….

10 Minutes + Real Man Food = A Body You Can Be Proud Of.

And it works every single time.

Are you ready?

Order my 10 Minute Exercise Plan today. And I’ll send you my Diet Plan. On the house.

Order one. You get both.

Get Started Here

An Impressive Physical Transformation!

Up until recently Zaher weighed 200 pounds.

At 5 feet five inches tall that placed him squarely into the obese category.

According to his calculations he was sitting at a whopping 37% body fat.

But when he turned 38 last year, he got fed up. And that’s about the time I
started hearing from him.

He purchased my diet and exercise courses. Went through my DAT training.
Started testing out different supplements..

In other words, he went all in. No tip toeing around the edges. He made a
big, massive commitment. And went after it with gusto.

Exercise started with running, walking and doing intervals on an elliptical
trainer. Followed up with intense sessions in the weight room…

Then injury came knocking….

So he moved things into the water and started doing cardio and interval
training in the pool.

And by the way, he didn’t know how to swim at the time, so he had to take
swimming lessons to make this transition into the water.

He combined this pool work with some modified weight training and even more
intervals on land.

Diet wise, he went from eating any and everything he wanted, to 3 square
meals a day of high quality whole foods.

So what did all this hard work accomplish?

-His weight dropped from 200 pounds down to 158.

-Body fat went from 37 percent down to 22 percent.

-His waist went from 38 inches down to 30 inches

-And the extra large shirts he used to wear have been downsized to medium.

I was so impressed with Zaher’s physical transformation, I had to share it
with you.

This is a powerful lesson my friend…

And it just goes to show you that if you really want something. It’s as
good as yours the second you make the commitment.

I want to hand out a big thank you to Zaher for allowing me to share his
story here.

Congrats buddy, you deserve it!

Cellphone Addiction!

There’s a guy that hits the local pool where I swim…

He’s there with his 4 year old daughter almost every time I go there.
I have a feeling he’s a stay at home dad.

When he walks into the pool area he always has his face buried in his iPhone.

And he keeps it there from start to finish.

This guy has a serious cellphone addiction. When his girl calls him he rarely
even looks up. And only responds to her about half the time.

Pathetic would be the perfect word to describe this guys parenting skills.

More than once I’ve dreamed of walking up to him. Slapping him upside the head.
And screaming into his ear, WAKE UP!!!

That phone is a prison buddy. Not a life. Your REAL life is standing right
there in front of you. So put the damn phone down and go get it.

We never had that conversation. But something happened yesterday that made it
entirely unnecessary.

It was January 7th and we were blessed here in So Cal with a clear 70 degrees of

And once again our boy walks in. Follows his idiotic routine. And buries his face
deep inside his electronic box.

No fun time with his daughter. No looking up at the beautiful blue sky. Just him
and the tiny rectangle prison his hand.

But this day wasn’t going to be like all the rest…

His little girl has been trained to say in the shallow end near the stairs because
she can’t swim.

But yesterday she showed up with a plastic ball. A ball that drifted away from the
stairs. And guess what?

She followed it!

And I was watching her closely because back in the day I worked as a life guard. And I
know that drowning victims rarely act like you’d expect.

The arm waving, screaming and splashing you often see in movies almost never happens.

A typical drowning is much calmer proposition…

A few head bobs. The final dip where the head never comes back up to the surface.

Then it’s game over.

Well, this little girl started tip toeing toward her ball with her nose barely breaking
the water line.

As she went deeper she managed to keep her nostrils above water for about 10 seconds.

Then the first head bob came.

I looked over at Mr. Cellphone. But he wasn’t living in this world. He was still
inside the dead box.

So I called out to him. Then pointed to his girl who was right in the middle of
head bob number two.

He came flying out of his chair. Jumped into the water. And saved her from an
almost certain death.

If I had passed on the pool yesterday, I’m positive this story would not have
had such a happy ending.

Anyway, there’s a powerful lesson to be learned here…

Real life happens outside the box. So put yours down. And start living it.


P.S. Cellphone addiction does more than destroy your personal life. It can do
a number on your hormones as well.

In This Article I outline a few steps you can take to minimize the damage.

Intermittent Fasting!

I’ve been using intermittent fasting to keep my weight in
check for several years.

This eating system, when used with a whole foods diet and intense exercise is a very powerful weight management tool.

The basic premise of the diet is to skimp on food during certain times.
Then eat to satisfaction during others. (don’t worry, you get to eat big every day)

I called this method “Food Gaping” before I even knew what
intermittent fasting was.

And I noticed that good things always happened to me when I followed it…

Color would come back into my face. My energy would increase.
I’d pee out a ton of water. My clothes would feel loose around my waist.
And I’d always lose weight.

And it happened fast!

I’m tempted to go into a ton of detail about my own experiences, but
I’ll spare you the details.

I’ll send you over to my friend Brad Pilon instead. He’s the expert on this topic.

And he’ll teach you everything you need to know.


P.S. Metabolically broken men really thrive when they follow
intermittent fasting.

And by metabolically broken I mean you suffer from elevated blood sugars.
High cholesterol. Insulin resistance. High blood pressure. Or a large waist circumference.

If you’re dealing with any of the above I’d suggest you take a close look.

How To Kill Your Rationalization Hamster

The rationalization hamster is out in full force this time of year.

Slapping down your dreams…

Gnawing away at your potential. Your happiness.
Your quality of life.

Here’s how this pesky creature operates…

You make a really bad decision. And the hamster
begins to run inside your brain…

Spinning that wheel around until it comes up with a
reason to justify your bad decision.


On Monday you say to yourself…”I’m not going to
exercise this week”.

This is your hamsters Que to start running. So he hits
that wheel hard and comes up with something like this.

“I’ve got that deadline at work. So I’ll start exercising
next week”.

Now here’s the problem with this. One your hamster gets
going he’s almost impossible to stop.

So when lunch time rolls around. He whispers this into
your ear…

“Go ahead and order those super size fries pal. You can get
your diet back on track once you’ve finished up the deadline…

There’s no need to stress about the food until you start
exercising anyway, right?”


Make no mistake about it. This hamster is a man killer.

And his primary goal is to suck every last ounce of man juice
out of your body.

That’s why I suggest you take your hamster out back.
Chop his head off. And send him straight up to hamster heaven.

Because I promise you. You’re going NOWHERE until you get
this nasty rodent out of your brain.


P.S. We’ve processed the first batch of saliva hormone test kits.

So we’re going to crack the door open briefly and let a few more
of you inside.

We have 25 slots open.

Once they’re all filled, we’ll have to close the door again.

So get in now

Morning Wood! Here’s How to Get it Back

About this time every year I create my “Man Plan”.

A short list of goals I’d like to achieve in the New Year.

The first Man Plan I created 12 years ago only had one item on
the list…

Get your morning wood back!

At the time I didn’t want some chemically induced wood. I wanted
the real deal…

The wood that comes packaged with a strong desire for female attention.

I’d seen both sides of the fence. And I knew that a hard awakening
blew a limp one right out of the water.

On limp days there was never any urge to even get out of bed. And
why should there be?

The urge to reproduce (play with your girl). And wage war
(achieve in sports or business). Are both hormonally driven.

And no morning erection usually means no hormones. So bed seemed
like a nice place to be.

I didn’t hit my morning wood goal that first year. Or my second
for that matter.

Problem was, I didn’t have a road map.

I had my diet dialed in. But I didn’t have a clue about chemicals
at the time.

I was training wrong. Was still trying to figure out why my
testosterone supplements worked one day. But not the next.

So yea, it took me a while.

Funny thing is, I see this difficult time as a good period in my life in
some ways.

Despite my low hormone status, I was strong enough to ignore the naysayers.
The men who kept telling me I was wasting my time.

That I needed to get castrated by my doctor as soon as possible.

I’m happy to say that castration never took place.

As I sit here writing this, I’m thinking about you…

And all the difficult times you may have waiting for you over the next 12 months.

And I have to say, I feel an obligation to make this journey easier on you.

You may have noticed that I’ve been sending emails out more often lately.

I started doing this because I’ve already laid out the roadmap. You already have
the information you need,

We you need now is motivation. Inspiration. And a plan.

That’s way I think you should create your own Man Plan right now.

Get it done before the the New Year arrives. And I promise. I’ll help you
make it happen.


P.S. If I were starting all over again. And attacking this problem from scratch.
I’d tackle things in this order…

1. Address any blatant health issues

2. Get my body in decent shape (diet -exercise)

3. Deal with estrogen problems and the chemicals that cause them.

4. Cycle supplements (after all the above had been handled)

5. Create an ejaculatory plan. (one that didn’t involve numerous solo sessions in front of my computer.

How to Avoid Christmas Belly‏

No matter what your religion, it’s the time of year to celebrate.

To eat. Enjoy family. Socialize with friends. Eat again.

Go to the office party. To eat some more (you know the drill).

I’m pretty disciplined year around, so I have no issues with a
blow it here and there.

Thanksgiving was one. And we’re exactly one week away
from the next.

But we have a problem Houston…

This Christmas / New Years party has a tendency to run for
10 days or more.

For example, here’s a look at my schedule over the next 3 days:

-Relatives coming into town Thursday. Dinner that night.

-Holiday party Friday at a friends house. Food again.

-More relatives coming in Saturday. Another excuse to eat.

And this is just one 72 hour period.

If I were to track this all the way to January 2nd when the party
officially ends. I’d probably be involved in more than a dozen
food orgies.

With the potential to pack on more than a dozen pounds of
unwanted gut fat.

But I’m not OK with that…

A pound or two? No biggie. But a bowling ball sized lump of
lard around my waste line? No thanks!

So here’s how I plan to keep this ugly monster at bay.

For one, I won’t back down on the exercise this time of year
like many men do.

I’ll notch it up!

Especially in the week (think right now) before the big party begins.

I’ve been hitting the interval training hard this week.

And I’ll continue on this run all the way through to the New Year.
(and I’ll feel damn good about myself because of it).


I’m going to select two feasts where I’m going to go all in.
(yes, it will get ugly)

But I’ll barely come off the bench for all the rest.


Two of my former beach volleyball partners are going to be
at the party I’m going to on Friday night.

And I’m real excited about this meet and greet with my old

So I don’t want to overdose on baked goods and fall asleep
in the spare bedroom halfway into the night.

I want to rap with my boys!

So I’ll be having a paleo style dinner BEFORE I hit that party
(really good defensive move here men).

This will make it easy to pass on the coconut macaroons and apple
pie ala mode later that night.


I’ll be doing plenty of intermittent fasting over the next 2 weeks.

This means that breakfast will be served closer to lunch time more
often than not.

This move will give me some breathing room in the calorie department.

And a little breathing room is all I’m looking for here.

Room to dive into the celebration on occasion. Without paying a
big penalty at the end of all the fun.


This has nothing to do with perfection. Developing a rack of 6 pack abs.
Or fitness model looks…. .

This is all about entering the new year ahead in decent fighting shape.

That’s my goal. And I think that would be a good goal for you too.

Life is good. So go get it!

Mark i-ain’t-perfect-Wilson

My Turkey Day Eating Strategy


So what’s my strategy today?

How’s this. I don’t have one.

If I see it. And it looks good. I’m going to eat it.

I eat clean and exercise hard all year. So I figure I have some wiggle room.

Plus, if I were to go crazy and eat twice as much as I normally do. Say an additional 3000 calories?


I’d gain less than a pound of true body weight because it takes 3500 calories to build a full pound.

I can live with that!


Do you exercise? Are you following my HIT Protocols? Are you unafraid of 8 minutes of hard exercise?


Then do a brief – intense routine before feed time today. And I mean REALLY go after it.

Then man up and fast before meal time (yes, this will hurt a little bit)

Then, when the food comes, dial in on the turkey.

Fill your gut up with the protein that your muscles are literally starving for.

What will this give you?

Big time Protein Synthesis! (AKA muscle accumulation)

And all those carby foods you’re going to ingest today?

Those will spike insulin. Fuel anabolism. (more muscle)

And the growth hormone stimulated by your pre-meal exercise session? (muscle again).

Natural body builders do this stuff all the time. They embrace this (post exercise) high calorie feeding strategy.

Wait a minute?

Did I just say strategy? Hmmm???

I guess I really do have one after all (:

Bon appetit!

All of the information provided on this site are my opinions only.
Always consult with your doctor before acting on any of the
information found on the pages of this website.
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