Morning Wood! Here’s How to Get it Back

About this time every year I create my “Man Plan”.

A short list of goals I’d like to achieve in the New Year.

The first Man Plan I created 12 years ago only had one item on
the list…

Get your morning wood back!

At the time I didn’t want some chemically induced wood. I wanted
the real deal…

The wood that comes packaged with a strong desire for female attention.

I’d seen both sides of the fence. And I knew that a hard awakening
blew a limp one right out of the water.

On limp days there was never any urge to even get out of bed. And
why should there be?

The urge to reproduce (play with your girl). And wage war
(achieve in sports or business). Are both hormonally driven.

And no morning erection usually means no hormones. So bed seemed
like a nice place to be.

I didn’t hit my morning wood goal that first year. Or my second
for that matter.

Problem was, I didn’t have a road map.

I had my diet dialed in. But I didn’t have a clue about chemicals
at the time.

I was training wrong. Was still trying to figure out why my
testosterone supplements worked one day. But not the next.

So yea, it took me a while.

Funny thing is, I see this difficult time as a good period in my life in
some ways.

Despite my low hormone status, I was strong enough to ignore the naysayers.
The men who kept telling me I was wasting my time.

That I needed to get castrated by my doctor as soon as possible.

I’m happy to say that castration never took place.

As I sit here writing this, I’m thinking about you…

And all the difficult times you may have waiting for you over the next 12 months.

And I have to say, I feel an obligation to make this journey easier on you.

You may have noticed that I’ve been sending emails out more often lately.

I started doing this because I’ve already laid out the roadmap. You already have
the information you need,

We you need now is motivation. Inspiration. And a plan.

That’s way I think you should create your own Man Plan right now.

Get it done before the the New Year arrives. And I promise. I’ll help you
make it happen.


P.S. If I were starting all over again. And attacking this problem from scratch.
I’d tackle things in this order…

1. Address any blatant health issues

2. Get my body in decent shape (diet -exercise)

3. Deal with estrogen problems and the chemicals that cause them.

4. Cycle supplements (after all the above had been handled)

5. Create an ejaculatory plan. (one that didn’t involve numerous solo sessions in front of my computer.

If Testosterone & Estrogen Got Into a Fight…

If Testosterone & Estrogen Got Into a Fight…

Estrogen would win.

In every battle each side has it’s own special op forces…

Guerrilla’s that crawl behind enemy lines. Take out bridges. Trains. Tunnels.

Shut down lines of communication.

Estrogen’s guerrilla tactics are particularly effective in battle.

You see, E goes for the command center, the power source and the supply lines all at once.

In other words, estrogen takes out your testicles.

And make no mistake about it. This battle for your hormone producing machines is raging
on inside your body every day of the week.

Most men raise the white flag once this assault gathers steam….

They throw down the weapons. Sign the peace treaty. Take the hormones. Pop the drugs.
Hand over the testicles without a fight.

But the smart ones don’t. They shut the battle down before it even begins.

In the Siege of Malta back in 1565, Jean Parisot de Valette, the commander of the
resistance, ordered all crops to be burned or harvested as the Ottomans approached the island.

In essence, he cut off the enemies food supply. A key decision that helped the vastly
outnumbered Knights of Hospitaller repel and defeat the Turks.

You can use this same battle strategy against your internal enemy, as estrogen needs certain foods to put up a fight as well.

Foods that cause your body to accumulate fat. Decrease testosterone output. Suppress
human growth hormone production.


Diet is your first line of defense in this battle for your testicles.

So make sure you put up a damn good fight!

How to Avoid Christmas Belly‏

No matter what your religion, it’s the time of year to celebrate.

To eat. Enjoy family. Socialize with friends. Eat again.

Go to the office party. To eat some more (you know the drill).

I’m pretty disciplined year around, so I have no issues with a
blow it here and there.

Thanksgiving was one. And we’re exactly one week away
from the next.

But we have a problem Houston…

This Christmas / New Years party has a tendency to run for
10 days or more.

For example, here’s a look at my schedule over the next 3 days:

-Relatives coming into town Thursday. Dinner that night.

-Holiday party Friday at a friends house. Food again.

-More relatives coming in Saturday. Another excuse to eat.

And this is just one 72 hour period.

If I were to track this all the way to January 2nd when the party
officially ends. I’d probably be involved in more than a dozen
food orgies.

With the potential to pack on more than a dozen pounds of
unwanted gut fat.

But I’m not OK with that…

A pound or two? No biggie. But a bowling ball sized lump of
lard around my waste line? No thanks!

So here’s how I plan to keep this ugly monster at bay.

For one, I won’t back down on the exercise this time of year
like many men do.

I’ll notch it up!

Especially in the week (think right now) before the big party begins.

I’ve been hitting the interval training hard this week.

And I’ll continue on this run all the way through to the New Year.
(and I’ll feel damn good about myself because of it).


I’m going to select two feasts where I’m going to go all in.
(yes, it will get ugly)

But I’ll barely come off the bench for all the rest.


Two of my former beach volleyball partners are going to be
at the party I’m going to on Friday night.

And I’m real excited about this meet and greet with my old

So I don’t want to overdose on baked goods and fall asleep
in the spare bedroom halfway into the night.

I want to rap with my boys!

So I’ll be having a paleo style dinner BEFORE I hit that party
(really good defensive move here men).

This will make it easy to pass on the coconut macaroons and apple
pie ala mode later that night.


I’ll be doing plenty of intermittent fasting over the next 2 weeks.

This means that breakfast will be served closer to lunch time more
often than not.

This move will give me some breathing room in the calorie department.

And a little breathing room is all I’m looking for here.

Room to dive into the celebration on occasion. Without paying a
big penalty at the end of all the fun.


This has nothing to do with perfection. Developing a rack of 6 pack abs.
Or fitness model looks…. .

This is all about entering the new year ahead in decent fighting shape.

That’s my goal. And I think that would be a good goal for you too.

Life is good. So go get it!

Mark i-ain’t-perfect-Wilson

Testosterone & Cardio

There’s a guy who runs around my neighborhood.

He doesn’t run actually. It’s more like a slow walk
that sorta looks like a run.

I’m sure you’ve seen this type of thing before.

Anyway, the funny thing is, despite all this exercise
he gets heavier and heavier every year…

Even though he’s out there 4 or 5 days a week for
an hour or more.

Because of this relentless wear and tear, I’ve
watched his body literally fall apart at the seams.

He’s to the point now where he runs with big
braces on both knees.

He also has a pronounced limp which favors the
left side of his body.

I don’t have any scientific proof for this, but I
believe he’s aging at an unusually fast rate.

He’s younger than me but he’s already gone totally
gray. He has wrinkled skin. And looks old, tired and
worn out.

I wrote about this guy on my website a while
back. At the time, I mentioned that the body
always manipulates hormones in response to exercise.

And testing of distance runners has confirmed that a long
run can easily double cortisol production in your body.

It can also slash testosterone levels by as much as 50

But that’s not all…

This cortisol goes after your human growth and thyroid
stimulating hormones as well.

And remember. These are essential anabolic agents you
need more of as you age. Not less.

Research recently published in a prestigious medical journal
shed some light on this matter.

In this study, the researchers concluded that the ideal fitness program
for humans is one that mimics the movements of our distant ancestors.

Not the long, slow, boring cardio exercises that are so popular today.
(ever see an Eskimo run real slow for 26 miles for no apparent reason?)

The prefect exercise according to these researchers are:

Brief – Dynamic – Intense – Explosive.

Specific exercises that fire up metabolism. Fuel muscle growth.
Spike anabolic hormones.

Exercises Just Like These.

My Turkey Day Eating Strategy


So what’s my strategy today?

How’s this. I don’t have one.

If I see it. And it looks good. I’m going to eat it.

I eat clean and exercise hard all year. So I figure I have some wiggle room.

Plus, if I were to go crazy and eat twice as much as I normally do. Say an additional 3000 calories?


I’d gain less than a pound of true body weight because it takes 3500 calories to build a full pound.

I can live with that!


Do you exercise? Are you following my HIT Protocols? Are you unafraid of 8 minutes of hard exercise?


Then do a brief – intense routine before feed time today. And I mean REALLY go after it.

Then man up and fast before meal time (yes, this will hurt a little bit)

Then, when the food comes, dial in on the turkey.

Fill your gut up with the protein that your muscles are literally starving for.

What will this give you?

Big time Protein Synthesis! (AKA muscle accumulation)

And all those carby foods you’re going to ingest today?

Those will spike insulin. Fuel anabolism. (more muscle)

And the growth hormone stimulated by your pre-meal exercise session? (muscle again).

Natural body builders do this stuff all the time. They embrace this (post exercise) high calorie feeding strategy.

Wait a minute?

Did I just say strategy? Hmmm???

I guess I really do have one after all (:

Bon appetit!

Why I Don’t Do Average

The wife and I walked into a Mexican restaurant last Saturday.

The plan was to watch some college football and have a bite to eat.

All the big TV’s were in the bar area so we took a seat there.

As we sat down I took note of some older guys sitting at a table near us. There were 7 of them. And all but one were overweight.

To me they looked old, tired and unhealthy (I notice these things).

They were all drinking beer in high volume.  

This explained the healthy guts and lost masculinity spread all around the table.

In my mind these guys were clearly quite a bit older than me.

But that was about to change…

All of a sudden one of the men walked up to our table.  Looked at me. And said…

Are you Mark Wilson?

Taken back a bit I replied, yes.  Who are you?

His answer floored me!  Literally launched me back 30 years in about 2 seconds flat.

Turns out I went to High School with this guy.  He was on my Water Polo team.

I’d been to his house.  Met his parents.  Broken bread at his dinner table.

Man…I felt like I’d just walked straight into the Twilight Zone!

But there was more coming… 

You see I knew this guy pretty well, but he wasn’t my main compadre. There was another dude I’d gone to hell and back with…

Another member of our team.  And him and I were almost inseparable during those years.

And guess what? 

He was the old, gray haired, heavy guy sitting at the very end of their table.


He’d changed so much I didn’t even recognize him.

If it weren’t for the familiar sound of his voice, I would not have believed it was him.

But it definitely was. 

We had a lot of catching up to do. I had moved 45 minutes South of LA during my senior year.

Home base for them was still 30 minutes North of the big city.

They were in my neck of the woods on a golf trip  (A beer drinking trip that included some golf would be a better description).

They were headed out again the following morning to go at it again. I was invited. I told them I’d try to make it, but I already knew the chances were slim.

You see, these guys had settled for average.

The gallons of beer consumed. Combined with the piles of fried food on the table demonstrated this.

The beer bellies. The missing muscle. The pale, saggy skin told me that this behavior had been going on for decades.

So I wasn’t interested in joining the party. 

An all day drinking session can send you into a hormonal tailspin for a week or more.

And the fact that you have a golf club in your hand doesn’t change this fact one bit.

So I took a pass on the invite.

We hung for a while that night. Traded war stories. Then the wife and I hit the road.

I’m sure they closed the place down.

Before we left, the wife took a group photo on her cell phone. All eight of us packed together in a tight bunch under bright lights.

It was a very telling photo, to say the least. 

On the drive home, the wife pulled it up again. Gave it a good look. And said…

It’s hard to believe you guys are all the same age. They look like old men to me.  And you don’t.

And she was right…

Right because I don’t do average.  And neither should you (:


P.S. Feeling a little average yourself?

Get some help RIGHT HERE

A Mind Trick That Will Set Your Woman On FIRE


When you start a self improvement project, keep it to yourself.

Be secretive, a little mysterious…especially around your woman.

Trust me, she’ll notice that something’s up and will be very intrigued by you and your behavior.

This will add some sexual tension to your relationship, which you can use to your advantage later on.

This tip is especially useful for men who are in relationships where the sex has dried up and wasted away.

Take this email here for example….

Hi Mark,

“I was standing in front of the mirror with my shirt off this morning when my wife came in and said…Andre, you have a six pack! 

I must have peed out a lot of water last night because I looked down at my mid section and she was right! 

Thanks Mark, your Exercise Program has helped me a lot!

Andre M. (Montreal, CA)”

Let evaluate this situation for a moment…

First off, do you think our buddy Andre feels good about himself right now?

You better believe he does! 

And good feelings that come from hard work you’ve put in to improve your body ALWAYS come along with something else…

More Testosterone!

I guarantee you, he’s got more juice flowing through his veins now than he did before the fat loss and the six pack.

And it’s not just from the physical transformation his body went through. His mind has gone to work on this too.

For example…

When he achieves an erection now, it’s no longer foreshadowed by a protruding belly.

That’s going to make his package look bigger, harder, stronger!

And if you don’t believe that this alone can have a major impact on testosterone production, you’ve got another thing coming.

I could go on forever about this mind / testosterone connection, but let’s get back to the wife thing.

Let’s say that after his woman made the six pack comment, he replied with something like this.

“I know babe, I’ve been working hard and this is exactly what I expected to happen. 

Do you like it?

Good, because I’ve noticed that our sex life has tanked recently, and I don’t like that so much.

I have some business to take care of now, but when I get back this afternoon, I want you to meet me in the bedroom.

Can you do that?

Good, this is what I want you to be wearing…etc, etc…”

Now let me ask you this….

How high do you think Andre’s sex hormones are going to be today as he anticipates this sexual encounter with his wife?

Trust me, they’ll be screaming!

And you can bet cash money his wife will be riding that same sexual tidal wave

So there’s your tip for the day

You are a sexual being, so embrace your sexuality, make it a huge priority in your life.

But always remember…it’s not the actual act that counts most, but the anticipation of the act.

So operate in sexual pursuit mode regularly when you’re around your woman…and you’ll keep your body hormonally primed MOST of the time.



The Top 3 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Take one hundred 40 year old men and put them all in a room together.

Then ask the guys who have no erection problems to leave the premises.

Care to guess how many red faced fellows would be left standing?



Yup, that’s how common erectile dysfunction is.

We’re going to dig into the top 3 causes of this life sucking condition. Right now.

If you’re dealing with ED – read through this list to discover the root cause of your problem.

At the bottom of the article, I’ll give you a suggestion on where you can go to find help.

Let’s get started…

Number 1: Prescription Medications

My experience has proven time and again that many cases of ED are self inflicted.
(with doctor mans help).

According to AARP –  the average 50 year old male takes 4 prescription medications EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I put much of the blame on doctor man for this disaster.  But our patient needs to take some responsibility too.

The list of drugs that kill off a mans erections is more than a mile long.

As a matter of fact – it’s rare when I come across a drug that does NOT weaken a mans erections.

Here’s just a little taste for you:




-Muscle relaxants


-Anti-anxiety drugs

-Anti-inflammatory drugs

-High blood pressure medications

-Hair loss Drugs (Finasteride Propecia, Proscar, Avodart)

If you’re using one or more prescription medications – I suggest you find a doctor who treats causes. Not symptoms.

For example:

Instead of handing you a hypertension drug to bring down your high blood pressure….

He’ll have you drop a little weight.  Reduce salt intake.  Take a magnesium and potassium supplement.

Problem solved!

Now you can check one item of your list of drugs you need to take for the rest of your natural life.

This is the way you need to think from here on out. Unless you want to become a drug addicted – impotent man for the rest of your time here on earth

And make no mistake about it.  If you don’t have a plan in place – your doctor will push these drugs on you. Hard.

Your job is to find that rare medical who will not.

Your erections depend on it. So make it happen!

Number 2: Low Testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is where the erectile dysfunction nightmare begins for many men.

You see, when your testosterone drops into the danger zone – you’re much more likely to develop an unpleasant health condition.

A condition that will have a direct negative impact on your arteries. Your penis. Your erections.

For example – low testosterone dramatically increases your risk of developing:



-Metabolic Syndrome

-High Blood Pressure

-Abnormal Lipid Levels

-Coronary Heart Disease

Every single condition listed above causes damage to those tiny arteries that feed blood into your penis.

Combine this with the fact that low testosterone decreases sexual desire. Takes your focus away from your penis. From women. From sex…

And moves your focus towards things like the television. The couch. The refrigerator.

Many men pick up the phone at this low point and call the doctor for help.

And sure, he’ll come running to the rescue – prescription pad in hand.

But we’ve already discussed where that will get you.

A better plan would be to boost that testosterone naturally…

Get those hormones back up – without all the negatives that drugs and artificial hormone therapy bring on.

Make it happen. Your erections depend on it.

Number 3: Atherosclerosis – AKA Hardening of the Arteries

The blood used to fill up an erect penis comes from the arteries around your stomach.

Smaller arteries branch off these larger ones and head straight for your penis during arousal.

In a perfect world – these small arteries dilate quickly as arousal builds. This leads to a rush of blood into your package.

This sudden rush creates back pressure – which prevents the blood from flowing back out of the penis while the erection is sustained.

This is the process that takes place every time you achieve an erection.

As you can see – this process is very much artery driven.

Your arteries need to dilate – and move blood effectively for a quality erection to be achieved.

Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries breaks this process down. Stops that blood flow. Prevents those impressive erections from ever arriving.

Your job is to ensure that your arteries remain healthy – clear – flexible.

Your erections depend on it.  So make it happen.

If you need help with this – You’ll find it Right Here

I’m going to make an argument that you need to view sexy images in your mind or on your computer EVERY day.


What I am advocating is a scratch of that strong human male urge to look at the female form.

So say YES to a glance or two at an image that turns you on.

And NO to a ninety minute wank session in front of your computer that will do nothing but suppress hormones over the long run.

Ideally you’ll create these images in your mind…but the computer in moderation will do until you perfect your visualization skills.

Just think back to your days as a 17 year old where your brain was constantly occupied with any and everything female, (think spontaneous erections, wet dreams, etc..).

Your job is to take your mind back to that place right before you go to bed at night, and as soon as you wake up in the morning.

A primate study found that males who viewed sexually active females experienced up to a 400 percent jump in testosterone.

That number right there will compete with 250 mg’s of injected testosterone, so don’t take it lightly.

In another study, German researchers discovered that just achieving an erection is enough to send testosterone levels climbing.

This explains why I recommend you NEVER crawl out of bed in the morning without achieving hard wood first.


If you don’t wake up erect, get things going manually to ensure you get that erection fueled early morning T-Boost.

You should always have a novel sexual event out there on the horizon as well…something unique, unusual and exciting for both you and your partner.

This can be achieved by switching up locations, positions, techniques, adding props, toys, clothes. etc…the possibilities are endless.

This will get the powerful sex hormone dopamine fired up along with your testosterone, which will heighten your sexual experience dramatically.

Anything new, unusual, risky or novel will get that dopamine rush going, so make it a point to work that angle.

And as you head down this hormonal highway always remember that your primary job, according to mother nature, is to impregnate females.

I can hear all you men applauding now.

You can argue this point until the cows come home, but this is what you as a man are designed to do.

If you’re still not clear on this point, drop your shorts and take a quick peek at the baggage hanging between your legs.

Your penis is longer and thicker relative to body size, than almost every other species on planet earth, and for good reason.

We’re a highly sexual species!

Sure, we’ve developed our complex – sophisticated brains, and can enjoy things like Shakespeare…but if a beautiful woman walks in the room, that big brain of yours shifts right down between your legs instantly.


My point here is, pursuing females and the sexual potential they all put on display is a huge part of your genetic makeup.

As a matter of fact, as soon as food, water and oxygen are taken care of, sex is pretty much it!

And the sooner you stop fighting this very normal and natural impulse…the happier you’ll be as a man.

Sex is good, sex is great, sex is what ALL men appreciate!!!

Would you like some proof?

Think about something sexual that your girl has politely refused in the past, then write down a plan to make it happen (with her eventual consent of course).

Lay out all the details right down to where, when and how.

Remember those spontaneous erections I mentioned earlier?

Begin to execute this well thought out plan, and I guarantee you…you’ll be seeing them aplenty.

Here’s another tip for you…start having sex in the morning, unless your testosterone levels are 300 or less.

If you’re sub 300 you’re going to have to limit sexual activity to twice a week at the most.

(Sorry boys, but deep down you know I’m right).

And I’d advise all sub 300’s to never engage in sexual activity first thing in the morning, unless you want to walk around like a wet blanket for the rest of the day.


Because your suppressed T levels will ensure that you’ll release an excessive amount of the hormone prolactin after you ejaculate.

And prolactin is the hormone that brings on that “after ejaculation fatigue” that can hit a man hard after the fun has stopped.

Combine this with the fact that excess prolactin has a testosterone suppressing effect, and you’ll see why you need to hold fast with this recommendations for the time being.

So limit morning sex until you get your testosterone levels back up into the 400 range, minimum.

But for everyone else, that morning romp will definitely send you some hormonal goodness…


We already know that T levels will climb, but DHEA will rise by a factor of 7 just before orgasm, and will remain elevated long after you climax (-:

Dopamine and human growth hormone will crash this party as well.

But remember…to ensure that these sex hormones remain high, limit post sex cuddle time with your girl, because those fuzzy-giggly sessions spike oxycontin and vasopressin levels BIG!

And more oxycotin and vasopressin means more serotonin and less of the Man Chemicals we’re looking to create in these early morning escapades.

Instead, apologize to your girl…pat her on the butt and tell her a “make good” is coming tonight.

This is a very “Alpha Move”…you made a decision to put her aside for a while, but let her know as you walked away that you’d be back for more later.

If you have even a *smidgen* of alpha superiority in your relationship, she’ll get all tingly between the legs after this exchange.

And this alpha stroke will jack you up in major fashion as well.

Then, when your day is finally over and you’ve already benefited from your post hormonal sex payout, you can give her all the lovin she needs.

And sure, you’ll lose a little bit of that man juice in the process, but it’s part of the package if you want your woman to stick around, because they all NEED this stuff.

But no worries, because morning is right around the corner.

And if you planned and executed well yesterday, your body will be ready to perform again as soon as that sun begins to shine.

And remember all that love you gave your girl last night?

Because of it, she’s going to wake up as ready as you are….because nothing gets a woman going faster than great sex followed up by some good old fashioned lovin.

This one two punch will slay almost any female straight into that blissful, never never land.

And as we both know, when she’s happy…you’re happy.

But, let’s drop the squishy talk and speak like men for a moment…

This affection we’re talking about is good for mating, pair bonding, and stability…let alone the fact that you’ll have a happy female in your presence MOST of the time.

How huge is that?

This is a clean system that will strengthen the pair bonds between you and your girl, which if played right, can lead to some pretty outstanding sex.

So good in fact, that I’ve been comparing mine lately, intensity wise, to the first 6 months of our relationship, which is saying A LOT! (only one arrest and nobody was seriously hurt).

This pretty much sums up the game I’ve been playing lately.

Fewer Testosterone Supplements (2 times a week on average now), because I simply don’t need them as often. (I consider that a huge win).

Intense exercise (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), clean eating, (JUST AS) sunshine (YUP, THAT ONE TOO) and gaming it in the sex department. (definitely the most fun of them all).

I’ve also been intensely aware of my alpha position relative to my girl, and have been playing off this position mentally, with full cooperation of the wife, (insert affection disclaimer here).

Oh yeah…and if you’re in a bad relationship and aren’t having decent sex once a week, AT LEAST…

You’re dead, because an unsexed, nagged man (if you ain’t having sex with her you’re getting nagged)…is a hormonally sick man.

So don’t drone on in a boring, sexually dead relationship just because that’s the easy thing to do.

Fix Your Relationship!

It’s your job because you’re the dominate personality in your relationship, right?

She’s waiting, ready and willing, so go make it happen.

UNLESS…you’ve become too beta in your relationship.

If that’s the case, I’m sorry to say that all bets are off.

At least until you regain your alpha status, that is…

The Cause of Low Testosterone

101 Reasons Why YOU Have Low Testosterone

cause-of-low-testosterone1. You’re too beta in your relationships with women

2. You’ve accumulated more body fat than muscle

3. You’ve failed to realize the importance of morning erections

4. You lose in life more often than you win

5. Soy foods make up a large part of your diet

6. You’re still using conventional, chemical heavy cosmetics

7. You’ve fallen into the excessive masturbation-porn addiction trap

8. You haven’t downloaded my “Free Testosterone Boosting Ebook

9. You regularly sleep less than 7 hours a night

10. You keep your cell phone in your pocket right next to your testicles

11. You’re still performing low intensity, long duration cardio

12. You hate your job

13. You work in a chemical heavy environment

14. You spend more than 2 hours a day watching television

15. You’re a heavy beer drinker

16. You’re taking one or more prescription medications

17. You have no big goals in life

18. You can’t perform one good pull-up

19. You have sex with your partner less than 4 times a month

20. You’re a vegetarian

21. Your wife or girlfriend runs the show in your relationship

22. You suffer from sleep apnea

23. You’d never eat a grass-fed steak because of all the fat and cholesterol

24. You cover up and hide from the sun whenever it shines

25. You use drugs like Viagra to achieve an erection

26. You smoke tobacco

27. You’ve stopped competing in sports and in business

28. You haven’t a clue what alpha male body language means

29. You’ve stopped flirting with women

30. You eat fast food at least twice a week

31. Passive aggressiveness has taken over your mind space

32. You’ve stopped challenging yourself, you’ve settled

33. You eat excessive amounts of bleached white flour

34. You’ve let your appearance go

35. You can’t run for 1/2 a mile without stopping

36. You rarely initiate sex and could easily do without it

37. You regularly exceed 3 alcoholic drinks a day

38. You stopped eating egg yolks because they “cause heart disease”

39. You haven’t checked your zinc status

40. Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t respect you

41. You’re the children’s primary caretaker

42. You haven’t perfected your ejaculation control skills

43. You no longer fantasize or dream about sex

44. You can’t easily pickup and carry 100 pounds

45. You’re “Owned” by another male in your work environment

46. You ejaculate more than twice a week without a woman present

47. You’re diabetic

48. You’re afraid of your wife or girlfriend

49. You haven’t taken steps to maximize your fat soluble vitamin stores

50. You spend 2 or more hours a day mindlessly surfing the web

51. You’ve become a quitter & never follow through on your commitments

52. You regularly act as a “replacement girlfriend” for your woman

53. You suffer from hypothyroidism

54. You frequently back down in confrontations with other men

55. You haven’t learned how to protect your testicles from chemical threats

56. Your ejaculation volume has fallen below the teaspoon benchmark

57. Your woman always determines when, how and where you’ll have sex

58. You haven’t tried a new sexual position in years

59. You regularly consume water out of cheap plastic bottles

60. You no longer engage in sexual role play with your girl

61. You’ve lost that cockiness you had in your teens and twenties

62. You’ve stopped using your wit and sense of humor

63. Your woman schedules all your free time on the weekends

64. You’ve developed the bad habit of eating, even when you’re not hungry

65. You’ve stopped checking out attractive women

66. You haven’t had a REAL date that ended with REAL sex in years

67. You work around paints, solvents or other industrial chemicals

68. You’re constantly trying to please your woman and make her happy

69. You’ve lost control of your emotions, you cry at the movies.

70. You’ve stopped playfully teasing and toying with your girl

71. You are often depressed, fearful or anxious

72. You haven’t had a BIG win in your life in a year or more

73. Your woman constantly threatens to leave you, but you stick around anyway

74. You’re more submissive than dominant in the bedroom

75. Your body mass index is over 25

76. Your prefer pornography over real sex with a real woman

77. You’re suffering from a major health problem

78. You allow yourself to be bullied regularly by anyone, man or woman

79. You’ve stopped using your intellect to plan, build and create

80. You have metabolic syndrome

81. You don’t understand the link between “Diet and Anabolic Hormone Production.

82. You regularly fail to demand the respect you’re due

83. You spend more time on the seat of your pants than on your feet

84. You have high blood pressure & use meds to control it

85. You’ve stopped having “make up sex” after arguing with your girl

86. You’re regularly exposed to high levels of exhaust or diesel fumes

87. You suffer from insomnia

88. Your testicles are much smaller now than when you were a teenager

89. You’ve stopped flirting with the cashier at the grocery store

90. You have heart disease

91. You haven’t “Sexually Raptured” a woman in years

92. You’re a current or former user of anabolic steroids

93. You’ve had a vasectomy

94. You regularly overheat your testicles in the hot tub

95. You’re being treated for prostate cancer

96. You’ve stopped hanging with the boys because she doesn’t approve

97. You have high serum estrogen levels

98. You continue to eat foods you’re strongly allergic to

99. You’re chronically stressed

100. You regularly back down from her in order to keep the peace

101. You don’t understand the link between “Intense Exercise” and anabolic hormone production

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