January 14

How Endothelial Lining Dysfunction Causes Erectile Dysfunction







The arteries that supply blood to your package are much narrower than those that feed your heart.

So even slight shrinkage can have a serious impact on your ability to achieve an erection.

But surprisingly, this shrinkage or arterial blockage isn’t always the problem.

It could actually be endothelial lining dysfunction or a malfunction of your endothelial tissue, that thin teflon like coating inside your blood vessels that prevents clotting, among other things…

One of these other things is the dilation of your blood vessels – which should happen every time you become aroused.

And it’s this dilation that allows blood to flow freely, which brings on the hard wood.

So if you’re having problems in this area…

Even though your cholesterol levels are fine, you should take a look the function of your endothelial lining…

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, water retention and sleep apnea are clues that this may be your problem.

Either way, it’s important that you treat this at the source….

Because a pill hasn’t been made yet that will fix this on an organic level.

Sure, you can pop something that will blunt the symptoms, but it won’t heal your body at the cellular level.

And cellular healing is the only healing that counts.


Rick Cohen has written two comprehensive ebooks that will show you how to repair your endothelial lining…

When you get your hormones tested, you get a copy of both.

Order now.


Endothelial Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction, and Coronary Heart Disease


About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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