I would like to do it with a woman but I’m too depressed
to put out the effort to get it

And I don’t have the confidence anyway.

So I’m sure I’ll never have relations with a female


This was the tail end of an email exchange I’ve
been having with a guy…

A man who can’t quit masturbating excessively. (I’ll
save you the depressing details).

So I told him to go find a girl…

Because a girl can take over the duties of your right

And do it much better.

Not only that, but when you work up a sweat with
a woman like this…

You come out the other side with all kinds of feel
good hormones…

But when you go it alone – those feel good hormones
aren’t coming…

What IS coming are the hormones that cause stress,
anxiety and depression.

And even worse….

You’re going to lose the motivation to go out and get
the real thing.

Next thing you know…

You’ll be sending me an email asking how you can
continue to masturbate 3 times a day….

Stop bedding women entirely. And still maintain high
levels of T.

If you stoop that low (we both know you won’t do that).

I’ll have to tell you the same thing I told him…

You can’t.

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