June 30

China Food Safety

Garlic in China is still fertilized with human waste.

Not all their garlic. But some of it is.









And this is an unsavory situation…

Because China produces more garlic than any other Country
in the world.

And they send a LOT of it into the US, Europe, Australia, Canada,

So if you happen to live in one of these places – whenever you walk
into your local grocery store…

You need to be thinking about this this sh%t!

Here’s something…

Produce sits right next to the fish department in my local market.

And when I walk through that section – I always see Pacific Salmon
sitting front and center.

Looking all pink and pretty.

Until I remember that Pacific Salmon is imported from China too.
And these fish are fed chicken poop for lunch.

Like a little garlic butter on that salmon?

I don’t think so.

In the United States – produce and fish MUST be labeled with the
Country of origin.

Usually hidden on the label in Real Fine Print.

So the next time you go to the grocery store – I suggest you bring your
reading glasses…

And look out for foods produced in China – India – Africa 

Or any other Country where chemicals are under regulated. Cities are
overpopulated. And a large percentage of the people are poor.

Because financially challenged people have a tendency to cut corners.

They have to to survive. And I don’t blame them ONE bit.

If it were me I’d probably do the same.

But that doesn’t mean I want to eat food produced under these

And neither should you.


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