December 20

How to Avoid Christmas Belly‏

No matter what your religion, it’s the time of year to celebrate.

To eat. Enjoy family. Socialize with friends. Eat again.

Go to the office party. To eat some more (you know the drill).

I’m pretty disciplined year around, so I have no issues with a
blow it here and there.

Thanksgiving was one. And we’re exactly one week away
from the next.

But we have a problem Houston…

This Christmas / New Years party has a tendency to run for
10 days or more.

For example, here’s a look at my schedule over the next 3 days:

-Relatives coming into town Thursday. Dinner that night.

-Holiday party Friday at a friends house. Food again.

-More relatives coming in Saturday. Another excuse to eat.

And this is just one 72 hour period.

If I were to track this all the way to January 2nd when the party
officially ends. I’d probably be involved in more than a dozen
food orgies.

With the potential to pack on more than a dozen pounds of
unwanted gut fat.

But I’m not OK with that…

A pound or two? No biggie. But a bowling ball sized lump of
lard around my waste line? No thanks!

So here’s how I plan to keep this ugly monster at bay.

For one, I won’t back down on the exercise this time of year
like many men do.

I’ll notch it up!

Especially in the week (think right now) before the big party begins.

I’ve been hitting the interval training hard this week.

And I’ll continue on this run all the way through to the New Year.
(and I’ll feel damn good about myself because of it).


I’m going to select two feasts where I’m going to go all in.
(yes, it will get ugly)

But I’ll barely come off the bench for all the rest.


Two of my former beach volleyball partners are going to be
at the party I’m going to on Friday night.

And I’m real excited about this meet and greet with my old

So I don’t want to overdose on baked goods and fall asleep
in the spare bedroom halfway into the night.

I want to rap with my boys!

So I’ll be having a paleo style dinner BEFORE I hit that party
(really good defensive move here men).

This will make it easy to pass on the coconut macaroons and apple
pie ala mode later that night.


I’ll be doing plenty of intermittent fasting over the next 2 weeks.

This means that breakfast will be served closer to lunch time more
often than not.

This move will give me some breathing room in the calorie department.

And a little breathing room is all I’m looking for here.

Room to dive into the celebration on occasion. Without paying a
big penalty at the end of all the fun.


This has nothing to do with perfection. Developing a rack of 6 pack abs.
Or fitness model looks…. .

This is all about entering the new year ahead in decent fighting shape.

That’s my goal. And I think that would be a good goal for you too.

Life is good. So go get it!

Mark i-ain’t-perfect-Wilson

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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