I have a warning for you about a supplement called Astaxanthin.

Don’t take it…

For the same reason you shouldn’t take beta carotene in

Because carotenoids, like beta carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene,

When taken taken solo have a tendency to do bad things to people.

For example…

In one study, 18,000 smokers were given 30 mg beta carotene
for four years.

And things got ugly…

The volunteers given the supplement had a 28 percent higher risk
of developing lung cancer….

And a 17 percent higher risk of death from all causes.

Needless to say, this study was halted early…

Then the smokers were advised to do what they should
have done in the first place.

Stop smoking.

But what about astaxanthin?

It’s a carotenoid too. And like other carotenoids it gives things color…

Beta carotene makes your carrots orange. Lycopene your tomatoes

Astaxanthin your salmon pink.

And getting these carotenoids from food is a good thing…

Because nature has controls in place so you don’t take too much.

But when you isolate this stuff. Put it in a pill. And package it up…

Things change. Sometimes for the worse…

The beta carotene study proved this.

And I already knew this information when I started taking
astaxanthin myself early last year.

So I should have known better….

But the talking heads were all over it (mercola, dr oz, etc…)
so I was getting tons of emails.

And if you’ve been on this list for a while…

You know as well as I do that I still bite it every once in a while…

And I bit it with this supplement.

The promise of never sunburning again was just too tempting.
Because I have a love affair going on with the sun.

But soon after I started taking it…

Whispers of man-boob issues starting popping up in the

So the experiment stopped. I needed to do more research.

Then Mercola responded with this…

There is NO steroidal activity. It does not enter in any mechanism
pathway for the synthesis of steroids.

So I cautiously started the experiment back up again…

And paid very close attention to my nipple sensitivity. Size. Puff

And things went fine for about a month….

Until I got out of the shower and saw two inflamed nipples staring
back at me in the mirror one morning.

And when I touched them they were sensitive. Just like my wife’s
are at certain times of the month.

So in my case there Was some steroidal activity (sorry mercola).

And that activity spelled the word estrogen with a capitol E in my case.

So my advice to you is, don’t mess with this supplement.

Ladies may have a hall pass. But I wouldn’t know unless I tested
it on my wife….

But she’s already in a good hormonal place…

And I’m not going to mess around with that, for obvious reasons.

So here’s your best bet…

Get Your Carotenoids From Food.

Because when you do it this way. There’s no penalty…

No risk.

And life is already risky enough, right?


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