Alpha male chimpanzees often have exclusive breeding rights with tribe females.

And the girls are happy with this arrangement because it’s coded inside their

Rank matters in the chimp world. Rank is the key that unlocks the bedroom door.

And guess what?

Human females are coded too. Even in the modern day tribe you live in.…

(one man-one woman).

And in this modern type of setup…you need to make Sure you’re the alpha.

Because the only competition you have is with yourself.

You’re the competition!

So alpha male status is mandatory in this situation because she certainly doesn’t want the job.

But this status is easy to get…

If you do something different when you get up tomorrow…different meaning less beta and more alpha…

(think masculine, risky and dirty).

Because this break from soft, couch centric activities will give you instant alpha male status in her eyes.

Which means one thing…

She’ll drop into the mating stance anytime you ask, because her genetic coding tells her to.

Never forget, every happy tribe has a dominant alpha…

Make sure that alpha is you.


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