Adversity is

But it’s only good after you’ve kicked it’s ass.

It’s just like the stock market. You have to pay in, otherwise you get nothing back.

That’s why I say, if you’re down, start investing in yourself…

Take something that’s been eating at you and bury it for good.

Start small, say a 20 dollar deposit.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to invest more, unless you want to.

But stick with that twenty bucks, no matter what.

Because every wealthy man I’ve ever met has been damn good at one thing…


And consistency works, no matter what kind of asset you’re chasing.

Money, health, women.

You just need to decide which needs the most attention, then make your first deposit.

Then the next day, do it again. And so on.


Very few men who are living the sweet life got there by hitting a grand slam home run, bases loaded.

That got there because they understand the power of compound interest….

AKA, small actions taken every day.

All self made men created their wealth using this method.

Do the same and you can be wealthy too.

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