June 2

How to Be a Stud

The year was 1999 A.D.

And I’d been following bad health advice for years.

Real good stuff like…

Eat low fat food. Because fat will kill you.

Refined carbs are OK. If they’re low fat, that is.

Exercise means jog till the cows come home. Then
rest up and jog some more.

The soy bean is a miracle food. Eat all of it you can get.

And my all time favorite…

Even moderate sunlight exposure is dangerous.

Real good stuff, huh?

Now let me tell you what all this bad advice did for

By the time this joy ride was over I was a solid 220
pounds of squishy goodness.

And I’d been avoiding fat like the plague. So how
could this be?

Not only that, but the miracle soy bean wasn’t handing
me any miracles.

Unless you call no wood in the morning a miracle. And
I sure don’t.

Here’s a good lesson…

Whenever you hear a piece advice from a health guru.
Ask yourself this…

Were the men that gifted you your genes following this

And I’m not talking about your dad here.

I’m talking about the 500 generations of men that came
before him.

The fact that you’re here now means that you came from
some pretty decent good stock. Wouldn’t you agree?

So let me ask you…

What do you think would happen if you could go back
a few hundred generations…

And talk to one of these real men?

And let’s take this one step further. And say that you went
back as a modern day health guru…

So you know how really things work. Because Readers
Digest told you so.

So you fly back in time. And tell him this…

You can’t go outside without smearing toxic sunblock
all over your body.

Because that sun that gives you the food you eat. And the
very air you breath. Is bad for you.

And one more thing…

You can’t eat fresh meat anymore. Because it’s bad for
you too.

And so is running fast…

But running real slow. For no reason whatsoever. Is really

Then hand him his plate of tofu…

Tell him it’s food. Even though it doesn’t taste like food.

Then pull off your shirt. Drop your shorts.

And stand face to face with your ancestor. Naked.

Look at yourself. Look at him…

And make sure you glance hard at his family jewels…

Unaffected by plastics. Frito Lay. Or fat free tofu

Then you tell me who should be giving out the health advice.

Wild Living Bushman on Bathurst Island, 1939.

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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