September 30

Iodine sinus headache

I hit a bump in the road….

A while back I did my testicle painting ritual when I woke up.

Later that day when I was eating lunch – I felt a sinus
headache coming on…

And I never get sinus headaches.

So I smelled a connection.

Could this be a halide detox symptom?

So I started asking around…

And it turns out the answer is Yes.

Sinus headache is a halide detox symptom.

So even though I’ve been flushing this garbage for
two months.

I still haven’t gotten it all out.

So here’s a bit of advice for you….

If you’re painting and you feel a side effect coming on.

Take a day off the iodine.

Then go back to Original Protocols outlined in the booklet
(salt loading – cofactors).

This tactic worked almost instantly in my case.

It also taught me 3 important things:

– I had a huge halide problem.

– The co-factors get the job done. So use them.

– I need to stay with the original protocols a while longer

My plan now is to use them for two more weeks…

Then run another test and start tapering down again once I’ve handled any iodine deficiencies.

If no sinus headache develops. I’ll be good to go.


This has been my first bump in the road so far.

And when I stack this negative up against all the
positives I’ve seen…

Positive wins easily.

But it hasn’t been a complete cake walk….

I got hit with the detox I just told you about…

The hassle factor on this is much higher than most of
the other stuff we’re doing.

And you gotta stick with it.

So if you’re not the stickin type this protocol probably
isn’t for you.

And for all you guys who are already painting….

I’m going to leave you with a little inspiration:

Hi Mark,

As soon as I started I knew something was happening because
my urine was dark yellow and smelly every time I peed.

I also felt a little off the first 3 days after I started.

After that finally went away I started to wake up downstairs.

It’s hard put in words exactly what’s happened because it’s
impacted me on so many different levels.

But the most positive thing I can tell you is that my love life
has improved to A LOT.

Three times a week in is not unusual now, where before it
happened maybe once, if that.

I now have much more desire, and the tool to back it up.

Thank you Mark!

Newport Beach, CA

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Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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