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Obesity and Testosterone

An obese man in my town started jogging 4 years ago.

He was running on the main traffic loop every
morning during rush hour…

With his shirt off.

He was quite a sight to see those first few months.

Warm jello in a gunny sack would be a pretty good

I really admired the guy because he was throwing it
all out there…

Here I am people!

What you see is what you get. But look fast. Because I’m
about to change.

I was rooting for the guy. Because he was displaying grit.
And huge determination.

And I wanted him to win.

And guess what? After a while he did start to win….

At 2 months there was less jello in the bag.

At 4 you could call him chubby. But you couldn’t
call him fat.

And by the time 6 months rolled around you could
almost call him slim.

But then something happened…

I went a week without seeing him. A month. 6 months.

It appeared that this party was finally over.

But I never forget about this guy. I always wondered
how the story had ended.

Then one day I walked into an Indian restaurant.

Inside I saw a guy sitting in a corner booth. By himself.
And he looked familiar.

But not familiar in a good way. It was our man
that’s for sure…

But he’d lost the jello war.

And he was at an Indian food buffet. By himself.

I’m sure by this time he’d learned that half a dozen 5
mile runs a week. Is not sustainable.

Not even close.

But he’d failed to learn something else that was even
more important…

It ain’t 5 mile runs or nothing!

You have other options. Options you can actually
stick with. For life.

This RADICALLY changes the game.

You’re no longer a failure if you can’t throw down 30
miles a week. 120 miles a month. 1440 miles a year.


You only need about 10 minutes. 3 times a week.

Throw in a species appropriate diet. And you’re done.
Because the diet greases this slide.

Here’s how the math works….

10 Minutes + Real Man Food = A Body You Can Be Proud Of.

And it works every single time.

Are you ready?

Order my 10 Minute Exercise Plan today. And I’ll send you my Diet Plan. On the house.

Order one. You get both.

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About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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