March 10

A Coyote Killed a Dog 3 Blocks From My House













(Photo by Yathin S Krishnappa)

A coyote killed a dog 3 blocks from my house…

A lady was out on a walk with her pooch when the beast ran out of the night and snatched Fido right off the leash.

According to a friend of a friend who knows the victim, the dog didn’t even fight back.

Even though he was decent sized.

No big surprise there, because this dog had been raised in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs….

So he hasn’t faced too many challenges in life, unless you call a leisurely stroll through the park a challenge.

But the coyote has lead a much different life.

I’m pretty sure I know the SOB that pulled this heist, and he’s a smart one.

The last time I saw him I was pulling out of my neighborhood at dawn when I spotted him standing in the middle of the street.

Now, you know how dogs are when they come across a car, right?

They’re clueless and have a tendency to do stupid things like walk right in front of it at the wrong time.

But not this canine….

As I pulled up, he stepped off to the side of the road and made direct eye contact with me through the windshield.

I slowed down to a stop and he just stood there looking at me for about 30 seconds.

This eye contact was a direct challenge in animal speak and if I had been another coyote him and I would have had a blood battle.

Because if doesn’t defend his territory, he dies.


I went to a big outdoor mall on Saturday and this story was on my mind while I was there…

And as I’m walking around looking at people, all I’m seeing are coyote victims.

Soft, suburbanites who couldn’t beat their way out of wet paper bag if their life depended on it…

But there were a couple of exceptions….

One guy stood out in particular. He was a least 70, but he was built and well put together.

As the wife and I walked by he gave her a good look over, then broke his gaze and looked over at me….

And made direct eye contact. And he held it.

So we had this 3 second staring contest as we walked by each other, because I’m thinking about coyotes, so I’m not backing down.

After we passed him by my wife looked over at me and said, he’s a good looking man for an older guy.

And she was right. He wasn’t some soft pooch wasting away in the burbs…

He was a coyote – and women notice these things too.

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