March 16

Taking Care Of Testosterone Business

Some men take care of business. And others don’t.

And I can usually tell after a single email which camp
a man falls into.

A take care of business guy asks real specific questions…

Because he’s ready to dive in and do something. And
just needs a little advice before he takes the plunge.

But not a man who doesn’t take care of business. He
operates much differently.

His questions come in by the dozen….

He over analyzes. Makes excuses. Get’s paralyzed
by fear.

So while our get it done guy is out there
jacking up his testosterone…

Our other man is gnashing his teeth. Asking just one more
question. Failing to take action once again.

Last month a guy from Miami sent me 18 separate emails.
And each one was four or five paragraphs long.

His email subject line was titled, “I’m Almost Ready To Go.”
Which is funny if you think about it.

I knew better, but I went along with him anyway…

I had to see how this movie was going to end.
So I just kept on watching.

I guided him on supplement cycling. Chemical avoidance.
Exercise. Diet…

His sex life. Ejaculation frequency. Jelqing
and even his relationship with his wife.

And every time I saw another email with the words…”I’m Almost
Ready To Go.” I thought to myself…

Is today going to be the day?

The day you break yourself away your computer and
exercise your body?

Shelve the Captain Crunch and eat some real food?

Get out in the sun? Stop drenching yourself in all
those chemicals?

Do anything whatsoever!

When email number 18 came I did something I never do.
(so please don’t ask).

I offered him my diet and exercise courses. Free of charge.

Then I pulled a sneaky trick…

I put some tracking code into the link he had to click on to
download the material.

Then I started tracking…

And guess what? As of today our man hasn’t clicked that link.
Not even once.

Failure to take action is a disease that will kill you just
as effectively as cancer will.

But unlike cancer this disease is 100 percent treatable.
And you’ve got the medicine sitting right there in your hands.

So why don’t you take it?

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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