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Tongkat Ali Benefits For Men

In this article we’re going to talk about tongkat ali benefits for men. But first, let’s look at the back story of this unique sex enhancing herb.

Tongkat Ali, also known as Eurycoma longifolia or just Eurycoma, is a natural supplement that’s been used for centuries throughout the world.

It has found popularity everywhere from Malaysia to Vietnam, Myanmar, and everywhere in-between – for its fantastic health effects. 

People have historically flocked to it, as its compounds can be used to treat various infections and malaria as well as enhance athletic performance.

But men also swear by it as a one-stop-shop for better sexual health, improving fertility, libido, erections, and hormone levels. 

Curious how this works? 

Read on to discover how Tongkat Ali can raise your testosterone levels and what all it can do for you.

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Men (Boosts Testosterone)


Injections, creams, pills, and other conventional medical measures may be a cure for low hormone levels…

But there’s nothing better than finding an all-natural solution – and Tongkat Ali definitely fits the bill.

Human-based clinical studies have found it to have a biostimulatory effect on steroidogenesis.

This gives your body the building blocks it needs to not only boost your testosterone levels, but ultimately keep them balanced long-term. 

They’ve also found it to stimulate DHEA production, which is critical for balanced hormones. 

In one study, this appeared to give statistically significant results. Over 62% of study subjects showed an increase in free testosterone. 

Experiments on mice suggest this could be an uptick of over 400%, depending on individual factors like current hormone levels, age, genetics, etc. 

That’s kind of a big deal, especially for a natural product with minor to no side effects. 

Just as important as this stimulation of T, though, Eurycoma also blocks these hormones from converting into estradiol. 

Practically, that means you’ll get more T in your system without worrying that your body will convert the testosterone into estrogen. 

In other words…

This southeast Asian evergreen packs a serious punch. If you’re seeing your T levels fall and don’t want any needles poking and prodding, Tongkat Ali might be one of your best bets. 

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Men (Reduced Stress Hormones)

Look – low testosterone isn’t the only reason you may feel sluggish or like your junk doesn’t want to cooperate. 

Stress hormones can do that and take a severe toll on our sexual response, mental health, and physical health.

Luckily, natural interventions like Eurycoma can help out. 

You can thank the plant’s Quassinoids for this, or compounds that act similarly to adaptogens (source). 

These play a heavy role in regulating your body’s reaction to daily stressors and anxieties and, in turn, managing the production of cortisol.

As your stress rises, your cortisol does as well, aiding you in those automatic flight or fight moments. However, modern life has thoroughly confused our bodies and brains. 

No longer are these increases in cortisol tied to truly dangerous, life-preserving moments. 

Instead, they’re now triggered by everything from sitting in traffic to dealing with an annoying phone call. 

So, essentially, our cortisol levels are typically much higher than they should be for the occasion, and they hang around for far longer than necessary. 

This naturally hurts our well-being, and we’re left feeling worried and on-edge while our energy levels are depleted, and our muscles ache. 

Even our penises face the consequences as stress makes getting it up and staying hard difficult. 

Tongkat Ali ensures this doesn’t happen to us, though. 

With regular use of the herbal extract, you can expect up to 16% lower cortisol levels, decreased feelings of anxiety, and an improved mood response. 

Our physical health then naturally follows, getting back in balance as it should be. 

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Men (Boosts Testicle Size & Function)


Are you concerned about your fertility and sperm count? 

Or are you just interested in keeping your boys properly healthy? You might want to consider adding this plant to your regular supplement regimen.

On top of keeping your testosterone levels in tip-top shape, promoting strong erections, and enhancing mood, Tongkat Ali also has the potential to boost your testicle functionality and sperm count.

This is kind of a big deal considering 15% of couples struggle with fertility issues.

Sperm count, semen volume, and sperm mobility have all seen decreasing figures over the last few decades, resulting from various environmental and dietary changes that have become the norm. 

However, these all see a boost with this supplement. 

Randomized, double-blind studies have found daily doses of 200-300 mg to create the most significant changes in every semen parameter. 

Semen volume, concentration, quality, and motility were improved in almost all patients.

During treatment, 14.7% of the treatment group even reported spontaneous pregnancies despite previous, consistent infertility. 

While these findings are plenty impressive all their own, trials conducted on rats hint that other studies could see even bigger fertility improvements in men.

For example, some rat experiments have yielded anywhere from 78.9 % to a whopping 99.2% sperm count increase.

Scientists also observed a dramatic rise in sexual response, sperm motility, and other markers that put Tongkat Ali-treated groups at a considerable fertility advantage compared to control groups. 

More studies are still needed to see if these results could be reflected in humans. 

But if we can come anywhere close to these numbers, using this supplement is a no-brainer for any man trying to maintain his swimmers’ health. 

Tongkat Ali Reverses Hypogonadism in Older Men


Tongkat Ali is one of the closest things we’ll get to a miracle worker when trying to regulate T levels naturally. 

It’s excellent at dramatically increasing these markers, but what about in older gents with Late-Onset Hypogonadism? 

Well, it works here, too.

LOH, or Late-Onset Hypogonadism, is a chronic condition where older men are seen to have serum testosterone levels below parameters designated as “normal” for younger men. 

As to be expected, it’s incredibly common. 

Many of us will acquire this when we get older, although certain interventions such as supplements, diet changes, and exercise can reduce your likelihood or treat it. 

Tongkat Ali might actually be able to take care of it alone. 

2011 research conducted on about 320 patients showed daily 200 mg supplementation to encourage large changes in both LOH symptoms and testosterone levels (source). 

In fact, just a 1-month treatment managed to raise “normal ranges” from a mere 35.5% of the trial population up to almost 91%. 

Self-reported sexual desire, erection hardness, sexual activity, and other related response went up (pun intended) as well. 

By the end of the trial period, almost 72% of patients were declared free from LOH symptoms compared to a starting percentage of 10.5%. 

Even the little blue pill can’t achieve that, making it an incredibly effective treatment against hypogonadism and general testicular under-function.  

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Men (Improved Body Composition)

Better sexual health and mental health still don’t have you convinced to give Tongkat Ali a chance? 

Perhaps this result of the supplement will. 

Not only can it raise your testosterone levels and do fantastic things for your penis, sperm, and mood, it can improve body composition, too. 

And seriously – what guy doesn’t want a little bit of that? Part of this is because of the amazing power of testosterone. 

The stuff has an inherent link with muscle mass and metabolism, so it shouldn’t be a shocker to hear that increases in T also mean increases in body composition. 

However, Tongkat Ali’s effect on musculature and performance isn’t only because of testosterone improvements. 

Those crazy Quassinoids from earlier once again play a role by helping the body use energy more efficiently and reduce fatigue from physical strain. 

Not all that important on its own, but it adds up to large payoffs when you introduce exercise into the mixture.

The better your body can use its reserves and the longer it can go without rest, the harder you can push in the gym (or on your daily runs, in your boxing class, etc. – you get the picture). 

And, of course, the better the workout, the greater the payoff. Thanks 

That’s just common sense, but the science fully supports it. 

A small 5-week British Journal of Sports Medicine study on men involved in an intensive strength training program gained much more strength and muscle mass supplementing with Eurycoma than those who weren’t. 

Similar research conducted on college athletes and older strength trainers also reported like results. 

So, when in doubt, workout. Just don’t forget your Tongkat Ali supplements, too. 

Tongkat Benefits For Men – Conclusion:

It goes without saying that testosterone and health are complicated, individual, and super dependent on a wide range of factors. 

Improving either (or both!) of these can be a long journey, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for others. 

After all, our bodies are not machines. No matter how much we wish that they were at times. 

It might take quite a while to figure out what works for you, and you might need to try several different avenues to see what your body takes to and what doesn’t. 

However, there are a few things just about any man can try and likely see success with. Our first suggestion is – as expected – tongkat ali supplementation. 

This herbal remedy hits on so many different points men are concerned about throughout their lives. 

Having trouble getting your partner pregnant or expect your sperm quality/count to be a problem in the future? 

Worried that your T levels are falling as you age? Erections not as hard as they used to be? 

Looking for a boost to your workout routine? Feeling too stressed for no reason? 

Tongkat Ali has been shown to address every single one of these points to some extent. What that looks like for you might be different than someone else, but it’s worth giving it a go. 

Just watch how much you take (100 mg to 300 mg seems to be most common), keep an eye out for any side effects, and stick with it. 

Like with any supplement, consistent use, proper diet, and exercise is needed to get the most from it! 

About the author 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is an independent health researcher, fitness coach, author, and owner of several websites that teach men how maintain erections and boost testosterone levels naturally, without using steroids, drugs, or artificial hormones.

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