How to Be A Stud At 60

I spent a month in Haiti when I was in my 20’s.



 I’ve been to India and several other impoverished countries since this trip

But this little island nation takes the cake. We’re talking dirt poor.

That’s me on the left in Port Au Prince a few hours after we landed.


I had no clue what lie ahead when that pic was taken.

But I can assure you it was an eye opener for this middle class boy from the suburbs.

We spent our first night in Port Au Prince…

The next morning we woke up, bought 50 pounds of rice and hired a guy with a truck…

Then told him we needed a ride out to the back country.

He drove us to the middle of nowhere, dumped our stuff on the side of the road and split…

Now what?

After a long walk we finally found a shack sitting on a hillside…

Some poor guy was working this little sugar cane field on a slope as steep as a cliff.

And his wife was out there helping him and she was nude from the waist up.

I felt like I was in the middle of Africa in the 1800’s.

We told him we we’re looking for a place to sleep and he pointed down to a valley below…

And there sat 3 grass huts….




We’d found our hotel.

The guy who owned this little compound was about 60 years old.

He was weather beaten. Rough around the edges…

But he was stud. No doubt about it.

We gave him the 50 pounds of rice as payment and settled into our digs…

With mud floors, a colony of mosquitoes and no room service.

Later that night….

We came outside around dinner time to find a big fire raging in the middle of the huts.

Our host walked up to me and asked what I wanted to eat. And I made the mistake of saying meat.

Within seconds he’d grabbed a goat and hung it upside down by it’s back legs from a tree…

Then slit it’s throat with a rusty knife.

Bon appetite.

I’d never eaten goat before but it was actually pretty good.

I stuck with the muscle meat but they ate everything. Heart, liver, brains,

So they were getting some big time nutrition.

We woke up the the next morning….

And the old guy came up to me again and asked what I wanted for breakfast.

I looked at all the cute little goats running around and said…

How about a coconut?

I’d already killed one goat. And I wasn’t ready to kill another.

So once again our host got down to business…

And this 60 year old stud….

With no money. No personal trainer. No 24 hour fitness membership….

Pulled a strap out of his back pocket….

Wrapped it around a coconut tree and went straight up into the air more than
150 feet…


(photo credit vipnyc)

Then he pulled out his machete…..

Hacked down 6 coconuts and walked right back down like he was strolling
through the park.

I told you he was a stud.

And I’ll tell you exactly why he was….

Because that white rice we used as payment wasn’t a staple in his diet.

It was more like a desert. And he didn’t get it very often.

I probably ate 30 meals over the 10 days I was there.

And once you subtract the rice…

All that was left was goat, chicken, fish, coconut and mango.

These foods made up the vast majority of his diet.

And this explains why this man was still a stud at 60 years of

He was eating real food. And he was still doing things like
climbing trees.

The fact that he didn’t own a television also helped.


The holidays are right around the corner.

And if you’d like to hit the feast with a little breathing room…

Take a hint from our 60 year old stud before the celebration begins…

Kill your TV. Dump the refined grains. Eat real food….

Then tax your body in brief – hard spurts.

Do this and you’ll be ready for all the carbs coming your

So instead of feeling fat and bloated once the food orgy

You’ll still feel like a stud.

Order a Hormone Test Kit Today

And I’ll send you my Diet Course. My Exercise

And Richard Cohen’s Nitric Oxide (erectile dysfunction cure)

On the house.

Order this. You get the entire package.


High Vitamin Butter Oil Testosterone

Jon Remington and I are working on a new project…

The theme is maximizing testicle size and function.

So stay tuned for more info on that.

Anyway, because of this new venture I’ve been testing
out a lot of new things….

And since we’ve been pretty serious around here lately…

I thought drop a fun one on you.

Here’s the drill:

Two hours before bed take 5 caps of high vitamin butter

If you’re not using this supplement…

You can substitute 4 raw eggs yolks and a tablespoon
of butter instead.

This will blend up nicely with a ripe banana.

Both of these food items will dose you up with a big shot
of fat soluble A…

AKA the testosterone vitamin.

This will give your testicles plenty of A to work with while
you’re sleeping that night.

One you have this handled…

Take an anti-aromatase supplement or eat a cruciferous
vegetable like broccoli, cabbage or brussels sprouts..

This step will prevent T to E conversion during our experiment.


If you’re not sharing a bed with anyone, edge yourself right to
brink of climax 3 times just before you fall asleep…

But don’t ejaculate.

But if you you do have a warm body to work with – use it

Because your payout will be much bigger.

What you’re going to do is take yourself to the brink 3 times
just like the men who are edging…

But you’re going to use the Stop and Go Method with your
partner instead.

Here’s how to do it:

Penetrate her, but thrust slowly so things don’t move along
too quickly..

Once you get the brink, pull out and put all your focus on her
so the action doesn’t stop entirely…

You’re a big boy, so I’m sure you know what you need to do.

Once you’ve cooled down at bit….

Penetrate her again until you hit the threshold once more.

Then withdraw. And cool down again.

Total repetitions – 3.

Make sure you finish the routine without ejaculating, just like
the men who are edging.

Then fall asleep thinking about all the fun you just had.

Bonus points if you dream about it.

The next morning, wake up and do a size check on your

Trust me, the news will be good.

And one more thing…

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has access to a willing

You can take this up a notch.

When you wake up early the next morning with hard wood
(and you will).

Take the prize again, and display some dominant behavior in
the sack.

Because of all the attention she had the last night, I guarantee
you she’ll be ready.

But when you get to the brink this time, go ahead and ejaculate.

Then jump out of bed quickly and go after your day.

That’s it.

Let me know how this works out for you 🙂

Soy Bean Oil and Testosterone

I went to a dinner party over the weekend…

This was one of my wife’s deals so I didn’t know
a soul there.

But at least I had some good food to look forward

At least I thought I did.

Here’s what I had waiting for me once I arrived…

Pasta with a sickly sweet marinara sauce and a salad
that was sickly sweet too.

It was sort of like cranberry pie with lettuce at the
bottom instead of crust.

There was also a huge basket of bread with a
fake butter garnish.

And off to the side…

Was a big dessert table that would put your local
hometown buffet to shame.

So this was a high carb, low fat situation…

Circa 1989.

There was no meat. And no fat that didn’t come
out of a soy bean.

I remember thinking to myself, do people still eat
like this?

I guess so.

Let me ask you something…

What would you have done in this situation?

Say you’d worked out hard like I did that day…

Done your intermittent fasting so you’d only eaten
one small banana….

And you felt like you were ready to pass out you were
so hungry…

You would have gone face first into the food, right?

Me too.

It was Christmas dinner and Thanksgiving lunch all
wrapped into one.

The only problem was, the real food I’m used to eating
was missing…

And it had been replaced with…

Bleached white flower. High fructose corn syrup. And
soy bean oil.

90 percent of the food served that night was made
from these 3 ingredients.

So this is what my body had to work with.

And as I already mentioned, I had worked out hard
earlier in the day…

And this created a problem…

Because the amino acids normally found in beef, poultry
and fish were missing.

And I needed these aminos to rebuild the muscle I’d
torn down running sprints.

So things weren’t looking too good.

But I did get plenty of wheat in the pasta dish.

But this brought phytic acid to the table.

And this was unfortunate…

Because phytic acid inhibits the absorption of several

Important ones like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

And I needed these minerals….

To rebuild the bone, tendons and ligaments I’d ripped up
while sprinting earlier.

Of course, I did have the fructose to fall back on.

But dietary fructose inhibits calcium absorption and increases
the excretion of iron and magnesium.

So the downward trend continued.

I did have some soy bean oil too…

But this gem decreases the production of testosterone
in the testicles.

So this didn’t do much to improve the situation at all.

I eventually escaped this culinary nightmare, got into
my car and headed home…

And that’s where the story gets real interesting…

I’ve been running sprints for several years now and I
can usually feel them a bit the next day…

But this time was different…

I woke up in the morning feeling like I’d been hit by
a bus.

My joints ached. My thighs and glutes were sore. And I
had lower back pain.

In short, I felt like a rickety old man.

And all this old man stuff came on after only one meal.

I’d hate to think where I’d be now if I was eating like this
every day of the week.

Actually, I know exactly where I would be…

And it would not be a good place.




Phytic acid interactions in food systems

Testosterone-lowering activity of canola and hydrogenated soybean oil

Mineral balances in humans as affected by fructose, high fructose corn syrup and sucrose.






From the Mailbag:

Hi Mark,

I have a coworker who is constantly trying to one up me
even though I’m his superior.

I’ve tried to keep the situation under control but I’m starting
to lose it.

This is doing a number to my hormones and my confidence.

What can I do?

Hi Leif,

In 2009 researchers from Duke and Harvard Universities
took two male chimpanzees…

Placed them into an enclosure together….

Then put some tasty monkey food right in front of them.

But they left the food just out of their reach…

So these apes had plenty of time to think about what
was coming next….

Male on Male Competition – For Food.

And if chimpanzees are anything, they’re aggressive.


(Photo By wordman1)

They’re also a male dominated society.

So the hormones we’re probably going to be flying
during this experiment, right?

You bet they were…

Before and after tests confirmed that T levels in both
animals swung straight thru the roof.

And remember….

Human males placed in a competitive environment react
just like chimps do…

They respond hormonally to threats. Display aggressive

Do whatever it takes to come out on top.

So here’s what you should take from this Leif…

Competition is going to happen in your life. You can’t
avoid it.

So don’t ever shy away from it. Embrace it.

Unless you enjoy losing, that is.

Which brings me to my next pair of Monkeys…

In the back room behind the chimps the scientists had
two more primates….


Chimpanzee’s smaller cousins, often referred to as pygmy


(Photo by Orlando Dus)

But it’s not just size that makes these ape’s different.

They’re much less aggressive than chimps. And their
society is female dominated.

So things are way more chill with these little guys.

And our next monkey test demonstrated this…

When bonobos were given the exact same food
challenge as the chimps…

Their testosterone levels didn’t budge one bit.

But cortisol did.

Because they chose not to compete for the spoils…

The spoils being food in the bonobos case. And
corporate survival in yours.

Which teaches up something important…

Cortisol in the right amount. At the right time can
be a really good thing.

Say you were doing yoga…

Walking on the beach. Drinking lemonade in a

These would be good cortisol days….

But in a competitive corporate environment?

Where chimpanzee behavior is all you’ll ever see…

High cortisol would be absolutely lethal.

See what I’m saying Lief?

It’s time to step it up.


Get Your Testosterone Tested Here


Victoria Wobber, Brian Hare, Jean Maboto, Susan Lipson,
Richard Wrangham , and Peter T. Ellison

Differential Changes in Steroid Hormones Before
Competition in Bonobos and Chimpanzees.

Carbohydrate Cycling

Carbohydrate cycling changed everything for me this year…

Because you can manipulate several different hormones
if you do it just right.

Leptin, the fat burning hormone, is one of them….

Avoid carb spillover and you’ll keep your levels high most
of the day.

HGH is another and it can be manipulated by avoiding
carbs at specific times…

Then when you reintroduce those carbs, insulin enters the

And insulin is even more anabolic than testosterone is.

Get this combo just right and it’s almost like injecting…

You can actually see the pump in the morning even if you
didn’t lift weights the previous day.

This was really driven home to me Saturday when I went
to a halloween party…

I put on a vest I wore last year and just about split the
seams wide open…










I’ve easily put two inches around my chest even though I
haven’t changed my exercise habits one bit.

The only thing I did change was the pattern, volume
and timing of my carb intake.

This is more powerful than any supplement you’ll ever take.

And I believe every one of you should be doing this.

Click here to learn more

Leech Oil For Men

This email hit my inbox back in July…

Hi Mark,

I want to tell you about my use of leech oil.

Its been three week since I started using. Results have
been amazing.

Stronger erections…My penis seems more fit….Total
rigidity 100%..

Veins are more prominent on its surface….I recommend
you try it out.

You wont be disappointed.

Sounds interesting, huh?

I agree, which is why I put it on my list of things to test out.

I placed an order and my bottle arrived in early August and
I’ve been applying it daily since.

Here’s what’s happened so far…

My experience hasn’t been as dramatic as the guy who
sent the email above…

But I have noticed the following:

My flaccid hang is bit bigger

-I go from soft to erect faster than I used to

-The veins in my penis are much more prominent

And my erections look more impressive now due to this
increased vascularity.

So in my case, it seems to be working.

But, don’t rush out and buy it just yet…

Because it may not work for you like it did for me. Or
the man who sent the original email…

Because I believe this is an older guys treatment….

Younger men with clean arteries and great blood flow
will be disappointed in this…

So pass if this describes you.

But men with poor flow and thick, sticky blood just
might benefit.

Here’s why….

Leeches produce a unique peptide in their saliva that
thins blood.

This is a survival mechanism for the creature…..

Because when he latches onto a host, he needs to get in,
grab the blood and get out as quickly as possible.

His life depends on it…

The blood thinning protein these bugs produce is called

And it’s the most potent inhibitor of thrombin found in nature.

And remember…

Thrombin is the agent your body uses to thicken your blood…

And Hirudin is so good at reducing thrombine, it’s even being
tested on people with arterial disease.

Leech’s saliva also contains substances that dilate blood vessels.

(see references below)

So here’s my final take on this product:

This oil is not going to do anything to boost your testosterone
or other hormones.

It won’t help men who already have clean arteries and good
blood flow.

And it takes a while to see the results.

In my case, I hardly saw anything until the third week.

So if you decide to try this, give it plenty of time.

Here’s the brand I use:









Lintah Minyak Tapa Plus

I can’t give an opinion on other brands, because I haven’t
tested them.

Here’s how I use it:

I rub a dime sized portion over my entire penis just before
bed at night.

The instructions weren’t in English, so I just winged it and
this is what I came up with.

Applying twice per day may work even better but I don’t
know for sure because I haven’t tried it.

One more thing…

I also use it as a lube during my stretching sessions.

And this is where it really shines because the increased
blood flow adds to the pump.

But once again, it took a few weeks for this to happen.

The bottom line?

This is not a must have supplement…

Especially if your main problem is low testosterone.

But if your T levels are on the upswing and you’ve moved
on to the higher level stuff…

Go ahead and take a look.

Here’s the Link

(If they sell out quickly, check back in again in a few days).


Leeching (medical uses)

Coding For The Anticoagulant Hirudin

Recombinant Hirudin Provides Safe and Effective Anticoagulation


Plastic and Testicular Atrophy

From the mail bag….

Hi Mark,

I feel like you are over stating the risk of plastic.

I use it all the time and don’t worry about it too much.

If it was really THAT dangerous the government would
protect us from it.

So what gives?


Hello Tyler,

A scientist at NYU recently took 766 kids aged 12 to 19…

And tested their urine for phthalates – the chemical that
makes plastic soft and flexible…

Then he drew some blood. Ran a bunch of tests…

Then compiled some statistics.

And in last months issue of Pediatrics he handed out the
bad news….

…and added to the PILE of evidence that proves that plastics
do really bad things to human beings.

Like causing insulin resistance…

That short step latter to obesity, heart disease and type 2

3 very common diseases that kill a lot of people waaaaay
ahead of schedule.

There’s one good reason to drop your plastic habit.

And if we had the time I easily could give you a thousand

Like the study from 2009 that proved that more phthalate in
the urine leads to less testosterone in the blood.

Or the paper published way back in 1980 titled:

Testicular Atrophy Produced by Phthalate Esters

This title speaks for itself, don’t you think?

But let’s get back to paper published in Pediatrics last month.

This particular study noted that children with the highest
phthalate levels were more likely to be insulin resistant.

The culprit in this case were plastics printed with recycling
label number 3…

…because this plastic contains the nastiest phthalate of
them all….


An endocrine disrupting chemical you do NOT want to mess with.

And since you brought it up Tyler…

Here’s how well your government is protecting you from this..

The teething rings that you’ll find on the shelf at your local
department store..

Are made with plastic number 3.

Here you go sweetie. Chew on this Di-2-ethylhexylphthalate
for a while.

Don’t worry about the insulin resistance. The heart disease.
The obesity. The type 2 diabetes…

The government will protect you.


Question for you Tyler: Got any babies around your house?

If you do…

Will you be giving her a plastic teething ring to chew on

I didn’t think so.


Urinary Phthalates and Increased Insulin Resistance in Adolescents

Testicular atrophy produced by phthalate esters


Test Testosterone Levels

I used to believe that blood testing was the best way to
check testosterone.

But now I know better…

Because serum (blood) tests only check total testosterone.

But the real important number is your Free Testosterone. 

The steroid that is not bound up by carrier proteins.
And is available for immediate use by your body.

This explains why we use saliva to check free testosterone
with our hormone test kits…

It’s the number you really want to know.

But how accurate is saliva hormone testing?

Well, several scientific studies have proven one thing…

It’s the most accurate way to measure bio-available hormone
activity in the human body.

You get information from saliva that simply cannot be found
in blood.

Look at it like this…..

Say you wanted to check the unemployment rate in your

Your blood test number would give you the total population
in the city.

But saliva would give the exact number of people who are
actually employed.

And employed is a good analogy here….

Because free testosterone is the steroid that does all the
work in your body.

But your bound T doesn’t even get out of bed in the morning.

That’s why I will always recommend saliva hormone testing
over blood testing.

Unfortunately many doctors don’t see it this way…

They check total testosterone and base their medical
decisions off that number.

Bad move.

Especially if that doc has a habit of putting men on
Androgel based on these numbers.

And I can tell you right now a LOT of them do this.

But this won’t happen to you. Because now you know
better 🙂

Get Your Free Testosterone Tested Here.


Human Saliva as a Diagnostic Specimen

Salivary Testosterone Measurements: Reliability Across Hours, Days, and Weeks

Salivary Cortisol: A Better Measure of Adrenal Cortical Function Than Serum Cortisol

Yohimbe vs Yohimbine

From the Mail Bag:

Hey Mark,

What is your take on yohimbe?

I’m thinking of adding it to my cycle to help with my
erections problems.

What are your thoughts?


Hi Evan,

I don’t talk about yohimbe much anymore.

I backed off because people were doing really stupid
things with it…

Like taking half a bottle – then blaming me when things
didn’t go so well?

But since you asked, I’ll go ahead and give you my

I don’t use yohimbe anymore….

I use a pharmaceutical grade yohimbine hcl instead.

This is the purified form of yohimbe, without the nasty
alkaloids found in yohimbe bark…

The same alkaloids that cause most of the negative
side effects.

With yohimbine hcl you get the benefits, without
these negatives.

You also get more of the good stuff….

…the active ingredient found in yohimbe bark called

This is the beneficial alkaloid that delivers the goods
most men are looking for.

And HCL contains up to 1000 times more of it than
regular yohimbe bark products do.

If you decide to try this….

Start off with one cap, and build your way up from there.

This is a very conservative dose.

But you should still check in with your doc just to play it safe.


Use it as early in the day as possible because this stuff
drastically increases energy…

And make sure you grab your girl within 4 hours because
that’s how long the kick lasts.

One more thing…

Yohimbine also increase fat metabolism around your
mid section…

…because it’s a potent alpha-2 receptor antagonist.

And when you shut down alpha-2 activity – your body burns
through fat stores at an accelerated rate.

This is why it has become so popular with body builders
before competition…

It shreds them up.

If you have a big belly you have a good excuse to try this…

Because most of your alpha-2 receptors reside around your
mid section…

So if you combine the supplement with 3 fasted walks a week
you’ll drop a belt notch or two quickly.

Just make sure you take it on an empty stomach.

All the negative studies I found did not control for food intake.

But the one just below did…


Pre-exercise Administration of Yohimbine May Enhance the Efficacy of Exercise Training.

Med Hypotheses. 2002 Jun;58(6):491-5.


These considerations suggest that pre-exercise administration of yohimbine will lower the respiratory quotient during and following exercise, thus promoting fat loss.


Yohimbine can be the new promising therapy for erectile dysfunction in type 2 diabetics.

Tanweer MS, Fatima A, Rahimnajjad MK.


Efficacy of Yohimbine and L-arginine for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Akhondzadeh S, Amiri A, Bagheri AH.

Yohimbine HCL

Aspartic Acid Testosterone

I’ve never had any luck with D Aspartic Acid…

Until recently, that is.

And now I know why so many bodybuilders worship
this supplement.

It really works if you get things right.

The problem is – older guys respond to aspartic acid
much differently than younger guys do…

If you’re over 30 you’ll get nice T bump from it initially.

But that testosterone will be converted to estrogen at a
rapid rate.

This is my theory at least, but I’m positive I’m right.

This explains why I always felt good on aspartic for about
48 hours…

But lost my wood by day 3 every single time I used it.

So step one for me was using aspartic with an aromatase

Because an anti-aromatase will prevent T to E conversion
in the body.

Here’s the one I used. Along with this brand of D Aspartic Acid.

The beauty of this combo is, it’s dirt cheap…

Even more so if you already have some aspartic sitting
in your medicine cabinet.

If you do, just stick with the brand you already have.

But we’re not done yet…

We still have to figure out how to cycle this stuff…

Because aspartic acid is an amino. Not a T-Booster.

So we can use it on a much longer cycle…

The most recent study on aspartic had the participants use
2,000 mg for 90 days straight.

After I read this I thought, great. I’ll take it every morning and
see how it goes.

Bad move.

After 2 weeks following this plan the benefits disappeared

Even though I was using an anti-aromatase.

So it was back to the drawing board.

Then I found an earlier study where the participants were
on a 12 day cycle, followed by a full week off.


That did the trick for me.

More frequent nocturnal erections was the most noticeable

And they hit me early…

Sometimes only 3 hours after I hit the sack which is highly
unusual for me.

And this occurred despite the fact that I take my aspartic early
in the morning…

So the half life of this stuff is impressive. And the benefits accumulate.

If you’d like to test this yourself, here’s how I suggest you use it.

Take 12 days off your testosterone boosters.

But continue to paint if you’re following that protocol…

Then take 3 grams of D-Aspartic Acid every morning for 12 days…

Along with one cap of this.

In the study I referred to earlier the participants saw total testosterone
increase 42 percent after 12 days of use…

But they saw no additional increase after that. So make sure you stop
after dose number 12.

Then when you cycle off the aspartic, go back to your T-boosters.

The 12 day gap will ensure that they’ll hit you hard when you
cycle back on.

And in case you’re wondering…

The shilajit that we talked about last week stacks up nicely with
aspartic acid…

…because shilajit enhances the effectiveness of any other supplement
you’re taking.

So stay with it if you’re using it. If not, don’t worry about it..

So that’s it…

If you decide to try this, do me a huge favor and give me your
feedback after your first 12 day cycle.

I’d especially like to hear from men who are over the age of 40.

You guys often make it to a certain point, then get stuck and
find it hard to make additional progress.

I have a strong feeling this protocol will take many of you to
the next level.

Here are the links.

D Aspartic Acid

Aromatase Inhibitor


P.S. Here’s a link to the study mentioned above if you’d like to dig deeper.

D-aspartic acid in the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans and rats


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