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A site regular has me hooked on something…

A unique substance called Authentic Shilajit.

He pitched this product hard when he first contacted

But I told him that I’m already familiar with Shilajit.

I’ve written about it on my website…

And I have some sitting in my medicine cabinet
as well.

So thanks, but no thanks.

But this guy was convicted…

Extremely persistent in an almost weird kind of way.

So after five solid days of email frenzy…

I finally threw in the towel and pulled out my wallet.

The total was $59.95.

Not cheap.

The package hit my box a few weeks ago….

I opened it up and saw that this Shilajit was strange.

Unlike any I’d ever seen before…

Because there were no capsules or pills in the box.

This was a small container of thick gooey paste.

Curious, I cracked it open on the spot….

Threw caution to the wind and took the max dose.

It tasted like a cross between burnt rubber and
industrial grease.

But I got it down. Then I waited.

And in about 90 minutes – this stuff hit me hard.

But in a smooth way…

Think all the good of a strong coffee without any
of the negatives..

No jitters. Racing heart rate. Or anxiety.

Just pure energy.

And the libido boost it brought on was Furious.

Almost too much actually.

Especially for a guy who’s been cycling and painting

But there was more to come…

I was also hit with strong appetite suppression.

Really high motivation. Less need for sleep.

And potent mental clarity.

And all this good stuff has hit me every time
I’ve used it since…

Not as strong as the first dose, but still nice and

They say that shilajit works with your negative
feedback loop in a beneficial way.

So it supposedly doesn’t need to be cycled.

I’ve tested this myself and I know it’s true.

I was so fired up about this find I tracked down the
guy who brought it to market.

And I found him in Bangkok Thailand.

And we skyped…

It was a fascinating conversation to say the least..

It turns out he’s an LA man…

Who after using this real Shilajit literally dropped

And dedicated more than 14 years of his life to finding
more of it.












And I don’t blame him one bit.

He’s been living and breathing this Ayurvedic miracle
for close to 15 years now.

He spends much of his time searching for Shilajit at
extremely high elevations in the Himalayas…

Because this is the only place you’ll find the genuine stuff.

And I can confirm that his unbelievable dedication has paid


I need to wrap up now because I could go on about this
stuff forever.

So here’s my review of this product:

This is one of the most potent supplements I’ve ever
laid my hands on.

And based on my experienced I’d say this is a Must

So sell your dog. Hock your children. Do whatever
it takes.

Just get your hands on some.

And if you don’t like it for some strange reason.

Contact me…

I’ll buy it from you. (I mean it).

View it now



You can’t patent a natural substance like Shilajit, so good research
is really hard to find…

But I was able to locate one solid study. You’ll find it just below if you’d like to dig deeper:

Clinical evaluation of spermatogenic activity of processed Shilajit in oligospermia.

J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, India.


Twenty-eight patients who completed the treatment showed significant improvement in spermia, total sperm count, motility, normal sperm count with concomitant decrease in pus and epithelial cell count compared with baseline value.

Significant decrease of semen MDA content (oxidative stress) was observed. Moreover, serum testosterone levels significantly increased.

The present findings provide further evidence of the spermatogenic nature of Shilajit, as attributed in Ayurvedic medicine, particularly when administered as PS.

Click here to read the reviews on amazon


Hate Cardio

I hate cardio….

At least the way most people do it…

Because cardio is supposed to Hurt if you’re doing
it right.

And the longer you make it hurt, the better.

Hey Mark, I just ran 10 miles in 80 degree heat and
just about killed myself, isn’t that great?

No. It’s not.

Unless you like unnecessary pain. Cortisol spikes.
Low t. And muscle loss.

Sometimes our human brains are just too big for our
own good.

Think about it…

You’d never see a wild animal go out in the 80 degree
heat and run non stop for 60 minutes.

Or a wild living human for that matter.

Most humans, since the beginning of time, got around
by walking…

Often first thing in the morning. On an empty stomach.
Out looking for food.

This is what Real human cardio looks like.

It’s called fasted walking. And it get’s the job done.

But wait you say!

Walking isn’t painful. Agonizing. It doesn’t hurt at all…

And I reply, yup. You got that right.

Ain’t it great 🙂


P.S. Try this….

3 times a week do one of These Routines.

Make sure you keep them all under 20 minutes, max.

On your days off, grab your favorite person and go
outside for a walk.

Go at a decent clip, but don’t kill yourself….

These walks should be fun. Enjoyable. Not painful.

Do this and I promise you – you’ll fall in love with cardio.

And cardio will love you right back.

Iodine sinus headache

I hit a bump in the road….

A while back I did my testicle painting ritual when I woke up.

Later that day when I was eating lunch – I felt a sinus
headache coming on…

And I never get sinus headaches.

So I smelled a connection.

Could this be a halide detox symptom?

So I started asking around…

And it turns out the answer is Yes.

Sinus headache is a halide detox symptom.

So even though I’ve been flushing this garbage for
two months.

I still haven’t gotten it all out.

So here’s a bit of advice for you….

If you’re painting and you feel a side effect coming on.

Take a day off the iodine.

Then go back to Original Protocols outlined in the booklet
(salt loading – cofactors).

This tactic worked almost instantly in my case.

It also taught me 3 important things:

– I had a huge halide problem.

– The co-factors get the job done. So use them.

– I need to stay with the original protocols a while longer

My plan now is to use them for two more weeks…

Then run another test and start tapering down again.

If no sinus headache develops. I’ll be good to go.


This has been my first bump in the road so far.

And when I stack this negative up against all the
positives I’ve seen…

Positive wins easily.

But it hasn’t been a complete cake walk….

I got hit with the detox I just told you about…

The hassle factor on this is much higher than most of
the other stuff we’re doing.

And you gotta stick with it.

So if you’re not the stickin type this protocol probably
isn’t for you.

And for all you guys who are already painting….

I’m going to leave you with a little inspiration:

Hi Mark,

As soon as I started I knew something was happening because
my urine was dark yellow and smelly every time I peed.

I also felt a little off the first 3 days after I started.

After that finally went away I started to wake up downstairs.

It’s hard put in words exactly what’s happened because it’s
impacted me on so many different levels.

But the most positive thing I can tell you is that my love life
has improved to A LOT.

Three times a week in is not unusual now, where before it
happened maybe once, if that.

I now have much more desire, and the tool to back it up.

Thank you Mark!

Newport Beach, CA

View the Protocol Here

Astaxanthin and Estrogen

I have a warning for you about a supplement called Astaxanthin.

Don’t take it…

For the same reason you shouldn’t take beta carotene in

Because carotenoids, like beta carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene,

When taken taken solo have a tendency to do bad things to people.

For example…

In one study, 18,000 smokers were given 30 mg beta carotene
for four years.

And things got ugly…

The volunteers given the supplement had a 28 percent higher risk
of developing lung cancer….

And a 17 percent higher risk of death from all causes.

Needless to say, this study was halted early…

Then the smokers were advised to do what they should
have done in the first place.

Stop smoking.

But what about astaxanthin?

It’s a carotenoid too. And like other carotenoids it gives things color…

Beta carotene makes your carrots orange. Lycopene your tomatoes

Astaxanthin your salmon pink.

And getting these carotenoids from food is a good thing…

Because nature has controls in place so you don’t take too much.

But when you isolate this stuff. Put it in a pill. And package it up…

Things change. Sometimes for the worse…

The beta carotene study proved this.

And I already knew this information when I started taking
astaxanthin myself early last year.

So I should have known better….

But the talking heads were all over it (mercola, dr oz, etc…)
so I was getting tons of emails.

And if you’ve been on this list for a while…

You know as well as I do that I still bite it every once in a while…

And I bit it with this supplement.

The promise of never sunburning again was just too tempting.
Because I have a love affair going on with the sun.

But soon after I started taking it…

Whispers of man-boob issues starting popping up in the

So the experiment stopped. I needed to do more research.

Then Mercola responded with this…

There is NO steroidal activity. It does not enter in any mechanism
pathway for the synthesis of steroids.

So I cautiously started the experiment back up again…

And paid very close attention to my nipple sensitivity. Size. Puff

And things went fine for about a month….

Until I got out of the shower and saw two inflamed nipples staring
back at me in the mirror one morning.

And when I touched them they were sensitive. Just like my wife’s
are at certain times of the month.

So in my case there Was some steroidal activity (sorry mercola).

And that activity spelled the word estrogen with a capitol E in my case.

So my advice to you is, don’t mess with this supplement.

Ladies may have a hall pass. But I wouldn’t know unless I tested
it on my wife….

But she’s already in a good hormonal place…

And I’m not going to mess around with that, for obvious reasons.

So here’s your best bet…

Get Your Carotenoids From Food.

Because when you do it this way. There’s no penalty…

No risk.

And life is already risky enough, right?


Too Depressed For Sex


I would like to do it with a woman but I’m too depressed
to put out the effort to get it

And I don’t have the confidence anyway.

So I’m sure I’ll never have relations with a female


This was the tail end of an email exchange I’ve
been having with a guy…

A man who can’t quit masturbating excessively. (I’ll
save you the depressing details).

So I told him to go find a girl…

Because a girl can take over the duties of your right

And do it much better.

Not only that, but when you work up a sweat with
a woman like this…

You come out the other side with all kinds of feel
good hormones…

But when you go it alone – those feel good hormones
aren’t coming…

What IS coming are the hormones that cause stress,
anxiety and depression.

And even worse….

You’re going to lose the motivation to go out and get
the real thing.

Next thing you know…

You’ll be sending me an email asking how you can
continue to masturbate 3 times a day….

Stop bedding women entirely. And still maintain high
levels of T.

If you stoop that low (we both know you won’t do that).

I’ll have to tell you the same thing I told him…

You can’t.

Get Your Hormones Tested Here.


Does Heart Burn Cause Low Testosterone?

Heart burn sufferers often have very low testosterone levels.

But it’s not the condition itself that causes the problem.

It’s the garbage men use to treat it.

And I’m not just talking about the hardcore stuff…

Even the over the counter products can take you out..

(rolaids – tums – pepcid ac – tagamet, zantac, etc,)

And why is this?

Because when you decrease stomach acid in an unnatural
way – which is what these band aids fixes do..

Your body cannot digest and assimilate food normally.

And if you think about it – that’s why you have stomach acid
in the first place, right?

To break down your food?

So if you throw a roadblock in front of this process…

…vital nutrients that your body needs are NOT going to be
extracted and sent into your blood stream.

The science boys have a word for this. It’s called malnourishment.

And if for some strange reason you were looking for a way to
decrease your T levels…

Malnutrition would be one of the fastest ways to get there.

The nutrient you’d miss the most is Vitamin A…

Because A is the one that you need a Lot of to produce T
at normal levels.

And if you’re downing tums, or throwing back tagamet like
candy – you’re not getting enough.

Almost Guaranteed.

And don’t even get me started on the hardcore stuff (nexium,
prilosec, etc..)

Because these nasties can cause outright gynaecomastia.
(also known as man-boobs).

And you certainly don’t need that.


When given a choice Always take the natural route.

Your body will thank you for it.

Hormone Replacement in Men Over 30?

There’s a hormone replacement party going on…

And you’re invited.

One trip to the doc’s office and you’ll have your invitation
in hand.

Even if you’re not in the mood to party.

These invitations used to be really hard to get…

You had to be over the hill with really low testosterone.
And pretty damn sick to get one.

But not these days…

As a matter of fact, sick isn’t even part of the equation anymore.


If you’re old enough to drive a car – and you test out below 500
you’re automatically in.

Funny thing is, that 500 number doesn’t tell you much.

Especially if the test was Not taken first thing in the morning.

You see, 500 at 2pm may not be as bad as you think.

Especially if that number was closer 700 when you woke
up in the morning.

And chances are pretty decent is was.

Especially if you still sprout wood between 3-6 am on
a regular basis.

But it goes deeper than this…

Because that total number doesn’t tell you another thing…

Your Free Testosterone levels.

The stuff your body can actually use…

This is the Real important number.

And this one doesn’t move around so much…

So if you test it at 2pm, you’re still going to a have good
snapshot of what’s going on.

Now here’s a tip for you…

If your free numbers test out over 80 pg/ml…

Chances are good you already own that 700 we just
talked about.

And if not, you’re just a breath away.

So here’s my question to you today:

Do you know what your free testosterone number is?

If you don’t, I suggest you get this vital piece of information.

I’ve made it real easy for you.

It’s important. So I suggest you do it.

Male Hormone Testing Online

I got an email on Saturday that was hard to read…

It was especially brutal because the author was so articulate…

So he told his story well.  With Lots of detail.

Here’s the watered down version…









His nightmare began after he and his wife decided to divorce.

The split was mutual. Or so he thought…

But after the papers were signed and he’d moved out. –  he
discovered he’d been tricked.

Because she’d been seeing a guy at work.

And before the ink dried on the court papers, he’d moved
in the house.

And was sleeping with His wife. In His bed.


After the standard two year slide that Always happens after
something like this, he cleaned up his act.

Cut back on the booze. Started exercising…

Took the pizza place off redial. Lost a little bit of weight.

Then he went girl shopping.

It took him almost 18 months.  But he finally found one.

Fast forward 9 weeks later and it was time to consummate this

She was his girl now.  

So they needed to do what girls and boys do.

He was a bit nervous about this, but he was pretty sure he
could rise to the occasion.

But he was wrong. That rise never happened.

Ouch 2.  

There’s quite a bit more to this story, but I’m going to save you
the pain…

And jump straight to the happy ending.

Two months ago he did something he Should have done two years

He had his hormones tested. 

Once the results came back he knew Instantly why his flag pole
never rose that night.

He’d been walking around with the estrogen level of a 60 year
old woman.

And let me tell you something. Estrogen does a Lot of things to
a man…

But creating a flag pole ain’t one of them.

Moral of the story?

If you’ve been on a bad run lately…

You Need To Get Your Hormones Tested


Testicle Painting. A 30 Second Hormone Hack

I’ve been coating my testicles with two liquids every morning…  

One goes on in the shower.  The other once I get out.

I’ve also been taking a few new supplements.

I’ve been following this new ritual every morning since June 5th…

And it’s been working like a charm.

It’s been working for several other men as well…

I achieved full RIGOR mortis in a profound way several minutes
after ingesting.

The next morning I awake with a teenage woody that only a morning
tinkle would relieve…


Over the years I had lost more & more sensitivity to the old Pecker

Painting my testicles did the trick!

Nice orgasm & good ejaculation the next morning!

I’m certain most of you are going to want to do this…

But you need to educate yourself before you start because this
needs to be done right.

So make sure you read the entire page Before you proceed.

It will only take you 5 minutes. So don’t stop until you reach the end.

View it Now


P.S. There are 4 testimonials near the top of the page…

And 8 more at the very bottom.

I suggest you take the time to read them all.

Here’s the Link

Masculinity Gut Check.

I had a near miss on the 4th of July.

I took my boat out onto the lake that sits in front of my house.

Inside the boat was me. And five children under the age of 9.










All of a sudden the two oldest kids decided to jump into the water.

Without telling me.

As soon as their feet left the boat. We had a weight distribution

This dingy was about to tip. And tip it did.

In less than a nano second we were all in the water.

Me – and five children under the age of 9.

I don’t usually worry about things like this…

This lake isn’t that big. If anything goes wrong I’ll just swim to shore.
Nooooo problem.

But life is full of surprises…

Mine came when that easy swim was blocked by 5 panicked kids…

Hanging onto me for dear life.

All of a sudden that shore seemed like it was Miles away.

But I dug deep…

Flipped the boat off it’s back with one hand.

Strong armed 5 kids back into the boat with the other.

And rowed safely back to shore. Without breaking a sweat.

When I went to bed that night I evaluated the situation…

And came to the conclusion that those kids were never really
in danger.

I’m Confident I could have easily handled a few more.

And not because I’m some magnificent athlete…

But because I train for events like this.

So even though I’m Days away from my 53rd birthday…

And over the hill according to some.

I was ready.

Are you?

Order old school body today…

And I’ll send you my diet course. And my exercise course.

On the house.

Order this.  You get all three.

(Shoot me an email after you order)

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